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Friday, June 19, 2009

"Christ in Egypt" Bonus!

I thought everyone would like to know that I've just added TWO new gifts for everybody who gets my book "Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection" through my website!

Now, when you order CIE directly through me, you will receive THREE ebooks f.ree:

"The Acharya Articles Collection"
"Who Was Jesus?"
"Jesus as the Sun throughout History"

Here's yet another great review of CIE by ex-missionary Brian Redmond:
5.0 out of 5 stars
Set My People Free, June 1, 2009
By Brian Redmond "truthseeker" (Japan)

"The title of this work, 'Christ in Egypt,' will bring to mind the Biblical story of Christ's flight into Egypt as a baby; but, rather than the story of a mythical sojourn within Egypt, this is a factual account of the process by which the whole Christian story actually emerged from out of Egypt; and it will set people free.

"It will set people free from the burden of having to say they believe things which countermand their intelligence and the errors and inconsistencies found in the Gospels, which Ms. Murdock elucidated in her previous work 'Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the Christ.' It will set people free to think for themselves as Acharya -- a teacher indeed -- shows us from impeccable sources what the people who lived in the Nile Delta 2,000 years and more ago: Egyptians, Jews and Greeks and others, thought and felt; and how their aspirations coalesced to give us the tales found in the four Gospels.

"It is a story of human striving to make sense of the world, and how our passion to do so can overrrule our integrity as we struggle for a foothold in a turbulent world. D.M. Murdock, in this tour de force, gives the people of this age a firm foothold upon which to base our own clear-eyed view of how we came to be what we are, and the inspiration to build upon this rock, not another church, but a community of individuals who base their opinions on evidence and engage in civilized discourse."
To get your copy of this blockbuster of a book - plus three f.ree ebooks! - go to:


Acharya S/D.M. Murdock

P.S. If you already have all these writings but would like to help out - I really need help right now, as I finish up my new book "The Gospel According to Acharya S" - please go to this page:

Thank you!

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