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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Beddru is Beddou is Buddha

In the past several years, the Jesus-mythicist school has been embroiled in a Kersey Graves-induced Beddru-ha-ha that has left insolent Christian apologists cackling and howling in a most unprofessional and unseemly manner. Joining in this cacophony has been the woefully uninformed response from the unbelieving world. Woefully uninformed, I say, because to my knowledge no one of the past 130 years or so since Kersey Graves wrote "The World's 16 Crucified Saviors" has ever looked as in depth as I have into the sources of the many assertions made by Graves. Despite this lazy lack of investigation and study of a salient subject that surely merits nothing less than a CSI-style forensic examination, the naysayers have nevertheless written contrived and capricious commentary which reveals that they are indeed less than expert on the subject, in a variety of ways, but especially as concerns Graves himself and the reasons for his claims. In fact, it is obvious that several of these hypo-critics have not even read Graves's book in the first place!

For the rest of the article, please see Beddru is Beddou is Buddha.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just saw the Da Vinci Code for the first time. Anyway having researched the issue so much, especially with the Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince books, I found the movie to be fairly funny. I was laughing when no one else was which can be a bit embarrassing.

Then I went over to my favorite book store -- "The Book House" and paged through a copy of a book on "the gender of God" by an excellent Indian scholar and expert in Tantra. It's published by Zed which normally puts out very radical leftist stuff that is excellent.

Right away I was reading about this amazing Indian woman who was initiated into Tantra Yoga by drinking this chalice of some secret substance which opened up her chakras. She has since been initiated into all the major religions but with a tantric teaching.

Then I paged through Eric Neumann's book on the Mother Goddess and he mentions how the chalice has always been an important symbol.

Buddhism is such a threat because it is very explicit in emphasizing the Eternal Feminine as Empty Awareness.

Buddhism has been turned into a patriarchal religion like all the others but as a philosophy the empty awareness as eternal consciousness is very strong.

The Da Vinci code sells out this philosophy by turning it into a fascist aristocratic eugenic happiness while The Matrix series turned the empty awareness into this holographic trance dance realm.

It's all very funny.