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Monday, March 27, 2006

Museums warned about Bible-era fakes

More frauds in the long list of biblical forgeries starting with the Bible itself, the great book of hype. An article of mine entitled, "Bone-Box No Proof of Jesus," was published in a three-part series in Secular Nation a few years ago. I also discuss forged texts, relics and other artifacts at some length in The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold. Creation of such fakes has been going on since the beginning of the priesthood, with its distinct priestcraft that weaves tall tales and foists them off on the public as "history." There is nothing wrong with mythology per se - in fact, it is quite enjoyable as a magnificently colorful expression of man's tremendous creativity. There is, however, something wrong with presenting such mythology as "history," particularly when people are abusing, tormenting, torturing and killing each other over it. The fact will remain that much of the Bible is fiction, representing mummified mythology being palmed off as "history." Until humankind understands that fact, it will remain forever puerile and infantile. With the understanding of the "astrotheological" themes underlying such mythology, humanity can become mature and wise.

As concerns the "Solomon" artifact, there remains, to my knowledge, no evidence outside of the biblical texts for the existence of either the Temple or Solomon himself. If either existed, they were far less grand than depicted in the Bible.
Museums warned about Bible-era fakes

"JERUSALEM - Experts advised world museums to re-examine their Bible-era relics after Israel indicted four collectors and dealers on charges of forging items thought to be some of the most important artifacts discovered in recent decades.

"The indictments issued Wednesday labeled many such 'finds' as fakes, including two that had been presented as the biggest biblical discoveries in the Holy Land — the purported burial box of Jesus’ brother James and a stone tablet with written instructions by King Yoash on maintenance work at the ancient Jewish Temple."

Israel accuses 4 of forging trove of biblical artifacts

"The forged items include an ivory pomegranate touted by scholars as the only relic from Solomon’s Temple, an ossuary that reputedly held the bones of James, Jesus’ brother, and a stone tablet with inscriptions on how to maintain the Jewish Temple, officials said."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"Desde tiempos inmemoriales es sabido cuán provechosa nos ha resultado esta fábula de Jesucristo" (Carta del Papa León X [1513-1521] dirigida al Cardenal Bembo)

I read this in a spanish atheist webpage. I thought you might find it interesting. It says (to save you the trouble of having to translate it):
"Since inmemorial times it is known how profitable has been this fable about Jesus Crist."(Letter by pope Leon X [1513-1521] directed to cardinal Bembo.

Would be good to read the whole letter wouldn´t it? I don´t have the time to research into this but since you´re a researcher and all that...