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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Gospel According to Acharya S

I have just updated the page for my latest project, so take a look!

The Gospel According to Acharya S

I've included an extensive Table of Contents, highlighting the numerous subjects I am addressing in this new book. If you read the old Gospel online, note that this paperback edition one is expanded and updated. I've written a new essay, "Born in Sin?" and have included "A Truly Sacred Scripture" from my blog as well.

Here's a little taste from the Prologue:

When I first wrote these essays in the early 90s, those who read them thought they were revolutionary—and unpublishable. The publishing industry back then was such that if you did not have a publisher of significance—and there were relatively few—you could expect to sell a handful of copies and to remain obscure and unknown. Writers were at the mercy of overburdened editors and their massive slush piles. Once the internet became fairly popular, however, revolutionary writings such as these found a home, as did eventually also the world of small publishing using print-on-demand. The internet is the great equalizer, as self-published or small publisher books compete side by side with the big-name companies, and a controversial book like this one becomes a feasible project. What you are holding, therefore, is something that would have been difficult if not impossible to create and propagate just a couple of decades ago. In the future, with the push for censorship as concerns religious cults, such a book may again become nonviable, banned and burned. In this regard, read it while you can, before it is put on the Index of the next Inquisition!
Enjoy! With any luck, the book will be finished and available within a month or so.

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