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Friday, August 24, 2007

"Who Was Jesus?" Expanded Version!

At last, I have completed the expanded, hard-copy edition of my book Who Was Jesus?, now subtitled Fingerprints of The Christ.

The expanded version is no longer available as an ebook. Look for the hard-copy edition soon! In the meantime, you can still get the shorter ebook version here:

The target audience of WWJ is Christian, but anyone with an interest in the origins of Christianity and the quest for the historical Jesus Christ will find it to be fascinating research and reasoning - WWJ is for anyone with Christian relatives as well!

In this scientific analysis of Christianity and the life of Christ, I include comments by various Christian authorities, apologists and evangelicals, as well as New Testament scholars, such as the following:

  • John Ankerberg
  • Craig L. Blomberg
  • F.F. Bruce
  • William Lane Craig
  • John Dominic Crossan
  • Bart Ehrman**
  • Norman Geisler
  • Gary Habermas
  • Josh McDowell
  • John P. Meier
  • Bruce M. Metzger
  • J.P. Moreland
  • Ronald H. Nash
  • Lee Strobel
  • Merrill C. Tenney
  • Ben Witherington
  • Edwin Yamauchi
  • And more!
Using the Bible itself, as well as the research of these individuals and others, I demonstrate that what you see is not what you get when it comes to Christ and Christianity.

The hard copy will contain a foreword by Dr. Robert Price.

I have also added some information on my TBK Nation forums - and I will be continuing to add excerpts and info there.

** Dr. Bart Ehrman used to be a sincere and devoted born-again, fundamentalist and evangelical Christian until he started studying the Bible in earnest. See the relevant post at TBK Nation.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rense, Zeitgeist Nod to Acharya S

Just thought I'd steer your attention to the nod I recently received on the Jeff Rense radio show by both Rense and Peter J., who created the movie Zeitgeist.

Zeitgeist features my work significantly at several points and in the overall thesis of the first part regarding the astrotheological origins of religion. Peter J. has read both my books The Christ Conspiracy and Suns of God - readers of my work will recognize the parts in the Zeitgeist movie that reflect the thesis I have expounded upon in those tomes and elsewhere. In fact, I consulted with Peter J. shortly before the final cut was released. It should be noted that I was involved in only Part 1 and take no responsibility for any of the rest of the material in the movie; nor do I necessarily concur with any or all of it - but that is the subject for another blog.

Interested parties may wish to hear the following radio clip from the Rense show of August 8, 2007, during which Rense comments that credit should be given where due for this thesis, which he heard about from me over a decade ago. In fact, after having been online for a couple of years, starting in 1995, I appeared on the Jeff Rense show - my first radio program - in 1997. I felt it was a great success, and would have enjoyed repeat shows.

In the meantime, I continue to work on the hard-copy edition of my book Who Was Jesus? This book is over 300 pages long now - more than I had anticipated. I also have a new subtitle that some may find intriguing, but I think I'll hold that as a surprise. When this edition of WWJ is done, I will be offering it for a limited time as an ebook, only until the hard-copy is actually out...

Now, if you feel so inclined, I'm sure that Jeff Rense would not mind hearing from you about how you'd like to have ME on his show! Going straight to the horse's mouth, so to speak, although I'd like not to be compared with a horse...