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Friday, March 24, 2006

My God is Bigger and Better than Yours!

This attitude is precisely what has created almost all of the murderous discord on planet Earth. "God's way is the right way" - the arrogance of such a statement is beyond the rational mind. So long as people actually believe and possess power to sway others in such a conceit - to wit, "My God is bigger and better than your god" - there will never be peace on Earth. Unfortunately, the remedy for such arrogance is so far advanced of the average human mind that we are not looking at any time soon for humankind en masse to become enlightened. In the meantime, each individual can choose to awaken his or her own true humanity by refusing to engage in and endorse the menacing mainstream religious "party lines."

Pressure Grows to Free Afghan Convert

"Rahman had 'committed the greatest sin' by converting to Christianity and deserved to be killed, cleric Abdul Raoulf said in a sermon Friday at Herati Mosque.

'God's way is the right way, and this man whose name is Abdul Rahman is an apostate,' he told about 150 worshippers."

1 comment:

Amos Keppler said...

Religion has been devastating to humanity for so very long.