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Friday, December 08, 2006

Worldwide Scam Alert!

It has come to our notice that there are groups of people around the world who convince people there's an invisible Jewish man floating about in the sky who will become very angry if they don't do certain things. One of the things these scammers insist others do in order to appease the wrath of this invisible Jewish man floating about in the sky is to give them money for a variety of reasons, including in order to build the scammers' headquarters where they can continue to fleece their sheep with the story about the invisible man in the sky.

There are many scammers and victims involved in this scam - the numbers are staggering, in fact. And the crimes committed by these scammers against unwilling victims are legion. We at the International Church of Astrotheology are currently attempting to set up counterterrorist units in order to battle this fraud.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Intellectual Rapists

For the last couple of days I've had some abusive creep email me about how he's going to beat me up on his website. His vicious commentary is based on his reading of some pages on my website, but he has emphatically stated that he has NOT read my books and does not intend to. Despite his confessed ignorance of my work, he is now on a rampage to attack me as an "expert" on my work. Such dishonesty is not uncommon, as I have been encountering it for years.

Not content with being dishonest and hateful towards me, this individual has threatened me if I don't respond to his reprehensible assault. It appears that people who viciously assault others in the intellectual realm, as this person is doing to me, do not consider that they are a major part of the problem - to wit, divisiveness and hatred based on beliefs.

To put it in blunt terms: Basically what this guy is saying is that, even if I'm not attracted to him, if I don't willingly have sex with him - and enjoy it - he will brutally rape me.

Hence, he is an "intellectual rapist."

Here's a thought - what is it exactly you are trying to accomplish with your personal assaults on others? Are you trying to make the world a "better place" with your violent attacks? Sorry, but that type of mentality is exactly what we are attempting to get rid of.