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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Human Abusers

Are you a human abuser? Have you been taught and brainwashed that human beings are pathetic born-in-sin pieces of garbage? If you're a Christian, you have been taught just that, and if you're a reformed Christian by any other name, such as a New Ager or Buddhist, you likely still believe that humans are horrible wretches who need constant work and "processing," "enlightenment" or other fixing. If you're a Buddhist/New Ager, however, you have entirely missed the point of "enlightenment," in that you do not approach others as if they are "the Buddha," i.e., with dignity and respect. In the case of human abusers, other people are decidedly not the Buddha but merely disgusting and foul human beings who deserve to be abused.

This rude and obnoxious perspective is unfortunately widespread, as people the world over do not approach each other with kindness, love and respect but with suspicion, mistrust and exploitation in mind. There is a reason to be suspicious, of course, since many human beings are foul and will indeed exploit one and do one tremendous harm. But, there needs to be a balance between living in fear of evil people and happily trusting good people and enjoying life. How do we find that balance?

First of all, we need to stop brainwashing - braindirtying, as the case may be - our sweet, innocent little children into believing that they are bad, dirty and sinful. How very cruel it is to tell a cute little child such garbage - and how abusive. As far as I am concerned the Christian crud being programmed into little children constitutes child abuse, and its insidious effects are all around us, whether or not the individual calls himself a Christian. Child abuse is not easy to overcome, as it leaves a permanent scar on the psyche - and that's the whole point of proselytizing Christianity, replete with the gore of human sacrifice called "the Passion," to an innocent child's ears and mind.

At a carnival recently I observed Christian evangelists painting children's faces for free. The catch was not that there was Christian proselytizing literature lying around but that the children were being preached to as they sat there. In a low, sinister voice obviously designed not to be overheard by the parent, the proselytizer would robotically pick up a colored crayon, dip it into water, begin painting the child's face and whisper what the color represented. I didn't hear much other than what the color black represented: To wit, sins, such as "vandalism" and "drug addiction." The sinisterly whispering proselytizer recounted a litany of such sins, all represented by the color black, and told the child that "the punishment for sin is death." Nice, hunh, to tell a small child? Now, what is that innocent child going to think everytime he or she sees the color black? What about black people?

Sorry, but doing this brain-dirtying to your children or other people's children is not a "godly" mission but child abuse, pure and simple. And it is not something that we can just look away from, as the results of this abuse permeate our world, with adults who become human abusers. As a critic of such behavior, I am frequently on the receiving end of such abuse, by individuals who arrogantly and egotistically believe that they know me and that they are better than I am and hence have the right to abuse me. My person has been characterized by such individuals - who run the gamut of labels - in every evil manner imaginable, so that they can justify their sadistic abuse of me. If you read my writings, you will notice that I very infrequently "attack" named or designated individuals. On my entire TruthBeKnown website as well as this blog, I can only think of one person whom I have named and pilloried, other than a couple of sentences addressing bad behavior on the part of a couple others. Otherwise, I do not personally attack anyone, unless I myself am thus attacked. In such a case, of course I will defend myself! What did they expect when they attacked me? Ah, but you see, human abusers expect you to lie down and take it, beg for mercy and agree with them about how evil and unworthy you are. That's the response they want. So if you actually defend yourself, they become even more abusive and start ranting about how "angry" you are. Oh yes, I've heard it all - and what a demented mindf**k that one is! Well, of course, I'm angry, you psychotic moron! You just came into my face and started personally attacking me, casting all sorts of foul aspersions and falsehoods upon my character.

The fact is that people who are abused as children often grow up to be abusers and that religious proselytizing to a young, innocent mind frequently constitutes child abuse. The most "religiously" abused children are often the most hateful adults. So, if someone describes him or herself as "religious" or even "spiritual," watch out, as he or she will likely fly off the handle and become extremely abusive if his or her self-righteous surface is scratched. The remedy for such ongoing and multigenerational abuse, of course, is to remove its source, in this case the brainwashing of sweet, innocent minds with the hateful idea that they are born-in-sin pieces of garbage. Shake it off! Get rid of it and celebrate life!


Anonymous said...

Once again, you have hit a Bulls Eye...thanks. There's a lot of weirdo folks out there!!

Anonymous said...

Well I've definitely gotten my hands dirty typing into forums and on blogs, etc. My lastest foray is on -- the link to the top science blog by a professor in Minnesota.

To be honest I do rely on "full lotus" yoga to exorcise myself of the emotional turmoil.


But that's just me. I certainly recommend people practice self-healing along with herbs, etc. to counter-act the huge genocidal lifestyle of mainstream civilization. is recommended by a Mayo Clinic doctor.

Cayenne is a great way to cut cholesterol and it's high in vitamin C. Those cayenne pills mixed with ginger should be the new mainstay for mainstream america in my opinion.

Cayenne is a fruit!!

I was listening to yesterday -- a great community radical radio station and the show "health notes" (archived) had their latest guest -- an African-American female -- discussing

The Huge Obesity problem in the black community -- something like 7 out of 10 people are overweight to the extent of having health problems.

Well I could get into the "Darwinian Medicine" principles as to why this is so but essentially

I think that emotional stress is the main people eat too much and then plow-based agriculture (starting 10,000 years ago) is the main reason our diet is so destructive.

Just the other day I was hanging out in B.K. -- where there's free coffee refills (self-serve) and some of the overweight black male teenagers were loudly complaining about the skinny, smelly assed white guy. All the biking with no underwear I guess. haha

That seems hoighty-Toighty to go back 10,000 years (see the book "The Origins of Agriculture and the Birth of Gods," Cambridge U Press, 2000)

But plow-based Solar Dynasty, rectilinear farming was the origin of Western civilization and it spread as a parasitical destruction of vast cultural and genetic diversity. (just read Professor Alfred Crosby for the painful details)

Anyway your post reminded me of my favorite book by Barbara Ehrenreich -- a very sensible working class feminist researcher.

Her book "Blood Rites" documents how "human abusiveness" goes back a LONG way -- probably ever since iron-based plowing enabled coercive Alpha Male city-states to develop.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

As Hugh B. Gottfrei said: "Fear is the Child of Ignorance, and the Parent of Hatred."
I am ever grateful my parents never laid any Christian, nor any other religious crap on me and that I never laid any religious crap on our children.
If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundral, religion is often the first.

Anonymous said...

I just have a couple of things to say, I am a survivor of sexsual abuse and "religious" abuse, I was constanly told that "god" doesn't like children that misbehave and he will punish them if they do, children are to obey at all times, mind you this is what the jerk that abuse me would say to me while in fact he was the one that was doing the "sining".

I admire your work acharya but this quote that you said was not stated right "The fact is that people who are abused as children often grow up to be abusers" I never grew up to be an abuser I in fact have never preach this religious crap to my kids unlike my parents/family did to me. I am just recenlty getting over the trama of what happen to me both with a strong belif that I am in control of my life not no one else and yes I meditate but I don't go into the hole buddhist lifestyle.

Anyway the point is that not everyone that is abuse becomes a "religious" abuse or any type of abuser. Again I respect your work and I admire you for standing up to those that send and say such negative things towards you.

Anonymous said...

You've got it right --from the beginning. I can understand your anger and frustration, because I have faced the same emotions for more than 60 years. Let's just say I have compassion for you. Studying Zen Buddihism I got deeply into meditation -- finally got to "the top of the mountain" -- realized I couldn't stay there, so returned to the "valley of reality". Life/people/religion I still don't understand. Just a question in my mind -- why are people so gullible to believe that reward/punishment after death is so fearful; when they won't even obey the law of the land. But they won't learn, I guess, 4000 years of brainwashing has done it's job. Fear god -- screw everybody/everthing else. "Chuckle"
Keep up the pressure, maybe we'll get something done someday.

Acharya S said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I am so sorry you had to endure what you did, but I am also delighted that you have overcome it and not passed it along to your children.

Just to clarify, I used the word "often" in stating that it is a fact that abused children often grow up to abuse others. I did not say "always." Even a less noticeable form of abuse - such as surliness - will become part of a child's makeup if he or she is subjected to it. We all have it within, but whether or not it becomes a part of our daily lives is the question. When I am being attacked like that, I myself am not so easy to live with, although I am very aware of the cause of my discontent and, at my age, am able to change it fairly quickly most of the time so my state is not passed along to those around me. It can be difficult sometimes.

Once again, thanks for sharing and the kudos. I admire what you've done in overcoming such horrible abuse, and I wish you the best!

Todd the Toad said...

The funny part is that the black stuff doesn't come off their little faces.

Seriously, though, there is nothing wrong with us. That is something I learned from the Ishmael group (Daniel Quinn) that I'm in. Once I started thinking from this perspective, everything got better.

As a former church leader, I used to staff those tables where we face painted kids, gave away balloons, and free water. I think what those poor kids really needed was a six pack. Okay, just kidding.

Acharya S said...

Thanks, G, but I can't concur at all that there's "nothing wrong with this!" Frankly, I think it's horrendous to be planting such rubbish into a beautiful, innocent little mind. Associating the color black with evil is plainly asinine, as well as harmful in the long run. It is also atrocious to be telling children that the "price of sin is death." That remark presumes, for one thing, that there's something other than death, to wit "heaven" through the "saving grace of Jesus." I have no problem telling kids about people's religious beliefs - making sure they understand that these are just beliefs, not scientific facts and that others hold quite the opposite beliefs. I have no problem, that is, if these kids are old enough and are curious about the world's religions. There's a perfectly wonderful kid's book that explains the world's most common beliefs but does not tell the kids what to believe. It's called What is God?

Todd the Toad said...

Whoops, I was commenting on two different parts of your post. I said "There is nothing wrong with us" not "There is nothing wrong with this." I concur completely with everything you say. What I mean is that we were implying to kids that there was something wrong with them, and that is a horrible thing to do to a little kid. One of the greatest moments of my life was when I went to a presentation of The New Renaissance a few years ago and the speaker showed pictures of animals and said, "There is nothing wrong with them, and there is nothing wrong with us."

Acharya S said...

You know what, Goose, it appears that I read your message wrong, not that you wrote it wrong. I could have sworn I saw "this," not "us," but it says "us." Sorry! My bad.

Thanks for the clarification. Of course, I concur. Although, of course, many things do go wrong with us. But, if we smother our sweet little ones with hugs and kisses, they tend to come out very nicely. No guarantee, of course, but such love - including affectionate speech - will greatly strengthen the odds of allowing for a itsy-bitsy human being to really blossom. Not to mention that being on both the giving and receiving ends of such love and affection is extremely pleasant. I feel fortunate that my little one is so adorable!

Jonathan Bynoe said...

Keep speaking you mind Dr. Murdock. I remember watching a movie documentary called Jesus Camp. Wow, it was unbelievable on how these evangelists ministers brainwash the children. Yeah, this garbage is straight up mental child abuse.

After finding out that I have been lied to when being raised in the Christian faith (Anglican), I wanted to be a spiritual person instead and go back to my African roots, back to African consciousness and de-program myself on the fixed doctrines that giving from my oppressors.