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Friday, July 21, 2006

Celebration of Life

Here's an oldie but goodie from The Gospel According to Acharya S.

Celebration of Life

What is the purpose in life? Is it simply to follow rules and rote that make people into robots and clones? It is clear that human beings, free from stifling and enslaving ideologies, can become great, exalted and divine. While it is crucial and good to engage in the breaking down of these divisive and dangerous ideologies that make human beings less glorious than they truly are, it is also necessary to identify that glory, such that we may all strive to attain to it. The human experience has always been one of extremes, and we have seen how negative extremes have manifested themselves in the human species and in the natural world around them. We have attempted to destroy these divisions. Now is the time to reveal the beauty and vivacity of the butterfly that emerges when the dead and desiccated cocoon is removed.

When are Human Beings at Their Best?

When human beings have fully blossomed, when they've reached a certain level of soul maturity that is balanced, neither too aggressive nor too ineffectual, they are a wonder to behold, bursting with life and love. These divine beings have a tremendous sense of humor, knowing well that there is no reason to take this long, strange trip seriously. This wondrous state of being does not require extraordinary intelligence but wisdom, which can be found even within a tiny seed. The intelligence it does require is that which compels all living creatures to truly be alive. This natural state is in fact the same in which animals live; it is not difficult to attain. Yet, because of ego encrustation, many people cannot regain this experience, which is that of childhood.

People at their best maintain the awe and wonder of a child while developing the responsibility and integrity of true adulthood. They are sensitive and empathetic, sharing in the pain of others and providing remedy. Yet they are not emotional basketcases who become too debilitated by tragedy for their own good and that of others. Of course, such an experience is necessary for a soul to mature, but there comes a time when one has had enough and demands change for one's own life, those of loved ones and of all life in general. The metamorphosis into a true human being is propelled by the painful experiences. At the point of blooming, one has truly decided that pain is to be avoided and that one's actions will be designed to provoke the most amount of happiness and bliss.

For the rest, please see Celebration of Life.


Anonymous said...

"It is clear that human beings, free from stifling and enslaving ideologies, can become great, exalted and divine."

Since we are all subject to ideologies of one kind or another, and since no single ideology can satisfy everyone's tastes, it is very far from being 'clear' how liberation from any serves to make us divine. This is transcendentally female logic of the worst - and sadly all too prevalent - kind. I expect it sells.

"crucial and good....divisive and dangerous..."

These sorts of pairings are common to pudding over-eggers everywhere I fear, and do nothing to advance a case.

Acharya S said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Acharya S said...

It is apparent that yours is nastily male illogic of the sexist kind. Here is a positive essay with the best of hopes, and you throw your ugly mud at it. What kind of "logic" is that? Keep it to yourself, please. We are trying to create a better world - not trying to "sell," as your insidiously suspicious mind insinuates.

And why is your supposedly superior brain not able to understand the qualifier "enslaving ideologies?" Are you incapable of distinguishing between the terms "ideologies" and "enslaving ideologies?"

Anonymous said...

The point is that since there are no 'one size fits all' ideologies what is 'enslaving' to one may be necessary, possibly even welcome, discipline to another. Moreover since you make no effort to define your terms you cannot be said to have made an argument at all. This is because what passes for coherent thinking in the female world is actually little more than a lot of emotionally incontinent snivelling for the most part, of no use to man nor beast.

Does wanting a better world excuse an inability to think? Most would say not. Most would say both were laudable aims, but that one had nothing to do with the other. Apparently, however, according to female logic, the answer is 'yes'.

To all the insufferable pieties, the self-satisfied preening, observable among what is now a veritable legion of semi-educated snake-oil peddlars like you I know of only one sure antidote - truth. Truth can be 'nasty'. Am I nasty simply for telling it?

For assuredly it is truth you don't like. That is why you haven't the courage to permit legitimate criticism on your website. Like a little girl taking her ball home all you can manage is a tantrum. QED.

Acharya S said...

Once again, a vicious, hateful personal attack full of venom and spite. If I were all the ugly little things your deranged brain is painting me as, would I have posted your cruddy, sexist diatribe in the first place?

It's amazing to me that an essay entitled "Celebration of Life" which focuses on the good in humanity would dredge of the rotten likes of you. Please, go crawl back under the anonymous and cowardly rock and leave the rest of us to enjoy our lives. There is enough hatred on this planet without you coming and spewing more of it. I would say that you are in a serious need of an attitude adjustment, anger management and a host of other psychological services.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

What is "female logic?" Is hating women and not knowing a good idea if it bit you in the ass part of your tradition of celebrating life?
Do you have a penis? You feel superior and manly with that little worm now don't you? I have a penis too, but I have enough "logic" not to be enslaved by ideologies of assholism and sexism. Women are weaker than us men right, and you think that Acharya doesn't want to know the truth or is avoiding it with her female logic, eh? Well, here's a tidbit of information for you. Men's "logic" is no more superior than women's logic. What is your childhood trauma? All I can do is feel sorry for you.



Anonymous said...

What a load of verbal diahrrea from the anon. blogger! Phony intellectualism from a snob--you know the kind (pistol whipped--lol!)
I got a liberating ideology of discipline that will put recogniton of "Truth" right square between the eyes. It's called the "open palm" procedure. It will clear anon's head for corrective thinking and bring them what they most desire! It will even clear up their communicative skills.

You did a great job of body slamming this egghead. Now I got to check to see if I still have my male anatomy--I am so so paranoid of being accused of being effeminate---NOT. As if what you are expressing had anything to do with hormones...geesh!

Anonymous said...

Random comment on the obnoxious anonymous blogger:
Some people just don't know the frequency of joy.
It is not surprising that obnoxious anonymous blogger did not understand this blog entry. He currently does not know how to tune in to joy.