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Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Christ in Egypt" New Review!

Here's a great new review of my book Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.

You can read more about CIE here - and watch the video!:

Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection, by D.M. Murdock
Book Review by Joan d'Arc

The boat of Afu-Ra glides silently in the black eternal waters of the Amduat; in front the goddess Isis, her arms outstretched in cruciform, conducts her son, the Sun God Horus, with his 12 assistants (who are deceased)—the major stars of the night sky—to new life in the daily rebirth of the morning sun. This is the powerful imagery conjured by D.M. Murdock (aka Acharya S) in her new book, Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.

Where does the sun go when it goes down under the world? The Egyptians had it all figured out in books like The Pyramid Texts and The Book of the Dead. The Book of Portals recounts the sun’s passage at night through the 12 gates, which are also the night hours. The Sun Boat of the Creator, the one who “crosses over” the heavens each day for 12 hours, also passes through the underworld each night for 12 hours, accompanied by his 12 assistants or helpers. According to Murdock, this is the derivation of the 12 disciples of the Christ mythos.

Murdock contends that the Gnostics of Alexandria, in fact, created the imagery of Jesus on the cross, derived from the Egyptian god Horus. The task of the Gnostic Horos was to separate the upper from the lower, the saved from the fallen, the light from the dark. This task was accomplished by the Sun God Horus and his 12 assistants, the Egyptian Ennead.

The 12 are sometimes companions of the Father, Osiris, and at other times Horus is one of the 12 in the presence of the Father. This is mindful of Jesus being God and not God, both the Sun and the Son (a quandary the nuns could never quite answer to my liking). The 12 assistants are simply the signs of the zodiac, which Murdock tells us were alive and well in Egypt, being derived from the symbols for the Egyptian months...

As Murdock explains, Christianity was created by Gnostics in Alexandria and then the Christians later came back and burned it all down, sacked the city, killed thousands of people, and covered up the tracks of its creation. The tale of Jesus and Satan is the same astrotheological epic drama told in Egypt. For instance, Set is the serpent, the "Prince of Darkness," and all things "Satan." Horus is the "Prince of Light," the KRST, or the Christ (meaning "anointed one").

Interestingly as well, we learn that the story of Lazarus in the Gospel of John was taken directly from sources like the Pyramid Texts and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Horus was known as the anointed one, the "standing mummy" symbol of Egyptian hieroglyphs: the mummy come back to life. The Egyptian religion was all about being prepared for death and rebirth, as is the Christian religion today, only today prepping doesn't involve the oil and rags of mummification.

Murdock proves with historical sources that Jesus was not born of the Virgin Mary in Bethlehem, but was born of the Virgin Isis in Egyptian mythology....

I have always been wowed by Ms. Murdock's work, but this time she has outdone herself and has created a 574-page masterpiece that I'm sure will become a classic in religious studies.... I would say she's the goddess of the godless. I'm ever thankful she's got my back.


Acharya S/D.M. Murdock
Author, The Christ Conspiracy, Suns of God, Who Was Jesus? and Christ in Egypt

P.S. If you support my work, please help out!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Star in the East & Three Kings

Here is an excerpt from my new book Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.

This excerpt specifically addresses the "biblical" motif of the Star in the East and Three Kings allegedly appearing at the birth of Jesus Christ. There is much confusion on the internet about this motif, but, as we can see, it was firmly present in the Egyptian religion ages prior to the purported advent of the Jewish messiah.

Here's a little taste:

"Over the centuries, various supposedly scientific theories have been put forth concerning this purported phenomenon that turn out to be all for naught, because this theme reveals itself to be an old mythical motif. In actuality, many ancient gods, kings and heroes were said to have been born under a 'bright star' or some other sort of celestial sign, indicating their greatness and role as 'savior' as well."

Enjoy! And don't forget that Christ in Egypt is now available internationally through Amazon as well.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Christ in Egypt" New Video!

Here's a new SHORT video about my book Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection!

In this video are discussed some of the very important parallels between the Egyptian gods and Jesus. The vid also demonstrates the scholarly nature of Christ in Egypt - so be sure to check it out.

The reviews for my book are coming in - and they're very favorable!

By the way, Christ in Egypt is now available internationally through Amazon and other booksellers.

If you want more information, including reviews and links to international Amazon sites, see Christ in Egypt.

Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Freethought Nation News

Hi friends!

I have created a new website that will continue to expand, hopefully, with any luck, time and help.

Right now, I'm collecting on a daily basis - several times a day, sometimes - news from around the world that concerns religion in general as well as specific religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and so on. I am also gathering news items about atheism, secularism, humanism and freethought. I'm keeping an eye on news items about archeology, archaeoastronomy, astrotheology and mythology as well.

This news posting will be an ongoing function of my new website "Freethought Nation." I will be forwarding my forums there as well, and I intend to have a blog where I and others will post news with commentary. Of course, on the blog will be a comments area for visitors to leave their thoughts as well.

If anyone would like to help with this endeavor, let me know, as I do not have the time or tech know-how to make it all happen alone!

Freethought Nation News

Be sure to stop back on a regular basis, as I will be posting news items there continually, with the newest posts at the top. And tell your friends about it!

Thanks - and enjoy!

Acharya S

Friday, April 10, 2009

CIE Reviews & Easter Special

I wanted to remind everyone just once more that the Stellar House Easter special will be ending on Sunday, April 12, 2009! Be sure to check it out -

Here's some more feedback on my book Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection:

"I could hardly wait to get my hands on this tremendous book: Christ in Egypt: The Horus Jesus Connection.

"This well researched book is accessible both to the general reader and to the scholar interested in the origins of the Christian belief system.

"The author has probably collected every scholarly reference to the Egyptian correlations to Christianity. In doing this, she researched materials that had never been published before and many that until now had never appeared in English.

"This book, which surely will become a classic, is the most enlightening and well researched I have ever read on the origins of Christianity."

M.G. Ketteridge, UK


"A Genuine Masterpiece!"

"...Christ in Egypt: the Horus-Jesus Connection is an extraordinarily well-researched and well-written volume that will illustrate unequivocally the direct link between the ancient Egyptian religion and modern Christianity.

"Ms. Murdock has published a number of volumes on similar topics, most notably Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled, Who Was Jesus: Fingerprints of the Christ and The Christ Conspiracy: the Greatest Story Ever Sold. I have found each of them not less entertaining than elucidating. Her research is second to none. She is intimately familiar with the subject, its literature and artifacts and is capable of reading many of the ancient texts on which her research is based in the original languages.

"A work such as this with its voluminous references to primary sources and serious academic and archeological scholarship would seem, at first blush, destined for the dusty shelves of a university reference library. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Ms. Murdock writes in an extremely clear and comprehensible style, and one finds oneself caught up in the narrative as in a finely-crafted mystery which, in a certain sense, it is.

"One discovers early on that the Egyptian religion was a fully-formed cultural imperative that influenced to a marked degree the daily lives of the people Egypt as well as Greece, Turkey and the Levant for well over two millennia. Central to its belief system was the god Horus, born of a virgin, Isis-Mery, and the god Osiris. We see clearly that the parallels between the stories of the lives of Horus and Jesus leave little doubt that the one is extracted directly from the other.

"I believe that Christ in Egypt is a genuine treasure for anyone wishing to understand the truth behind our modern beliefs. This book will place that truth before you in the most lucid, cogent and reasonable fashion. It is a splendid work, powerful, elegant and highly readable, and must surely be considered, in future, a seminal work on the topic. I recommend it unreservedly."

John Reardon, NY


"You just keep getting more and more impressive. You are definitely on a roll, and I can't wait for further installments of that amazing mind of yours.

"I am a mere 30 pages into Christ in Egypt, and I already know that this is destined to become a classic. You have created a work that will illuminate and inspire for generations.

"It is such a pleasure to read. The work and care you have put into this really shows. As someone who's been in pain this week, I can say without exaggeration that reading your book has been an anodyne for the pleasure it gives. And that's just at 30 pages.

"So I thank you for this ouvre, this masterpiece of yours, and I eagerly await Who Was Jesus?, which should be arriving I assume in a few days as well.

"This is just fantastically inspiring."

Robert T.



Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Jesus in India?

With the creation of a new movie, there is increased interest in the old tale that Jesus Christ traveled to India, where he lived to a ripe old age.

While this story may be fascinating, when examined scientifically it fails to hold water. This legend has been spread in recent years largely by an Islamic sect that wishes to claim the hereditary inheritance of the famed Jewish godman.

For more information about this story, as well as the equally implausible tale about Jesus having been in Great Britain, see my essay:

Jesus in India? The Myth of the Lost Years

As has been demonstrated repeatedly in scientific and scholarly books on the subject, the character called "Jesus Christ" is a mythical entity based on other mythical figures dating back into the hoary mists of time.

The fact of Christianity essentially representing a contrived rehash of sun worship is clearly shown in my latest book Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection.

The "lost years" of Jesus are in fact atrotheological, representing part of solar mythology. In the story of the sun god, the solar hero is a "child teacher" at the "age" of 12 noon, when he reaches the "temple" of his "father" - Re or Ra in the Egyptian myth. When the sun transits from one month of the 360-day year or 1/12th or the zodiacal circle, he attains the age of 28 or 30. And here was have the 18 "lost years."

Fortunately, there are those who have actually studied the subject, read my work and who realize that by denying the facts presented therein we are robbing the world of the real history of religious ideology and mythology.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Support Geert Wilders!

Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders has been touring the U.S. following his atrocious ousting from Great Britain for courageously sharing the truth about Islamofascism, as he showed in his short film Fitna. For years now, Geert has been living under heavy security because of constant death threats from members of the "religion of peace." He lives in jail cells and bunkers while in Europe. Yet, the cowards in the U.K. could not see fit to support this famous and brave EU politician, while kowtowing to a Pakistani businessman who bought his way into the British House of Lords and threatened to storm the streets of Britain with 10,000 rabid Muslim fanatics if Wilders were allowed to enter. This episode with the convicted criminal Muslim "lord" was apparently an allusion to the invasion of Mecca by Mohammed and his 10,000 violent thugs. In other words, it was a cloaked threat of a military takeover.

In the meantime, Wilders has been enjoying the civility of the United States of America, where the laws are more humane and where liberty is actually valued. He has been making the media rounds, once again risking his life and limb to warn of the dangers of "radical" Islam (real Islam, in other words, as opposed to "Islam lite").

On Saturday, April 4, 2009, Geert Wilders will be speaking at Chapman University in Orange County, CA. Once again, Islamofascists have threatened protests against this brave man, merely because he dares to speak the truth. I hope that many people who believe in free speech--especially when it's the truth!--will come out and show their support for Wilders, who stands against a huge wave of suppression and censorship.

In case you need a nudge to see how important this issue is, do take a look at this article on Women's Rights in Islam. You will quickly understand why I, as a FREE WOMAN, must take this hardline stance against Islamofascism and must stand up for great heroes like Geert Wilders.

As many of you may be aware, Dutch MP Geert Wilders, hero of the free world, will be visiting Orange County, CA this Saturday [April 4, 2009] at Chapman University thanks to the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

We have just got word that a collection of Islamist organizations are organizing a protest. Please urge everyone you know in the surrounding area to show up in force to give these jihadis a nice counter-protest welcome.

Let's get the media to pay attention to the anti-free-speech jihadists right here in our own back yard.

Counter-protesters will assemble starting at 1:00 PM in front of Memorial Hall which faces Glassell Ave at E. Palm several blocks north of the turning circle at the intersection of Glassell and Chapman in Orange, CA.

For driving directions, campus map, and parking lots.

Bring cameras, flags, signs.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Wilder's work, please see the following interview:

P.S. A commenter has stated that Wilders has "prophet's hair," like Charleton Heston in "The 10 Commandments." A funny observation, indeed.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Acharya S on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Friendster

Okay, I've been tweeting a little lately. Gimmicky, of course, but, heck, everybody's doing it, and it can get lonely otherwise. Businesses, politicians, churches, newspapers, journalists - everybody's got Twitter on their website, cell phones and PDAs. (I don't even have one of those.)

I've read articles on how seriously Twitter is being taken and how it's changing the world. Most of the "tweets" I've read from those given publicity in these articles are BORING. I really don't know what the appeal is there, that's for sure.

And then there are those who are using it for marketing purposes, which is pretty much every business that wants to stay with the times.

But now, my tweeting has to be far more interesting than all that!

So here's my Twitter URL - come join me!

Acharya S on Twitter

I've also got a MySpace, of course, as well as being on Facebook and Tagged. I don't post at Tagged very often - it seems like a waste of time.

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If you have any other Web 2.0 sites you feel are helpful - but not a waste of time - please post them in the comments section below!