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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ZEITGEIST Day - March 15, 2008

Have you heard about "Z Day?" Peter Joseph, the maker of the hit internet movie phenomenon ZEITGEIST, has set up March 15, 2008 as "ZEITGEIST Day," encouraging the showing of the film all over the world at that time.

So far, the response has been overwhelming. Peter has created a page at his site with hundreds of showings globally - and the list is not yet complete! In fact, he can't keep up with the requests, which he tells me are coming in at 150 per day!

ZEITGEIST Day Events List

When Peter sent me an email a couple of months ago asking whether or not he should create "ZEITGEIST Day," I immediately answered with an emphatic "YES!" He wondered if this phenomenon would still have steam... As we can see, this train is mindbogglingly still on track, receiving tens of thousands of hits per day, and that's just in English! ZEITGEIST has now been translated into several other languages as well.

One of the more popular languages ZEITGEIST has been translated into is German. There is currently someone also working on translating into German my ebook The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1. And speaking of which, Peter just passed me a neat little comment on the Companion Guide, which I've posted at my site as well:
"This work helps lift the veil of suppression in regard to the truth behind the Christian religion and its Egyptian origins."

"Our appreciation should now evolve to the understanding of the mythical developments of the ancient world and their metaphoric foundations; not with the establishment dogma, which exists as a perversion of the original knowledge and poetry."

Peter Joseph
Creator, "Zeitgeist, The Movie"
If you haven't seen the movie with a group of people, I highly encourage you to participate in some way on "ZEITGEIST Day." I have now watched it a couple of times with a significant amount of people, once in Hollywood with Peter and 650 other people at the Artivist Film Festival, where it won "Best Feature" award - it was an incredible experience. I am aware that there are those who would disagree with parts of ZEITGEIST, some with Part 1, others with Parts 2 and 3, but artistically speaking, the collective experience was extremely moving. (And I do nonetheless consider it a brilliant work and certainly reflective of the "spirit of the times.")

After another public showing of ZEITGEIST at which I also spoke, I had a delightful conversation with some sweet young folks who are so moved by the film that I nicknamed them the "Z GENERATION." We all joked that it was perfect, because we've had Generation X, but those who have followed have not really had a moniker - this one constitutes the end of the line, the Omega of the "Alpha and the Omega."

Truly, we are witnessing the birth of a phenomenon that could be called "The ZEITGEIST Generation" or "The Z Generation." You heard it here first.

(For those who are interested in Part 1 about religious parallels, you may, of course, refer to my books The Christ Conspiracy, Suns of God and Who Was Jesus?. A more pointed scientific examination of some of these contentions can be found in my ebook The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1. I am also currently writing a larger work exploring all of the Egyptian themes of the first part of the movie, to be published as a paperback within the coming months.)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

ZEITGEIST Companion Guide Review

A member of the TBK Nation forum has posted the following review of my ebook The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1.
"Tat Tvam Asi" writes:

The Zeitgeist part 1 E-Book is a tough work for anyone to come along and try to dispute.

In [other forums], several people expressed the idea that Christianity isn't a mimic of the Egyptian religion at all.

I don't think that they could read through the Companion Guide and still hold such an uninformed opinion. That's the opinion of people who have had somewhere between little to no contact whatsoever with the Egyptian religion.

Anyone who reads through the entirety of the Zeitgeist Companion Guide will be armed with a powerful tool of debate towards addressing all modern Judeo-Christian-Islamic religious fundamentalism. Wink

As far as I'm concerned this is the way to the future. Religious fundamentalism will become exposed for its fallacies beyond any reasonable doubt and we will start to see a new 'world view' come into fruition.

It's just a matter of time and positive thinking. Cool
ZEITGEIST Companion Guide Forum Thread

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ron Paul and the Neo-Nazis

I recently received the following message from my friend David Bergland, the 1984 Libertarian Presidential Candidate who has known Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul for many years. I asked him to clarify the rumors regarding Ron Paul's connection to "Neo Nazis" and "white supremacists," gossip that turns out to be a petty load of nonsense, as I expected.

While I do not agree with Ron Paul on certain issues, the fact will remain that on the most important aspect of his life's work--upholding the United States Constitution--I concur with him completely. You see, in preserving the Constitution, Dr. Paul and I can disagree on other subjects, freely and with respectful debate. Without the Constitution, one or the other perspective may become the dominant one, with the result of vicious fascism we have seen abundantly worldwide for millennia. Moreover, I entirely understand Paul's viewpoint that these issues upon which he and I do not agree--e.g., abortion--are not truly Constitutional or federal matters, but should be left up to the individual states. (I am also aware that Paul is a fervent born-again Christian, which, obviously, does not jell with my perspective of reality, but, again, his focus on upholding the Constitution gives him high marks in my book, as I consider that document to be A Truly Sacred Scripture preventing the world from descending into barbarism.)

In this regard, I am glad that Ron Paul is having so much success in his campaign, although I am cynical that the Twiddle-Dee & Tweedle-Dum Republocrat political system will allow him to take charge of the United States government. It is extremely hopeful, however, that someone of his caliber of honesty and integrity has managed to attain to such a high political office in the first place. (By the way, I've been reading Ron Paul's writings since the late 90s, and I can attest that he has been consistent for all that time. Nor do I believe he is part of any governmental "psy-op.")

Since Ron Paul has been unfairly smeared, I thought it important to bring to the forefront a well-written retort from my pal David Bergland, who considers Dr. Paul to be a politician of the highest standards of character. Following is what David Bergland had to say about the vicious rumors regarding Paul's purported ties to "Nazis" and "white supremacists." I reproduce Mr. Bergland's remarks here with his permission.
Dear Acharya:

Since you asked, there are no ties to neo-nazis, nor has there ever been. One white
supremacist sent Ron a $500 contribution. His attackers want him to return it. His response is: it's already been spent promoting liberty; if I return it, the donor will spend it on his foolishness. Also, he made the contribution to Ron to support Ron's efforts on behalf of liberty, not the other way around. Oh yeah, there was also a story about Ron having lunch with neo-nazis at some local restaurant in Washington. That was crap and the rag that published it retracted the story later.

There was also a crap piece in The New Republic about some not so nice, allegedly racist, statements in a financial newsletter that Ron published (not edited) a couple decades ago. Ron did not write the material and does not know who did. He has stated that he failed to exercise sufficient control over the newsletter content and disavows the negative stuff. The TNR article is just one example of how Ron Paul's enemies consistently decline to take him on based on his positions on the issues (which he has held for his 20 years in Congress) and are reduced to digging back into ancient newsletters for ammunition. On the "racism" issue, here is an interesting anecdote.

A while back, Congress was planning to give a medal of honor to Rosa Parks. Ron opposed it because Congress is not authorized by the Constitution to spend taxpayer money on such things. At the same time, he pulled a $100 bill out of his pocket and stated that he would contribute it to a voluntarily financed medal for Ms. Parks. He also invited all the other Congresscritters to do the same. Not a single one accepted the invitation! But they did spend your tax money for it.

Our political and economic system is truly sick. I know Ron Paul personally, and know him to be 100% straight, honest, tolerant and completely committed to limited constitutional government. That's why I've been so busy in the Ron Paul Revolution.

One last item: abortion. I am a pro-choicer, but respect Ron's position because it focuses on the federal government role as limited by the Constitution. He correctly contends that the federal government has no authority in this area at all. The issue should be left to the states. Some states will authorize it, some won't. That's federalism; we should not undermine that important constitutional principle on "our" issue because that opens the door for all others to destroy federalism and allow the feds to run everything. (Most people really don't understand how
important it is to stick to principle, do they?)

Warmest regards,

David Bergland

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Who Was Jesus?" Internationally Available!

I'm delighted to announce that my new book Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ is now available internationally through various Amazon websites.

Domestically, of course, WWJ is still available through both my website and at Amazon as well as other booksellers. The ISBN is 0979963109. Ordering through my website helps support my work somewhat more than through Amazon, but either way, it's a good thing!

Here are the links for the other sites:

Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany
Amazon France
Amazon Japan

Some of these sites say the book is "out of stock" because they have not been prompted to order any copies. Once orders are placed, however, they may wish to keep some in stock. The same may be said for those sites that steer you to another bookseller, such as Amazon UK currently does. I've been told that people have been able to order through Amazon UK.

Please get as many copies of my book as possible and give them to friends and family, as well as libraries. Now is the time, in fact, for libraries to be asked to order my book, because they are starting their fiscal year and have the funds. Here's a message from a friend regarding getting my books into libraries:

Help Get Acharya's Books in Public and University Libraries

It's real easy, call your public and university libraries to ask them if they have Who Was Jesus?, Suns of God and Christ Conspiracy available. If not, be sure to make a request to get them. It's as simple as putting in a request, and it won't cost you a dime.

Libraries get their funding for new books at the beginning of the year so, *NOW* is the best time to put in requests for new books. Most libraries have accounts with amazon and since Acharya's books are all available at Amazon that won't be an issue. Also, you don't always need to have a library card to make the request.

I have already gotten the books in the "Library of Congress". ;
Also, if you have a website and are an Amazon associate, please offer my book for sale on your site. We will all benefit, as I truly believe this book is a necessary cog in the human-enlightenment machinery! Please help out!

If you have read Who Was Jesus? please also write a nice review of it on Amazon.

And be sure to check out my new Stellar House Publishing website.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Addendum: Miguel/Abraxas has just uploaded our latest radio discussion, this time about - you guessed it - Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ. You'll want to listen to this interview! Here's Miguel's message:
The Savior has been born…wait…maybe he never was born. Could all the
contradictions and anachronisms in the Bible, lack of historical data,
absent archeological evidence, Church Father silence and even the
Gnostic Scriptures be in reality pointing to a mythic godman, a
patchwork hero with a thousand theologies? Is there really any first
century proof indicating there was anything close to a fist century
Galilean Rabbi? We take on this herculean task in a CSI manner and
attempt to find if there is a man behind the legend at all.

Astral Guest—Acharya S., author of Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the
, Suns of God & The Christ Conspiracy.

Topics Discussed:

--How the Canonical Gospels damn the notion of a historical Jesus by
their language, context and message.
- Contradictions and anachronisms in the four Gospels mostly
overlooked until now.
--The deterioration of Biblical scholarship since the 19th Century.
--Proof that most of the New Testament was written late in the Second
Century by men far removed from any alleged character named Jesus.
--How the Gnostic Gospels and Heretics themselves point to a mythic
being instead of a carnal savior.
--New parallels between Jesus and other rising/dying godmen.
--Why archeology points completely against the backdrop of the Jesus saga.

And much more!

As always to access the program:

--Go to my homepage
--Scroll down until you see the Stickam screen (the eye with the
bloody tear)
--Click the music icon and voila…'Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis 79— Was
There a Historical Jesus?' will appear in its entirety!