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Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin Changed the World

Today is a very sad day, indeed. One of the greatest masters of all time has left the planet, joining the other late comic geniuses in what must certainly be the only true heaven, where laughter reigns supreme.

Those of us of a certain age surely feel as if George Carlin was one of our dearest friends. My own memories of George are long and deep, dating back to when he burst onto the scene for good in the 70s, with his breakthrough album containing the taboo-shattering "Seven Dirty Words."

I recall vividly the whole brouhaha over those fucking obscenities. I can hear that album - and it was an ALBUM, scratchable vinyl and all - in my head right now. I was technically too young to be listening to it, but my siblings were playing it, much to my glee.

As I think back, I remember being impressed all those years ago by Carlin discussing product names for condoms or other birth-control devices, one of which he deemed "Baby Maybe!" and another "Junior Miss!"

George Carlin's impact is multigenerational. Even my little boy knows George from the cartoon movie "Cars." Carlin was the voice of Fillmore, the hippy VW bus who used organic fuel and said, "It's a conspiracy, man!" and "Respect the classics, man!"

And that description perhaps sums up George Carlin best - Classic.

A true sage who unblinkingly examined reality without blinders on, George Carlin dripped with enlightenment and wisdom, brilliantly using comedy to help the human race along in its evolutionary path. With all the talk about "spiritual masters" who deserve our reverence, in my opinion Carlin was a real master who truly loved the world and worked to better it by raising up the issue of individual freedom and personal creativity. In fact, I hold George Carlin in such high regard that I like to "joke" that he is my prophet (pot be upon him).

With all that is happening in the world today, including the end of the fossil-fuel era with serious deprivation on the horizon, I'm thinking that George's passing truly signals the end of the era - the end of the party, in fact.

Rest in stitches, George, my friend. We love you, man.

George Carlin: "Religion is Bullshit"

(Note this awesome bit was used in the hit internet movie "ZEITGEIST," seen by 10s of millions worldwide. At a certain point Carlin talks about being a "sun worshipper." In keeping with the Egyptian theme of ZG, Part 1, and my book Christ in Egypt, George Carlin is now the Osiris, the deceased pharaoh who rises again as the newborn sun, Horus of the Horizon. He is risen!)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pakistan Threatens Europe Over Islam?

The Pakistani government has essentially threatened the European Union with violence if it doesn't accept Islam as the "one truth faith of God Almighty." Under the guise of making a simple request for the EU to rein in "freedom of expression" - i.e., freedom of speech - so as not to offend Muslims, Pakistan has basically given the European governments an ultimatum: Do not ever criticize Islam again, or you will be terrorized into submission.

The Pakistan Daily Times reports from Islamabad (6/8/08):
Pakistan will ask the European Union countries to amend laws regarding freedom of expression in order to prevent offensive incidents such as the printing of blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Muhammad...and the production of an anti-Islam film by a Dutch legislator, sources in the Interior Ministry told Daily Times on Saturday.
In other words, it will become illegal to object to Islamic doctrine, to deny Muhammad as the "Holy Prophet" of the God of the universe, and to criticize the Quran as a book filled with violent and insidious intentions towards non-Muslims.

Such laws would in essence mean that everyone in the European Union will instantly be compelled to become a Muslim overnight, as they could never again "blaspheme" Muhammad and the Quran, meaning they must accept them as what they are purported to be within Islam. Hence, in order not to "blaspheme" the Quran, all references to it must be in the spirit that it is indeed the Word of God. In order not to "blaspheme" Muhammad, all references to him will be forced to have "Peace Be Upon Him" or "PBUH" after his name and to recognize him as God's Holy Prophet.

Calling Jesus Christ the "son of God" is likewise considered "blasphemous" within Islam, so such laws may lead down that slippery slope as well, basically making Christianity (and all other religions) illegal. This legislation, in fact, constitutes Islamic or sharia law, now being imposed once again on Europe. More aspects of sharia law are certain to follow. Also, more Muslim nations are sure to follow Pakistan's suit - we can, in reality, expect more angry rampages through the street, people murdered, property destroyed, churches and synagogues burned, and so on, until we all accept sharia law in toto.

Indeed, Pakistan has accompanied its "request" to impose sharia law with an apparent veiled threat that Europe can expect to be violently attacked if it does not comply. Again from the Pakistan Daily Times:
They said that the delegation would also tell the EU that if such acts against Islam are not controlled, more attacks on the EU diplomatic missions abroad could not be ruled out.
In other words, you can expect to be terrorized into submission.

Now, it is quite possible that the particular Pakistani officials who worded this "request" themselves are merely saying that they can't be held responsible for the violent psychopaths in their country who surely will attack European targets. Yet, would it not have been more civilized to stand with the EU against the Muslim terrorists who are quite clearly validating the widespread criticisms of Islam as fostering terrorism? Instead, Pakistan asks us to appease these terrorists - as if the Pakistani government is speaking for them.

Is it only a matter of time when the entire world is compelled through threats of violence and assorted other depraved behavior to accept Islam as the "one true faith of God Almighty?" This censorship disease that will force us not to object to calling a man "the Prophet of God" who raped and slaughtered his way around Arabia, as well as not to criticize a book that repeatedly calls for the violent subjugation of all non-Muslims, is spreading like a cancer around the globe. With it will come the end of true human civilization and the beginning of absolute hell on Earth.

Pakistan to ask EU to amend laws on freedom of expression

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Islam: Wholesale Slaughter in the Name of Allah

Islamic "extremists" and "radicals" have recently junked the term "jihad," commonly believed by them to mean "holy war" of the physical, violent kind, in favor of the word "qattal," according to a Pakistani official. Whereas jihad restricted the murder in the name of Islam and the Muslim god Allah to "only" non-Muslims, derogatorily called "infidels" and "kafirs," qattal evidently allows for unending bloodshed of Muslim "innocents," such as competing sects or cults.

Although so-called moderate Muslims repeatedly claim that "Islam does not permit killing of innocents," we know from the "radical" Islamic religious leaders such as Anjem Choudary that the definition of "innocent" is anyone who is Muslim, while non-Muslims are not "innocent" and can be murdered at will.

The Pakistani official discussing this new twist to an old twisted religion, Hasham Baber, stated that it was because of the efforts of "moderate" Muslims to end terrorism in the name of Islam - which they evidently sensibly believe has given Islam a bad name - that the jihadists have decided to change their name. The "moderates" have been trying to define "jihad" as an "inner struggle" to find one's way to God, while, of course, the "true" jihadis have insisted that their god must be appeased with endless bloodshed, terror and horror.

With this new turn of affairs, violent jihadists - now "qattalists?" - will be able to slaughter the moderate Muslims at will as well. Of course, we know from Iraq and the rest of Islamic history that slaughtering Muslims in the name of Islam and Allah has always been on the table, despite constant protests that these "innocents" should not be murdered. Qattal, however, apparently allows this depraved pathology to be deemed "holy," "Islamic" and appropriate behavior in the eyes of the god of Islam.

In regard to this new development of naming Islamic bloodlust and sadism qattal, Pakistani Secretary General Baber also remarked, "Qattal...means I am allowed to kill a Hindu, Christian at will or even a Shia." He further states, "The religious education in Pakistan as whole has degenerated into bloodshed."

This abhorrent situation tends to validate the claim that it is Islam itself which fosters bloodshed, violence and terror. The jihadis/qattalis are quite certain that they are the "true Muslims," while the moderates are no better than the dirty kafirs/kufaars - pejorative terms used by Islamic fanatics to destroy anyone who is not exactly like they are. As many people know by now, the Muslim "holy book," the Koran/Quran, is full of incitement to violence, especially against all non-Muslims. With this new twist, all Muslims who are not violent fanatics can be deemed fair game - as they already have been in reality, but now the qattalists can still be assured of their place in "heaven" for satisfying their bloodlust and that of their god. (Any place filled with these vile human-haters, of course, would be our hell.)

We must be hopeful that the world is growing quite weary of this despicable behavior committed for many centuries in the name of Islam and Allah. Yet, such atrocities as the recent bombing of the Danish embassy in Islamabad, demonstrating that cartoons are more offensive than the murder of human beings, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, reveal that the cancer continues to spread.

Also, such utter disgraces as the recent conviction of famed French citizen Brigitte Bardot for "provoking race hatred," when Islam is not a race and Bardot, as a citizen of that nation, clearly has a right to complain about the Islamic destruction of her country and culture, are quite demoralizing for those who are attempting to prevent the death of human civilization.

And then there is the outrage of Muslim women in Algeria and elsewhere imprisoned for being pregnant or giving birth without being married. These women are imprisoned for offending Islam and Allah, but what could be more offensive to a decent god, "sex outside of marriage" - some of these women are rape victims! - or the hideous suffering of innocent women and children, who are ripped away from their mothers to be raised in a mother-loveless situation that will likely produce more hardened, violent Muslims?

In the meantime, the recent willingness of "moderate" Muslims - I put these terms in quotes because they are quite subjective - to rethink Islam constitutes an acknowledgment, however subtle, that it is Islam which is the problem. Again, Islam fosters this violent pathology - and it always has, as it was begun by a violent, murdering and raping warlord. Until there is honest assessment, such as is occurring in Turkey, with scholars there attempting to fashion a truly "moderate" Islam, there will be no containing this mental illness that is gripping a significant portion of the world.

Needless to say, we will require the help of all Muslims of conscience to reject this path of terror, horror and bloodlust in the name of the Arab tribal god Allah and the cult started by the Arab desert nomad. Otherwise, by their mere participation in this "religion of peace" - frequently foisted upon them by violence - moderate Muslims are encouraging these deranged jihadists/qattalists in their evil deeds.

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