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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Da Vinci Cod, Part Deux

Despite all the brouhaha, the "Da Vinci Code" movie seems to have evaporated into the ethers. To my knowledge, nobody's talking about it. There is, however, a repercussion of Dan Brown's work that needs to be addressed: To wit, a cottage industry of individuals claiming descent from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Without naming names and URLs, and giving them publicity or Page Rank, certain people are claiming to be descended from "the Merovingians" and thus, according to the legends popularized by Brown and the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" authors, they are the direct descendants of Jesus Christ!

First of all, being a descendant of the Merovingians is not particularly unusual, as recent news articles have declared: "Genealogists discover royal roots for all. Millions have provable descents from medieval monarchs." I myself am provably descended from English King Henry II and Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, who constitute one set of my 24th great grandparents. Much to the dismay of many people, I imagine, genealogists also state:
The longer ago somebody lived, the more descendants a person is likely to have today. Humphrys estimates that Muhammad, the founder of Islam, appears on the family tree of every person in the Western world.
The same could be said of Jesus Christ, were he a historical person who actually mated with Mary Magdalene. Crunching the numbers, practically all of us Westerners would be "grandkids" of JC and MM. According to the Jesus-in-India myth, many Easterners would also be descendants of Jesus, as would thousands of Japanese, per the Jesus-in-Japan myth!

But, it is my contention that Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene are fictional characters, straight out of mythology, so they could not be spawning anyone, whether or not these claimants are descendants of the Merovingians. I further contend that these Merovingian legends are fiction designed to give that faction the "divine right to rule." The innocents among us appear to have little idea as to certain developments throughout the ages regarding mythology: Importantly, numerous families over the millennia have claimed descent from this god and that godman. Apparently, these recent claimants are oblivious to the claims of divine ancestry for all Egyptian kings and pharaohs, as well as for the royalty around the world. Were these claims of past royalty true? Did the gods who fecundated the mortal women who gave birth to these kings and queens really exist and walk the Earth?

In Greece, ruling families loved to claim they were descended from the Greek Son of God, Hercules. These families were called the "Heracleids," and they dated back many centuries before the Christian era. Does this fact mean that Hercules really walked the earth? If, by scientific scrutiny, we have determined that Hercules is a mythical character, then by the same scientific scrutiny - and integrity - we must also determine that Jesus Christ is a mythical character. Hence, no one - no matter how much they wish to be special - is descended from Jesus. It's all just another smelly fish story.


Daniel D. Ziegler said...

I remember reading in your work about you being of Royal ancestry. I also read the recent articles by geneologist that we ALL have such Royal ancestry. I was anticipating that you would make this connection and write about it. Good job, Acharya! Keep up all the good work. Dan

Anonymous said...

haha -- last night I read "Christianity: An Egyptian Religion" by Ashmed Osman (2005) -- it's got some good details exposing the Roman Empire historical Christ fraud but then it argues that the Egyptian Lineage was the true Christianity and Judaism, etc.

there's some fascinating details besides all the wild speculation. Definitely his best book (the only one I've found worthy of a real read).

We must be on the same waveform! haha

Anonymous said...

This blog articles brings to mind something I have recently learned about my own kindred.

Like a curse, it has always been presumed in my family that we are 5th cousins to 'W' via his mother, Barbara Pierce Bush. But the following link suggests that this may not be true.
As Acharya relates, we all share a common ancestry if we choose to trace back far enough, but any news that puts more relational distance between me and America's premier Mafia crime family is welcome. That is even true if it can be alleged that our President is the grandson of history's creepiest occultist. After all, how appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Jesus be pleased as punch to know that another American hustler (Brown)is making a buck off him?

Anonymous said...

In regard to the last post ' anonymous ' -----There was no Jesus Christ...stop considering him a being who lived 2000 years ago! It is myth people, a story, maybe a play, maybe Constantin's way to control the nations conquered by the romans.
Religion is the colection of myths with the single purpose of CONTROL of the IGNORANT!
Wake up ,Stand up and let's storm the Vatican!
Papa Pius (AesculePius) - does it ring a BAAL ?
man this people are so brain will take another 10000 years to wipe this out from our CONDITIONING.

Anonymous said...


Istan (hittite) - soul
Con ?? master, knower (rom COCON - master) -
conocer ( to know -konw )
KonStanDin ---Head Knower of the Soul Religion
Dyn - Dynasty - Din =religion
( ala al-din - alladin )
soul + vagina = birth place of the soul
see Konja - Turkey and CapaDocchia
if you need pictures from CappaDocchia I could provide this for you. There are some really interesting pictures in those monastic caves!!!