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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Afghan Convert Released, Goes Into Hiding

Ah yes, the religion of peace! Along with the violent agitation over cartoons illustrating, well, violent agitation, how much more evidence is needed to prove that the assertion about Islam being the "religion of peace" is completely false?

My article on quotes from the Koran ranks number one when the keywords "quotes on Islam," "quotes about Islam" or "quotes from the Koran" are googled. This article contains numerous Koranic scriptures calling for the death of infidels. This meme or mental conditioning is not going away anytime soon, as has been abundantly evidenced over the past several decades.

How soon we have forgotten why our airports had metal detectors installed in the first place! Does anyone remember the constant threat of hijackings perpetrated by Muslims fanatics beginning in the '70s? The assassination of Anwar Sadat (1981)? How about the Achille Lauro in 1985? Or the slaughter of tourists at Luxor in 1997? We're not talking about a new phenomenon even in the modern era - the destruction of Bengladesh is proof enough of that fact. The religion did not begin peacefully, nor has it been perpetuated peacefully.

The question is, how do we stop this destructive meme?
Afghan Convert Released, Goes Into Hiding


KABUL, Afghanistan - An Afghan man who had faced the death penalty for abandoning Islam for Christianity was freed from prison and went into hiding Tuesday in Kabul after Muslim clerics threatened his life. Italy said it may grant him asylum.

Abdul Rahman, 41, was released from the high-security Policharki prison on the outskirts of the capital late Monday after a court dropped charges of apostasy against him for lack of evidence and suspected mental illness. President Hamid Karzai had been under heavy international pressure to drop the case.

Muslim clerics condemned Rahman's release, saying it was a "betrayal of Islam." They threatened to incite violent protests.


Anonymous said...

It seems bleak doesn't it?

A thousand years ago, most people had no option but to believe in and defend supernatural causes as there was little science and even less access to and comprehension of what little there was.

Modern science is only a few hundred years old but explanations for many previously inexplicable phenomena are now known (but not excepted by fundamentalists who have a vested interest in perpetuating the 'old ways'). Hundreds of years from now I think things will be much improved.

In that sense we are living through a transition period, a frustrating time when, what seem perfectly reasonable and rational explanations to us, are rejected out of hand by those who prefer comforting myths.

How do we counter the destructive meme? - with the positive meme - 'education'. As long as those who 'know' continue to share their knowledge there is hope.

But what of those countries and cultures that surpress education? I think this reinforces the point that education is key, otherwise why do they fear it so? But that's another story...

Amos Keppler said...

Well, in my opinion science has long since become just another religion, basically stating that everything that can't be "proven" in a laboratory doesn't exist. I agree fully about what is said about other religions, though. All religions are bad, without exception.

Anonymous said...

Hi Acharia. Good news about the afgan christian. He´s in Italy now.

Now if he drops out of christianity he´ll be my hero.