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Thursday, March 16, 2006

British Scientist Wins Religion Prize

British Scientist Wins Religion Prize - Los Angeles Times:
"Astronomy, he said, 'breathes new life' into so many religious questions that arise from humanity's quest for meaning.... Barrow is a member of the United Reform Church, created in the 1970s by the merger of Presbyterian and Congregational traditions in Britain."
I would wager that, despite his immense erudition and cosmic meditations, Barrow does not know how close he has gotten to the astrotheological perspective! It is the contention of many thinkers over the centuries that the major myths and rituals found within mainstream religions are astrotheological in nature, which means that the central figures are not "real people" but cosmic elements, such as the sun, moon, Earth, planets, stars, constellations and so forth. It would be fabulous if someone like Barrow (although there aren't too many people like Barrow) could have such an epiphany and then come forward with it. Imagine if he were to pronounce Jesus Christ a solar myth! Somebody send him my books - quick! (Actually, he can well afford to pay for them, eh?)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw this news-story and thought - he just needs a little nudge - you're almost there man - use the money to buy AS's books!!

Allan (recent convert to astrotheology) :)