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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

U.S. a Hotbed of Islamic Fanaticism

Just so no readers of mine will be surprised if they wake up one day to a loud and obnoxious "call to prayer" designed to enslave them down to their very soul....

That is very much the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and its many offshoots that are freely operating around the world and are funded by hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in Middle Eastern oil money.

Lest you make the mistake that this devious plot is far offshore and away from reality, you should know that it is in fact under your very eyes and is being enabled by all sorts of dhimwitted apologists who see nothing wrong with allowing anti-West fanatics to operate with impunity right here on American soil. As is happening in Europe at an alarming rate, if we do not become aware to what is occurring right now in the U.S., we will be living in the United States of Arabia, or some variant thereof. All of our hard-earned civil rights will be gone, and the bulk of humanity will be enslaved under Islamic domination - including and especially women, as the enslavement and abuse of women is what essentially defines Islam, in significant part.

Here is what at least 100 mosques and Muslim schools in the United States are currently up to, with no apparent interference from governmental officials:
"Preliminary findings indicate that almost 80 percent of the group exhibit a high level of sharia-compliance and jihadi threat, including:

"* Ultra-orthodox worship in which women are separated from men in the prayer hall and must enter the mosque from a separate, usually back, entrance; and are required to wear hijabs.

"* Sermons that preach women are inferior to men and can be beaten for disobedience; that non-Muslims, particularly Jews, are infidels and inferior to Muslims; that jihad or support of jihad is not only a Muslim's duty but the noblest way, and suicide bombers and other so-called "martyrs" are worthy of the highest praise; and that an Islamic caliphate should one day encompass the U.S.

"* Solicitation of financial support for jihad.

"* Bookstores that sell books, CDs and DVDs promoting jihad and glorifying martyrdom."

Source: Study: 3 in 4 U.S. mosques preach anti-West extremism
The American citizens must call for their politicians to shut down all mosques and Muslim schools that are teaching this evil trash, and deport all the preachers of such venom wherever they can.

No more mosques or Muslim schools built in the United States - until the Muslim world opens itself up to a proliferation of churches, synagogues and secular organizations. No more Muslim immigration - unless the Muslim world allows its non-Muslim populations to increase and freely operate, with full rights to citizenship and the human rights accorded in decent and civilized nations.

Islam constitutes Arab cultural imperialism, pure and simple. Its proponents will settle for nothing less than total global domination. And at the moment, they are winning, because much of the rest of humanity may be too kind and loving to recognize the threat by such predators - or too terrorized already by the "religion of peace." (Or, of course, bought off, as is the case with many politicians.)

Get rid of all politicians on all levels who tolerate, endorse, appease or promote this sort of mentality. And for heaven's sake, do not elect as president a man who has the most ties to Islam - many to radical Islam, in fact - than any other candidate in history.


Cosmicventure said...

Yes, in another one hundred the entire USA will be muslim. Makeing religion more important than truth and fact is a mistake. Free thinking should be emphasized not faith in mystical beings and fairy tales.

Acharya S said...

Let us hope that we can prevent that from happening.

Every true human being needs to dump these cults of death and live freely. There is NO GOD who needs you to submit, pray five times a day, cover your hair, dress in a bag, grow a beard, have four wives, cut up your genitals, dishonor kill, or any other absurd and sick behavior.

Any true god of the cosmos could not care less about such matters.


Anonymous said...

So, why doesn't anyone want to shut down all Jewish schools that preach hatred and vile right out of their Talmud against Christians and Moslems???

No, no, no, in another decade America will probably be completely Jewish with Christianity and Islam thrown out and away. And if you fail to conform to the Jewish Noahide Laws, which the US adopted in 1993 right into our body of laws, then you will be beheaded.
Google Noahide Laws if you don't believe me.

Personally, I ascribe to none of these religious views and think for myself. But I don't like to see one faith being ramrodded by another for their political agenda in order to further genocide across the globe.

There is another hidden agenda here but one must open their eyes to clearly see it.

Acharya S said...

Perhaps you need to look at Europe to see where we and the rest of the world are headed.

And, by the way, I wrote about the Noahide Laws in an article many years ago. Dissecting one does not mean we should ignore the other.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Islam taking over America. Jews/Zionist have already taken it over. Don't agree?

God Bless America

Acharya S said...

If the fact that I can live without fearing for my life because I don't want to be put in a bag or forced into a marriage or have my genitals sliced up means that we are living under Jewish rule, so be it.

Highly preferable to Islamic domination.

Cosmicventure said...

No matter Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Mormon, etc. there are all the same. In my opinion any secular society having a pasive attitude toward religion only opens the flood gates for conversion and propagation ending in a theocracy/dictatorship. The evolutionary process will be doomed, and creative thinking non existant, living in a world of censorship and ethnic cleansing.

Looking on the bright side there are a few more years left before the church will become the state.

Anonymous said...

I assure you that lot of non-muslims in middle east are happily living with their genitals intact.
btw, Chritians and jews also circumcize.

Freedom for all.


Acharya S said...

I'm certainly glad for them, but no one said there weren't. I was talking about being forced become a Muslim and live under Islamic domination.

And, perhaps you did not notice that I am a female? No, Jews and Christians do NOT genitally mutilate women.

Moreover, I am very much against male genital mutilation as well.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, female genital mutilation is not part of Islam. Please point me to where did you get this idea?
In addition, there are so many non-mulims living in muslim ruled countries and none has been forced to convert to Islam, let alone forced to genital mutilation. Why do you think it will be different in America (assuming it ever happened for the sake of argument.
God Bless America.

Acharya S said...

Sorry, but, yes, female genital mutilation is part of Islam. Where did you get the idea that it wasn't? From Muslim apologists?

As Ayaan Hirsi Ali - herself a victim of the most radical form of female genital mutilation - strongly declares, in Somalia, at least, FGM is said to be required by Islam. In other parts of the world, including in Egypt, the same has likewise been stated many times over the centuries since Islam was created. (And, yes, I am well aware that FGM predates Islam. So does Christmas predate Christianity; yet, it still is a CHRISTIAN tradition, as FGM is now a MUSLIM tradition.)

Perhaps you need to take your silly apologies to the many MUSLIM people in Egypt, for example, who specifically state that they mutilate their girls' genitals because it is ISLAMIC. Maybe you will succeed in stopping them where all others have failed.

The following statement is not only completely absurd but highly insulting to all those who have been victimized by Islam:

"...none has been forced to convert to Islam, let alone forced to genital mutilation."

I suggest you study the subject more instead of merely repeating Muslim apologetics. Islam has a long history of forced conversion, and over the centuries entire countries have been forced through extreme violence to convert to Islam.

As we speak there is probably someone being forcibly converted to Islam - kidnapping and forced conversion of individuals as well in parts of the Islamic world have been quite common over the centuries.

Sooner or later, if that person is a female and depending on where she is, she may very well have her genitals mutilated - very much against her will, and only because she is a Muslim. (If someone kidnapped and forcibly converted a person to Catholicism, there would be no female genital mutilation - get it?)

Please stop insulting my intelligence. If this country ever became Muslim, it would resemble the rest of the Islamic world. Do you know anything about the lack of rights for non-Muslims - kufaars/kafirs or dhimmis, etc., ad nauseam - in Muslim countries? They are second-class citizens, at best.

Yes, Goddess bless America - for at least here and now we can resist being enslaved by hideous religious dogma.

And those of us who can see will continue to prevent that from happening, including and especially resisting Islam, the most enslaving ideology ever devised.

Acharya S said...

And here we have the practice of FGM called for within Islam. As I say, the uninformed should not merely parrot fallacious apologies - do so is not only ignorant but harmful.


The practice of circumcision in Islam comes from the Hadith, Shariah law and the consensus of Islamic communities.

The Hadith

Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said to her: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband. (Sunan Abu-Dawud: book 41, number 5251, Hasan)

The Shariah

The following reference to Shariah law comes from Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, Reliance of the Traveller - A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law. This book comes with the approval al-Azhar University.

e4.3 [Translated from Arabic] Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris (this is called khufaad).


"Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female)..."

Just another reason to dislike Islam.

Anonymous said...

Ok, first of all, I'm glad that your 'hatred' is not solely based on propaganda. Regarding the Hadith and Reliance of Traveller quote, let me just go review those and I'll get back to you.
Now, one thing you need to understand, culture and religion are two different things. In some muslim cultures they've 'honor kilings' which has nothing to do with Islam. Blaming Islam for wrongdoings of Muslims, is like blaming WWII deaths on Chritianity.
One last thing, if there are any aplogizing muslims, it is their own feelings and does not represent entire community.
In Islam, one is free to practice his/her religion. It is by choice that one really converts. If you force someone to become muslim, he/she will revert back as soon as the force is removed. Why do you think people accept Islam in the USA (or west for that matter)? is it coersion? or conviction?

Acharya S said...

First of all, before we continue this debate, there needs to be some honest acknowledgment. I was correct, and you were incorrect in your previous assertions concerning Islam and FGM, as well as forced conversions. You didn't know those important facts - I did, but you assumed you knew more and were coming here to "correct" me. That was a false assumption.

In like kind, so are these remarks you've come back with now. People are NOT free in Muslim nations to practice or not practice - they are bombarded with this enslavement day and night. One look at Iran will tell you that. And the non-Muslim Persians - assorted freethinkers and others who escaped Iran - REALLY resent having Islam enslaving their beautiful country. So this is no "choice" matter at all. Ditto in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan - the Muslim women there have little choice but to be enslaved under Islam. Apparently you are unaware that one can be killed for leaving Islam? And please don't give me Muslim apologies all over again. I have already shown where they are wrong.

Re the United States, there are many reasons why people convert here, most of them having to do with certain mental disturbances on the part of the individual, who is obviously desiring some sort of restrictive and enslaving discipline and experience. Many of the converts have been violent prisoners - and Islam justifies just about any violent crime, including rape and murder, so long as it is pretended to be in the name of Islam.

Speaking of murder, sorry, but again DIS-honor killings are more often than not done in the name of Islam. I don't have time right now to provide you with a slew of references, but you can be sure that I can find them in the same way I did dispelling your previous apologies with facts you were not aware of. And I've already addressed the "tradition" argument.

Saying that not every Muslim is responsible for the terror caused by many Muslims represents as straw man argument, as I have never made such a statement. No one claims such a thing.

It would be good for people to examine their beliefs - especially if they are in a free place where they can leave deleterious detritus behind. Why are you a Muslim? Or a Muslim apologist? Were you born into the religion? (Which I and many others consider a CULT, brought out of the desert by sadistic tribesmen and forced upon everyone.) Did you accept it freely of your own accord as an informed and balanced adult?

Enlightened people are not interested in submission and slavery.

Anonymous said...

No I was not incorrect, what I said was that I'll verify your quote and get back toy. Believe you me, if I found that you are correct, I'll come out and accept it. I expect you to do the same. Secondly, forced conversion? you gave me example of Iran, I again request you to please re-consider my argument that Islam is not liable for Muslims/clerics action, be it honor-kiling, forced conversion, or anything else that defies good character. Show me where in Islam it says to forcibly convert people? If you can't find that, then you have to agree with me that your hatred is misdirected.
You are very quick to conclude that everything you wrote is correct without giving due attention to my arguments. You are right I am here to correct you, however I am wiling to be corrected as well if you can provide me with authentic proof from Quran and/or life of Muhammad (PBUH). That is the reason when you quoted hadith and Reliance of traveller, I congratulated you and asked for sometime to review and get back to you.
The fact that you keep posting my comments, despite having a choice, has encouraged me to try to address what I consider is purely misunderstanding mostly based on actions of Muslims, rather than Islam itself.

Acharya S said...

It doesn't matter what you think Islam is or should be. What defines Islam is its followers - and its followers have been defining Islam for centuries.

We know what Islam is. We can see it with our own eyes. You'd be better off trying to teach your fellow Muslims what is or is not in the Koran, Hadiths, etc. Until Islam is so refined that it is no longer Islam, you will find no ally here.

I am a freethinker and a woman - Islam as it is defined by its followers for the past several centuries is against both. Therefore, I am against it. I am a living, breathing human being, whereas Islam is an ideology. I can be hurt. It can't. I am more important than Islam, period.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Muslims really need to manifest Islam through their characters. Muslims have lot shortcomings that they need to overcome.
It seems like that you agree with my argumaent that Islam and Muslims are two different things. But will not change your attitude towards Islam.
Your hatred seems emotional as oppose to rational or reasonable.
You are free to believe what you want. I don't see how westerners are FREE! Why do you think you are Free?
Let's see, USA & Europe is pretty much agnostic in practice so citizens here should be Free, right?
Do they really get to choose their leaders? or they get an illusion of a choice by special interest? If (in the USA) people had a choice, Ron paul would be front runner in repub. race.
Do they get to keep their money? If answer yes you don't know how monetary system works.Google 'fiat money' and you will find out.
Pre-emptive wars are fought on people's behalf based on lies and no one can do anything about it.
People are being foreclosured out of their homes because of unchecked predatory lending practices and the housing bubble created by the Greenspan.
What freedom are you talking about?
Watching mainstream media you are brainwashed into thinking that your are Free. you are NOT....
This should be your concern not ficticious Islamic takeover of the USA.
I believe Islam is the salvation not slavery and therefore I am a proud muslim. My religion teaches me to respect everyone regardless of their color, religion or ethinic background. All humans are equal. What makes a person better is his/her character not gender, color, race, etc.
You are an intelligent person and can easily find the truth if you try.
I have tried my best to change your feelings about Islam. I hope it didn't do the opposite.
best regards.

Acharya S said...

My "hatred" is directed at things that are contemptible. As such, it is quite reasonable and rational.

Is it rational and reasonable to hate people who rape and abuse children? I consider teaching innocent children that there is a giant male bogeyman in the sky who is ready to pounce on them at any given moment child abuse - and rape of their minds, as well as their souls. Christianity and Islam teach precisely that: There is some giant man in the sky who is watching at all times, who will curse and punish you and who requires your slavish devotion. Christianity and Islam constitute child abuse, pure and simple.

As a result of said child abuse, the abused individual may not recognize it.

True human liberation does not come through slavish devotion to an external "god" character somewhere "out there."

The ravings and bizarre enslaving doctrines of a depraved child rapist from the Arabian desert some 1400 years do NOT - let me repeat that - do NOT represent "salvation." The very notion is offensive to the liberated human being.

"My religion teaches me to respect everyone regardless of their color, religion or ethinic background."

Please prove that assertion. If it is true, why are you a "proud Muslim?" You are dividing yourself off from the rest of humanity, arrogantly pretending that your faith is superior to the rest. Why not just be a proud human being?

I have already found "the truth," and it is the exact opposite to Islam. There is no god outside of the cosmos, separate and apart from creation - that is not possible for an omnipresent god, which is what is claimed of the concept of god in general, including "Allah." You cannot be separate from something that is omnipresent. By creating a strict dividing line between what is "human" and what is "divine," Islam is the most ungodly religion around, frankly.

True human enlightenment recognizes that God is in you, not somewhere "out there." God is not contained in a wretched book of hateful rantings written by a desert warlord who raped, pillaged and murdered his way around the Arabian peninsula. Why on earth would anyone as sweet as you follow such a depraved and demented character?

You can free yourself from this false enslavement by realizing yourself as "God." Again, you cannot be separate from that which is omnipresent.

I repeat:

There is NO GOD who needs you to submit, pray five times a day, cover your hair, dress in a bag, grow a beard, have four wives, cut up your genitals, dishonor kill, or any other absurd and sick behavior.


And, no, this is not "blasphemy." What is blasphemy is the human-hatred of the major organized religions which teach that human beings are wretched "sinners" in the face of a glorious God.

As concerns freedom, do you really need to ask that question? Does this look free to you? How about this? And here I am by contrast able to do as I please with my mind and soul, not under any mental or physical constraint.

You may ask Ayaan Hirsi Ali the difference between a free, enlightened human being, and an oppressed slave under Islamic dominion. She knows only too well.

If you would like some help freeing yourself of this Arab cultural imperialism that has enslaved much of humanity, please see these sites:

Faith Freedom
The Religion of Peace
The Truth About Islam

Good luck. I understand that it is a very hard brainwashing to break out of, but others have done it.

Anonymous said...

I have gone though every link and apparently even more convinced that your source of knowledge is propaganda.
Let's see, a veil presents (in your opinion)an oppression? right?
You are assuming that she is forced to do that? do you know that for sure? is oppression propotional to amount of cloths on? If yes, then porn actors the most free on earth. Does modesty means anything to you? Making women a sex object for men pleasure and using them to sell merchandize in mass media is what you see as the role for free women?
Islam wants women to dress modestly, don't freely mix with men. Take care of their family, raise kids with good morals. This makes a society which may not be materially as rich but be a much better place to live. This is the society where access to justice is not propotional to the amount of money you have. On the other hand, a society based on a broken family, produces the issues the western culture is facing now. Over 50% divorce rate, teenage pregnancy, higher number of children droping out of school which directly translates into higher crime.
Now you ask me, if Islamic society is so much better, where is it? This is one point where I have agreed with you before that unfortunately Muslims have lost their ways and need to get back to their religion. This has caused lot of misunderstanding among non-muslims and the situation is further exploited by corporate media, individuals and others.
You seems to be against religion (not just Islam). If I'm wrong, forgive me. If true, tell me where the guiding principles of living ones life come from. Who defines what is good and what is bad? Who enforces these laws?
This is where GOD comes in the life, the source for Judaism, Christanity and Islam. The books are revealed through messangers to guide humanity and then a day of judgement is set where rewards and punishments will be served.
You say GOD doesn't need prayers or don't care what its creatures do on earth. How do you know? Who authorized you to speak for God? Have you read Quaran? If not how can you post links which criticize Quran by taking quotes out of context?
As I have said earlier I'm absolutely willing to stand corrected if you can convince me otherwise. My conviction has nothing to do with arrogance and how could it be if claim myself to be proud slave of Allah.

Acharya S said...

Yes, of course the veil is oppression. Do people who live in non-barbaric cultures need to wear VEILS? People in FREE COUNTRIES can dress as they wish, modestly or otherwise. They are not compelled through VIOLENCE or THREAT of RAPE, ACID ATTACKS, DISHONOR KILLINGS and assorted savagery to dress a certain way. Please stop insulting my intelligence with these absurd arguments. As you are wasting my time, some woman is being viciously beaten in Iran because a lock of her hair is showing. I'm sure the "modesty police" there are using the same PROPAGANDA arguments you are.

No, Muslims do NOT need to "get back to their religion" - they are already very brainwashed by Islam and have not gotten away from it in the first place. In fact, they need to get AWAY from it, ASAP, and just be real people. We certainly do not need the oppression of Islam in order to live a moral life. On the contrary - the history of Islam is one long episode of murder and mayhem, enslavement and brutality. Hardly anything "moral" to be proud of.

Intelligent, enlightened and healthy people are INNATELY moral and understand right from wrong and good from bad. Only damaged people need morals imposed upon them, and it is clear that religion is the main tool used to damage people so that they need the prescribed religious "fix." Yes, I am against organized religion for this very reason and many others that are frankly grotesque. A student of history knows very well what religion has wrought upon this planet - organized religion has been for the most part entirely IMMORAL. In fact, its mere existence proves the non-existence of any good, anthropomorphized god in charge of everything. This idea of a giant man somewhere "out there" is a delusion.

Indeed, it is simply dishonest to presume there IS such a god and then proceed from there. Scientific analysis debunks the god of the Bible and of Judeo-Christianity, which is NOT the same god as the Arab tribal god of the Koran. And, yes, of course I've read the Koran, inside and out, over a period of many years. The Koran is a mess of ranting and raving, full of threats, violence and perversion - rewards of houris and little boys in heaven? The Koran is a cultural artifact written by MEN for the purposes of pleasing MEN. There is no need to take anything out of context, but, certainly, Muslims fanatics have taken much Koranic "out of context" and used it to slaughter their way around the world. In fact, judging from the history of Islam, which started out with slaughter, the Koran is quite obviously a manual of slaughter of non-Muslims. The fact that making such HONEST assertions can bring down the murderous wrath of Muslim fanatics proves the point entirely. Or have you not noticed insane, angry and violent Muslims rampaging all over the world any time someone points out that, well, there are insane, angry and violent Muslims rampaging all over the world?

Unlike Muslim fanatics, I don't claim to speak for God, so you have raised up a straw man. By definition God is "omnipotent" and "omniscient" - are you saying that God NEEDS prayers? You are ascribing needs and weaknesses to God? Is God the cuddly little thing you keep in your closet to be protected?

Humanity needs to grow up quickly and develop a much more mature concept of God. The concept as it stands is simply false and infantile.

The fact that you could read article after article and watch video after video of Muslims themselves doing and saying precisely what I am addressing here, and then call it "propaganda" is so absurd that there is little room for further dialogue at all. And these individuals - there are MILLIONS of them, by the way - are hardly the product of good child-rearing and "morals."

My stance is clear, as is the evidence to back it up. Thank you for validating that Muslims are SLAVES of Allah. I myself will not be enslaved by Islam or watch my offspring enslaved by Islam.

Anonymous said...

Ok, if you have read Quran and still believe what you believe,it is your choice.
Apparently, you are on a mission to convince people to reliquish their religion, especially christians and Muslims (curiously don't see Judaism mentioned).
I can not wish you a good luck but do thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

The Bush administration has signed agreements that enusre MORE muslims get to immigrate to the United States, and not less.

I have an ugly theory on why the admin might be doing this. They actually WANT another terrorist attack that they can blame on Iran, and hence justification for a war the neoconservatives have been itching for. The public just isn't buying it as of yet, so perhaps they are hoping for another 9/11 type-event that can be used to galvanize opinion in favor of regime change in Iran.

If there was a God (and there may be, but perhaps its at work on the other side of the universe doing whatever right now), I really dont think that it would rely on so-called "prophets" to get its message out. I mean hell, If it were "me" and I wanted to convey four or five rules for human behavior (like be nice to each other guys, treat others like you'd like to be treated), I think I'd carve it in thousand foot tall letters on the side of large cliffs somewhere so that no one could mistake it for the work of man...........or perhaps having a big speaking ball of fire tell people so outside New York Harbor so CNN and everybody else could see it, etc.)

If you think about it, the "concoction" of religions seems to be conspiratorial work of small groups of people bent on putting themselves in power and having their progeny carry "it" on.

I remember reading about the first civilization (that we knew of) the Sumerian's epic of creation that claimed we were descended from a "made up" race created scientifically by reptile-looking aliens from which their "leaders" came from. What a magnificent sham that was!!! It told your average Sumerian that the priestly and kingly class were granted their right to be rulers by the creators of human kind, and were secretely reptile-like and could transform into beast-like beings that ate people, but would not as long as everyone behaved (and gave financial contributions Im sure). I wonder what Tim, the average Sumerian, thought when they were conquered later on by other Mesopotamians about his "leaders" not transforming into pseudo-dinosaurs and defending home and hearth but I digress......

Every religion Ive ever looked at looks like a friggin' sham to me. From Joseph Smiths ridiculous gold plates, The Talmud (which I consider to be a hate document toward the rest of humanity) and its arcane sacrafices and silly rituals, re-incarnation of eastern religions (dont step on that grasshopper, it may be grandma), Islam (despicable, misogynistic, needs to have its ass kicked), and Christianity (the most palatable of the bunch, but still so remotely possible as fact when all things are considered). One can see how all these things were "created" by those who would prey on man's fears of death and the hopes that there is existence after it. They could however, make men more amenable to authority and promote order and higher birthrates, which was probably the intent. All the old civilizations I looked at had various gods...the Hittites, Sythcians, Medes at Persepopolis, Babylonians (marduk wasn't it?), Sumerians, Romans, Greeks (whole damn pantheon of em'), Egyptians, Akkadians, Assyrians, Jews, Phoenicians, Cretians, Carthianians.......I dont think I ever run across an old culture that didn't have any kind of professed diety. Some stone age tribes (Alexander the Great ran into one of these in Arabia) didn't seem to.

It all gets back to "hell" though. If it were not for belief in "hell", nobody would give a damn. Its the biggest lie that ever was, and the most evil genius lie that "they" ever came up with. Would a god that "loved" you, make you stay in hell forever? I mean thats like 1,000 years of hell for ever single SECOND you spent on earth.......very unlikely. If true, it makes him very unlikeable.

Anonymous said...

Once humans believed that earth is flat and they thought there is no God. The same is happening now. The problem is those who bash religions and pass judgements on God, think they know everything. Arrogance is one's worst enemy.

Acharya S said...

During what period did people believe the earth was flat and there was no god? I know of no such period in history. On the contrary, the evidence indicates that even Neanderthal was highly religious, believing in some sort of spiritual world and afterlife. We don't know that Neanderthals believed the earth was flat. There is indication that many ancient cultures - populated by all sorts of gods - knew that the earth was round, such as certain Indians.

Moreover, the criticism of the typical human concept of God is not only warranted as part of a rational and scientific perspective of reality but it is also critical in order to keep humanity from killing itself off.

The history of religion - and belief in a god of some sort - is full of atrocity, including the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of millions of people. To not question the merit of such belief systems represents the epitome of idiocy and will surely doom the human race, faster than anything else.

Organized religion deserves to be bashed into oblivion based on its atrocious record - those who cannot see this fact to be true have not studied the issue and are trapped in a belief system that has numbed them to the outside world.

The concept of God who is supposedly in charge of everything and yet lets evil run rampant day in and day out needs to be JUDGED FIERCELY, because it is not only FALSE but incredibly harmful to humanity.

To not bash hateful, divisive and deleterious belief systems, and to not pass judgment on the manmade concepts of God represents the height of folly and cowardice that will allow for true human civilization to be destroyed by religious fanatics.

To take on these issues in the face of so many individuals who would just as soon murder people for daring to question these caveman belief systems constitutes the height of courage and integrity.

The word "arrogance" comes from the Latin verb "arrogare," which means "to claim for oneself." Yes, I claim for myself, my family and all good people of the earth to live freely without being enslaved by false belief systems, even and especially if they have the audacity to associate themselves with God and call themselves "religion."

Anonymous said...

It is a natural human instinct to have some kind of spiritual understanding in humanity, it is the mutaliation of religions to control people that is the issue today with Islam and Christianity fighting to prove who has the better ways of beleiving and controlling. They have forgotten the simplicity of natural spirituality in the world. There are some Islamics and some Christians who understand, but are too outnumberd by the angry people advertising their violent intent on proving who is the better god. Using words like "war on Terror" and "Jihad". What are their words for Healing? Healing the people and healing the anger that they hold inside for all the killing they do. Keeping people in ignorance does not help people understand their gifts in life. Violating human rights in the name of God the Creator is not right for any nation. Sucking and digging the life out of the Planet only seems to make greed and destroys ancient cultures of people, forcing them to change to a way of life that is not intended for them.

These religious fanatics are so concerned about preaching their relion and god, and separating men and women and violating human rights. Have they ever considered that Spirits have no gender? And this is not a problem in the spirit world? Why do people make up such problems when they don't have to? They don't have to be crazy and yet they choose to be.

Those are my thoughts for the day.

Anonymous said...

Hello... This comment may have nothing to do with the previous discussion but I wanted to leave a little note. Thank you so much for your work and research you have done. I was never a religious person but still, through most of my life had a little voice nagging me that maybe I was wrong and I would be going to Hell for not being a Christian. Zeitgeist and your writings have created a paradigm shift in my life. I feel so self empowered now and truly understand that God is within me and not sitting up in the clouds judging, prodding and manipulating. Keep up the good work, freeing people's minds.

Anonymous said...

One thing Acharya does not state immediately, because she is not interested in being that kind of person, is that those who oppose her are all mentally retarded. Some more severely than others, and some being genuinely interested in memorizing religious factoids and learning enough about their special brainwashing to think of themselves as formiddable in an argument, but all guaranteed to be deliberately and self-inflictedly retarded. This needs to be said and exposed time and time again. The intellectual validity of one who deliberatly retards his intellect so that he can believe in an imaginary fairy who shall heap blessings upon him is null and void from word one. The best things we can do with such a person is collect their factoids and issue whatever deprogramming skills we have so that they MIGHT know a moment of freedom. There is little other hope in reality for such persons, because they have quite deliberately given up on reality, well into their adult years.

Acharya S said...

Actually, I am interested in truly "retarded people," as my mother was involved in creating non-profit organizations for the "retarded and handicapped" people (as we called them quite politically correctly back then) and their families. My early childhood years possess some interesting memories of these individuals, some of whom were quite characters!

Furthermore, some of the most pleasant and sweetest human beings on the planet are those with Down Syndrome. They may not have high IQs, but they are far nice to be around than many scholars and other pedants, especially the religious fanatics.

As concerns such "self-inflicted retards," yes, they can be incredibly unpleasant - by the fruits you shall know them. If these unpleasant people are the fruits of organized religion, we know that organized religion is rotten.

Acharya S said...

Anonymous said...

Hello... This comment may have nothing to do with the previous discussion but I wanted to leave a little note. Thank you so much for your work and research you have done. I was never a religious person but still, through most of my life had a little voice nagging me that maybe I was wrong and I would be going to Hell for not being a Christian. Zeitgeist and your writings have created a paradigm shift in my life. I feel so self empowered now and truly understand that God is within me and not sitting up in the clouds judging, prodding and manipulating. Keep up the good work, freeing people's minds.

Thank YOU. Your remarks are completely on topic and reflect an understanding that is exactly what my work has been designed to help people achieve.

It is great to be truly free.

Anonymous said...

see the follwoing for flat-earth myth. The myth existed and believed by enough people to make it to through the history

Anonymous said...

The Father, God Creator, when accepted by man, makes all men brothers, thus the brotherhood of men is founded by the fatherhood of God.
The family of God is the acceptance of the love of God, for God is love. God the Father divinely loves his children, all the children, all the time. The Creator's love has no limits.
God the Creator's kingdom is the heavens and all that is within and without. The government of the Kingdom, is based on Divine Sovereignty. God is spirit. Since God is spirit, this kingdom is spiritually based. The kingdom of the heavens covers material, intellectual as well as spiritual.

It is therefore man's quest and obligation to have a personal and spiritual relationship with the God-Father.
If religions recognize the spiritual sovereignty of the Creator, then they will remain at peace. It is only when one religion assumes that it is superior to all others, that it possesses exclusive authority over other religions, then it has not accepted God's Divine Sovereignty.

Such a religion, intolerant of other religions by persecuting other religious believers, is the basis for ’religious’ wars. Hate is not godly.
Religious peace can never exist unless all religions are willing to completely divest themselves of all religious authority and fully accept the Creator's spiritual sovereignty.

The kingdom of the heavens, in the hearts of men, will create religious unity because any and all religious groups made up of these religious believers will not think themselves a religious authority, or claim religious sovereignty.
But the moment a religion loses sight of the spirit sovereignty of God the Father, it will begin to assert its perceived superiority over other religions; and then, instead of peace on earth and good will among men, there will be dissensions, recriminations, and religious wars.

God is spirit, and God takes a fragment of his spirit-self and places it in of each and every human. Therefore, only spiritually, are all men equal. We are all children, equal before the eyes of the Father Creator. When we say, "I am!" we realize that part of us that makes us a sentient being, and that the Creator, in his wisdom has given us ‘free-will’. It is the closest material thing recognizable by man to the spiritual God-fragment implanted within us.

Freewill beings who regard themselves as equals sooner or later are tempted to gain power and authority over other persons and groups. The concept of equality never brings peace except in the mutual recognition of some over-controlling influence. Unless these beings mutually acknowledge themselves as subject to some super-sovereignty, some authority over and above themselves, there will be no peace.


Mriana said...

1. I don't call what Acharya does "religious bashing". What she does is educate people on the origins of modern myths (AKA religion). I have studied religion and myths that procede them long enough to know she is right in what she says.

2. I have read the Quran and it is not very nice to women. I'm not sure how you manage to interpret as being very hospitable to them.

Here in the chapter called 2 the Cow it states that mensturation is an illness. It is NOT an illness, but a sign of a woman who is of reproductive age. Without it, she would be showing signs of a potential illness or maybe even an eating disorder, which religious dogma can trigger in some women:

2:222 They question thee (O Muhammad) concerning menstruation. Say: It is an illness, so let women alone at such times and go not in unto them till they are cleansed. And when they have purified themselves, then go in unto them as Allah hath enjoined upon you. Truly Allah loveth those who turn unto Him, and loveth those who have a care for cleanness.

Stating it is an illness, is to stigmatize women. While I would not want to have sex during this time, it still is not an illness.

In 2:282, a woman's testimony is only worth 1/2 a man's. This degrades their self-worth as human beings, not dignify it.

In 4:34 of 4 Women, men are in charge of women and women are to obey them, as well as Allah. If they do not obey, they are hidden away:

4:34 Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great.

Again, in 4:11 a woman is worth 1/2 a man and gets 1/2 as much as he does in inheritance. He gets full amount. Doesn't seem fair to me, but rather archiac.

In 4:43, men are not to pray if they have touched a woman. Again, it is saying she is unclean and this too degrades her. 4:176 she is again 1/2 a man.

5 The Table Spread, she is once again unclean in verse 6.

In 24 The Light women are to cover themselves, even uses the word veil in verse 31. They are to cover the bosoms, but men who don't think with the grey matter in their skulls, but with something can't even deal with seeing a woman's hair, so they force her to cover her whole body. That is not liberating, but instilling fear of rape and mistreatment.

66 Banning verse 5 "If he divorces you Allah will give him wives better than you, submissive, believing, pious, penitent, devout, inclined to fasting, widows and maids."

Gee thanks Allah! NOT! This is not freedom, but pure oppression and control of women. I am not sure how anyone can read this garbage and get out of that it does not oppress women and this list is only for starters, not to mention those who are losers. Now that is just as cruel and hateful, even calls for death of losers. Who are the losers? Infidels, atheists, freethinkers, Christians, Jews, and anyone who is not Muslim.

The very word "Islam" means "to submit", which is what slavery IS! Back down with these criticism? NEVER!

However, I can be just as informing about the cruelities of Christianity too. So, don't take this as though I only bash Islam. I have been known to take down Christianity too and sometimes just as harshly. I know full well about Christianity too, because I've lived with it and studied it most of my life. It is just plain silliness to insist it just popped out of no where. It did not and is a rewrite of previous myths, including Horus. Judaism is also a rewrite of previous myths too. Yet there is cruelity and violence in both the New and Old Testament that has been and still is used to oppress various groups of people- like women and gays today. In the past, it was women and slaves. Shortly after that women and segregation. The KKK uses and twists a lot of it to suit their purposes of harming others.

These are gods I do not care to know, but trust me, Acharya is not off the mark with what she says. I may not phrase it in the same words as she does, but she is right about religion being astrotheology, but it is also pagan in origin too. It's origins from primitive superstitious people who had very little of knowledge of science as we know it today. However, they did have some idea about the earth and the surrounding stars.

I don't think people today are retarded for believing it, but they are primitive in their thinking and will stay that way until they are educated about these primitive beliefs and drop them for a more realistic and humane way of life.

Mriana said...

I feel so self empowered now and truly understand that God is within me and not sitting up in the clouds judging, prodding and manipulating.

I believe you are right. I have not known anything else than that which is with us as human beings. It's nice to see others who view it the same way. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of your work. I think yours is one of the most important works on this planet. However, I do not agree with you when it comes to stifling the freedom of speech of Muslims, or "shutting down their mosques." That sounds a bit too much like something Hitler would have done with groups he didn't agree with.

You are too smart a person to recommend such ignorant action, so I beg you to reconsider your comments about essentially destroying the muslim religion.

The fact of the matter is, as I know you already know, that Christianity is just as abominable a religion as Islaam. It has all the marks of a Jihadist religion, just as Islaam does: in the Bible you find reccommendations of genocide, child murder, racism wholesale slaughter of men, women and children, slavery and oppression of women. In fact the Bible contains many more examples of the nation of Israel genociding a race of people (like the Philistines and the Canaanites) and writing it down so as to brag about it for milleniums to come than one will find in the Koran.

So, what has Islaam got that Christianity doesn't? In fact, some Christian sects even believe in veiling based on a scripture in 2 Corinthians.

In any case, it doesn't matter to me or other lovers of free speech if Islaam is planning the destruction of the US. Personally, I think we need a revolution. We need to tear down this government and restructure it to be the servant of the people, and not the people being the servant of the government (or the rich people who own the government) as it is now.

Education is what will change hearts, not guns. Of course we could just genocide all Muslims out of existence like the Jews did so many ancient peoples, but then we would be acting like Judeo Christians and that is something I never want to be like.

So, again, I would like to see more rational, tolerant and compassionate language coming from you; your intelligence demands it. We simply can't claim to be academics and scientists if we are recommending Nazi-like solutions to extremist groups and supporting pseudo-science like eugenics. Remember too that what is extreme to us may not seem extreme to someone who is being locked up in concentration camps and being methodically genocided as Israel at this moment is perpetuating upon Palestinian Muslims. What is a terrorist after all? It is a soldier in an army at war who doesn't have an air force to back him up. Our Christian "Shock and Awe" was just a euphemism for "terrorism."
Of course I agree that Islaam is an evil religion. But AL:L religions are evil. The very notion of religion is evil. There is only two ways to get rid of religion: coersion (possibly requiring violence and force) and persuasion (via education like this wonderful website.) One way is faster, but the other way is more humane.
Shawn Dean
Long Beach, CA

Acharya S said...

Thank you. If you believe that I am all these positive things, and that my work is extremely important, why would you set up a straw man and then essentially call me "ignorant" and equate me with Hitler?

I didn't say to shut down ALL mosques - that's a complete straw man you've created that now has you standing on the bully pulpit attempting to one-up me in morality. What I wrote was that we need to shut down these mosques that are preaching the destruction of America and, by extension, me, you and anyone else who wants to live FREE FROM FASCISTIC RELIGION THAT HAS US IN ITS SIGHTS.

There is absolutely NO way that I will reconsider my "comments about essentially destroying the Muslim religion," as you put it. The Muslim religion is entirely antithesis to enlightenment and freedom, as far as I am concerned. You may as well ask a Jewish person to reconsider destroying Nazism. Give me a break.

Every religious psychopathology needs to be destroyed NOW before it annihilates true human civilization. We are not interested in the logical fallacy of "tu quoque" or "you too" by pointing fingers at Christianity, Judaism or any other religious pathology. I have been investigating and dissecting these ideologies for decades, and they are on the hot seat for their atrocities. Coddling Islam - the WORST of the bunch in its anti-human, woman-hating psychopathology - constitutes ABSOLUTE IDIOCY.

"In any case, it doesn't matter to me or other lovers of free speech if Islaam is planning the destruction of the US."

It is apparent you have not lived in any place but the relatively cushy U.S. Are you serious that you would prefer, say, Afghanistan? Or Saudi Arabia? Or Malaysia, where you could receive a prison sentence - or much worse - for renouncing Islam? Or Iran, where you could be hung for "adultery?" Or for being "gay?"

I am quite certain from your remarks that you are not educated enough to what Islam is really about. Instead of calling for the destruction of one of the last bastions where people can truly live freely, perhaps you should just move to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or some other place where oppression is the rule of the day by parasitic and diabolical sociopaths who have hooked their insidious cultic fingers into every aspect of these poor people's daily lives.


Geesh. Yes, education is obviously sorely lacking.

The religious psychopathologies need to go, including and especially Islam.

And then you raise up the specter of genocide, as if I am advocating such a thing. Another heinous straw man. I am advocating the enlightenment of all peoples away from the evil ideologies that enslave them. Period. No physical attacks, no violence against their bodies, minds or souls. Islam and the other religious pathologies constitute VIOLENCE AGAINST THE SOUL.

I'm frankly disgusted that you would come up with comparisons to Nazis and genocide - is this where YOUR mind goes when someone is discussing DEFENDING AGAINST THE INVASION OF AN ALIEN CULT that is blatantly programming people to destroy its host from within? Perhaps your first thoughts are "kill them all," and that is why you read that into my writing?

Sorry, no backing down on defending myself against people who are exhorting others to kill and enslave me.

bigb said...

as being from hungary i have some knowledge of what islam is all about. be it historical, we had 150 years of muslim occupation. islam is the proof that mormons are the second worse people in the world

Anonymous said...

I just like to say how much I aprichiate your work. And how important it is with all these crayzy and dangerous fundamentalist's emerging. Thankfully we have litle of thath in Scandinavia. But we had good education system for religion that is not alowed to be bias.
But it is espechaly important to educate the christian fundamentalists in the USA. To try and turn around the dangerous and harmfull politics they impose on the world.
But If it gets to bad there you are welcome here. I would be proud to call you a Norwegian.

Anonymous said...

Shawn Dean "I do not agree with you when it comes to stifling the freedom of speech of Muslims, or "shutting down their mosques."

- That is not a problem they have to deal with as neither of these have happened. In fact, Muslims have been getting special treatment and special privileges given to them that no other religious organization has ever had in the US.

"Christianity is just as abominable a religion as Islaam"

- I don't disagree. Their Abrahamic roots are one and the same too.

"We simply can't claim to be academics and scientists if we are recommending Nazi-like solutions to extremist groups and supporting pseudo-science like eugenics."

- No need to be a Dhimwit either -

Dhimwit: "A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable gullibility. A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity."

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

-- Omar M. Ahmad, founder of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

It is extremely dangerous and dumb to keep giving Islam and Muslims the kid gloves treatment. Would they do the same for us if we were in their country? Absolutely not.

Christians in the US can thank the secular US Constitution, the 1st Amendment and the principle of separation of church and state for their taming and moderation. Islam and Muslims can do the same and learn to assimilate or suffer the consequences. This is non-debatable, non-negotiable. They need to make these adjustments or leave.

Otherwise, they can expect jail time or worse for any "honor killings" or any other criminal behavior.

I appreciate my 2nd Amendment rights now more than ever - another deterrent.

Unknown said...

There is a whole multitude of things going on that can never be discovered when we turn over our "power" to "exterior definitions" of Who We Really Are. We are 1st Source, without which nothing else could possibly exist! When we strip everything down to the bare essentials, we are left only with pure consciousness. The kind of consciousness with a deep connection to the blueprint of eternal life available only from within. The exact opposite of what all external forces need for us to buy into for their very own existence! Nothing is of more importance than our deeply personal hard won efforts, responsibility and accountability for the real justice that leads to real freedom, (not what every-one wants to hear). Until we really see this, we forever will flail in the unrelenting disease of stupidity!

Acharya s thank you so much for your incredibly important work. You are undoubtedly connected in a much deeper level to pure consciousness than the multitudes worshipping false gods.

Anonymous said...

Acharya S. I love your work but it seems you made a huge mistake in your book "Suns of God" on page 461, Second paragraph where you said

"so Lazarus is anointed by Mary, who wipes his feet with her long hair" she did no such thing to Lazarus, she did that to Jesus. When a friend read this book, he took you as a joke and discarded the whole book and nonsense because how could learned person make a mistake on such a popular story of the bible.

Acharya S said...

Since your comment is not on topic, it could be presumed to be someone trolling.

In any event, that's not a "huge" mistake, especially when one considers that the premise of the pertinent section is that both Lazarus and Jesus are rehashes of Osiris. If that's the worst mistake I have made in 600 pages of a massive amount of data, I consider myself lucky.

As concerns your friend, well, I cannot account for such irrational and hostile prejudices based on one mistake that will keep him from investigating what I believe is fascinating material covering a time period extending back thousands of years. I know of few fair and scholarly people who would behave in such a childish manner over one mistake.

Good luck to him in finding any book that does not contain any mistakes, including and especially the Bible.

And I would be very interested if your friend himself is able to compose a perfect 600-page book without mistake. Please advise me when he has composed such a book, or until then I will have to presume him to be a "joke."

Anonymous said...

Muslims in this country (USA) do get special treatment. How many examples do we need to convince people.
Their Mosques were attacked, some were shot others threatened after 9/11. Mainstream media spits venom day in day out. Millions have died in Iraq through sanctions and occupation. The same in Afghanistan. Israel fully funded and equipped by us is turned life of Palestanian into a living hell.
By the way, I don't believe in conspiracy theories about 9/11 and 7/7. It must have been usama, because building 7 must have been down symmetrically by fire. The flight in pen was disppeared in the ground with passengers and their luggage and pentagon can not release 'a' video out of hundreds captured showing a plane hitting the building. Usama would have gotten away this if one of the hijacker passport hadn't surrvived the fire that brought steel reinforced towers down.
If this is not a special treatment I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

I agree that; God does not need "you to submit, pray five times a day, cover your hair, dress in a bag, grow a beard, have four wives, cut up your genitals, dishonor kill, or any other absurd and sick behavior" I agree that any religious dogma that is forced upon a people is sick and wrong. I agree that free thinking is a very good thing. But where I see flaws in your argument is where you stated 'YOU ARE GOD'. You may not have noticed that you see no validity in a religion that requires an external God who orders the slaughtering of a people, etc., etc. But at the same time surely you must recognize the need for a universal moral law. If there is no universal moral law, then what is 'right' and 'wrong' would be completely subjective. If there is no universal moral law, then who are you to criticize another system of beliefs? If there is no universal moral law, then all beliefs, including Islam and Christianity have the same validity. I do not support Islam in any way, shape, or form, but there truly and logically must be a 'being' outside of ourselves. And if you believe that there is a moral law, but that 'YOU ARE GOD', then you are assuming that all humanity within themselves know what is 'right' or 'wrong', that it is ingrained in their very being. Yet how can this be so when humans, even ‘free thinkers’, harm one another? How can this be when there are wars and killings and injustices? Previously anonymous said “Would a god that "loved" you, make you stay in hell forever? I mean thats like 1,000 years of hell for ever single SECOND you spent on earth.......very unlikely. If true, it makes him very unlikeable” yet this individual failed to realize his/her use of the word ‘make’. In Christianity, the belief is not that God ‘makes’ or forces people to go to hell, but rather that he gives them the choice of salvation through Jesus Christ. I believe that when Christianity was a dogma, people lost sight of what it was all about. I strong heartedly believe that dogmatism is wrong in any form. Religious brainwashing is NOT RIGHT. But neither is the manner in which you have been writing. Yes, you believe you have a right to be proud of your ability for free thinking, yet consider this statement you previously made “The concept of God who is supposedly in charge of everything and yet lets evil run rampant day in and day out needs to be JUDGED FIERCELY, because it is not only FALSE but incredibly harmful to humanity” You believe that God is omnipotent, that you are God. So let me ask you this, why do YOU let evil run rampant? Or do you believe that evil is subjective?

Acharya S said...

It all depends on how you define "god," doesn't it?

Mriana said...

Over 50% divorce rate, teenage pregnancy, higher number of children droping out of school which directly translates into higher crime.

To the last anonymous, it is possible to have morals without Triune God or any divinity. What you mentioned is usually due to a lack of education and so many religionist are anti-intellectual due to the Church attempting to keep the masses in control.

Research Humanism for starters. Buddhists don't rely on their gods (their stupid anyway and can't help you). Read a little Johan Shelby Spong, Don Cupitt, Robert Price, or even Anthony Freeman's "God In Us". Morals are not always subjective in either case.

So let me ask you this, why do YOU let evil run rampant? Or do you believe that evil is subjective?

Evil is so rampant because people rely on a deities that are cruel. They rely on religious dogma that does more harm than good. Check the stats on those in prison. Most called themselves one religion or another BEFORE they went to prison. Few were atheists before they went into prison.

As Acharya says, it depends on how you define god. IF you want to define god as love and compassion, I have no beef with that if you follow love and compassion, hopefully mixed with reason.

Even though I know it is pure emotion, I define god as love and compassion for one's fellow human, animals, and the environment. At times these feelings can be quite numinous and I don't need any religious texts to tell me about this for it is something I've felt all my life. Doing no harm to others takes on a different meaning when one is empathic to their fellow human and it is truly from the heart, not from the head and/or some religious text.

No, I do not believe God is omnipotent. I believe the idea of a deity is a human concept. By such a definition, a person can make even money a god, but it is better "to be all you can be, live life fully, and love wastefully", as John Shelby Spong says. This is a very humanistic statement and one I live by.

God is not some external deity that is apart from us and prayer is not a letters to an adult santa claus, but rather it is in all of us. This does not mean we are gods, but what it does mean is that the human condition is able to strive for so much better and that which is within a human can shine brightly if one shows love and compassion to their fellow human being, animals, and the environment. This means, as the Buddhists say, right thinking and right action, which does not need any religious text to substanciate it. What is does need is a lot of empathy and the willingness to strive for better for society as a whole.

However, to acquire such an understanding of this one needs to study all religions and mythologies. You don't have to believe any of it to study it and you shouldn't, but rather study it with a skeptical eye. At the same time, if you look closely at what I said, you can still see cultural remnants of my Christian heritage. I have studied it more than any other religion, but I see very little history in the texts. They are just stories, much like Aesop's Fables.

However, if you really and truly need Biblical text to substanciate my claims, then see 1 Corinthians 13. God is not mentioned once in that text. It's all on you as a human being to have faith (doesn't say exactly in what though), hope, and love, but like a god, love is the greatest of these. Don Cupitt is also good at emphasizing that love is god.

This is one of the basis of Religious Humanism- not the text, but rather love, compassion, and reason. So, no. There would not be a lack of morality without reliance on any religion or deity.

Virtual Mystik said...

Keep Wisdom close:
Murder in the Bible
Rape in the Bible
Hitler was a Fundamentaslist Christian
Jesus Impersonating a Messiah
Collection of Jesus inaccurate sayings..etc..

Virtual Mystik said...

Remenber only 383 people own over half of theWorld Wide Wealth. Mostly Christian, and a couple, Muslim.

Anonymous said...

your really crazy all of you !
i dont care if islam dominate america its better this way because america is already crazy they think they want to dominate the world like Hitler
i m a muslim and bush my ass that what i think of him and your really crazy to shut all the muslims in america
allah make muslims dominate america

Acharya S said...

Anonymous said...

your really crazy all of you !
i dont care if islam dominate america its better this way because america is already crazy they think they want to dominate the world like Hitler
i m a muslim and bush my ass that what i think of him and your really crazy to shut all the muslims in america
allah make muslims dominate america

Thank you for confirming that there are no "moderate" Muslims and that pious Muslims are anti-infidel fanatics who want to dominate and enslave the rest of humanity.

Mriana said...

Anonymous said...
your really crazy all of you !
i dont care if islam dominate america its better this way because america is already crazy they think they want to dominate the world like Hitler
i m a muslim and bush my ass that what i think of him and your really crazy to shut all the muslims in america
allah make muslims dominate america

Gee, Muslims schools really do have a poor educational system. I'm a writer, who even proofreads other writer's work. I'm so tempted to edit the bad grammer, spelling, and punctuation, but I won't. If education really is this bad in Muslim schools, I don't want any part of it, much less see my grandchildren educated in such schools. I think humans can do far better. You confirmed one of my suspecions with one post.

Anonymous said...

wait wait..i didnt read all tese comments but one really caught my attention...i wasnt forced into islam i chose my family i have every religion and culture under the sun and most of what im reading is stereotypical...ESPECIALLY the one about female fact is u read in the hadith in quran it is a SIN to do that to a woman. BUT it has been a arab cultural practice long before they became muslim. dont confuse islam with how arabs...africans..etc..
i studied a little about it and it was mainly done to show proof of the womans virginity until marriage. secondly..a lot of people circumsise(talking men only here)becuase it is scientificly proven healthier and many doctors that i know have recomended it. and im sorry but i would really like to know if u have ever read the quran or hadith of the PROPHETS..including moses and jesus and david and so on. having 4 wives is an ARAB tradition and i am no arab ill tell u now. i dont dress in a bag that is also arab culture that has spread and originally it was used by men and women to cover up from the heat and sand of the deserts and then became a fashion and spread throughout the world. another the quran it is forbidden to kill..under and circumstances other than war..and in war we have rules. we cannot kill a child, a woman, animals, trees(talking all plants and such) and the elderly..and we cannot kill with our hands. dont believe me? the quran..believe me u dont have to be muslim to open up that book...i chose islam for a reason and the reason was for the TRUE ISLAM...not the shit people are doing now. Honestly i cant stand how people are acting these days considering themselves muslims when they are doing like u said...dishonoring their wives by marrying other woman and not becuase of cultural reason but for the fact that they think it is ok because they have become muslim and those poor woman who are beaten and oppressed and forced to wear things that have to be forced to wear excess clothing(and for ur information islam doesnt tell u to cover ur face and eyes and hands ..etc..and wear all these clothings..that is arab tradition..believe me majority of muslims today are showing a WRONG example of what true islam fact all u see in the media is the opposite of what true islam is...we do NOT believe in superr fairy tales of ghosts and such..i have been jewish...i have been catholic...i have read and studied for over 10 years exclusivly on these religions...and i chose islam...the right islam. Im not following anyones traditions..

Anonymous said...

and one more thing i forgot to add...about whatacharya mentioned...that islam is not what it is but what the people show it to be...she is correct...truely correct..but if u look at the history..and this is not from the quran i am getting this info from the bible..the jews have been cursed by god becuase the people changed the orignal relgion to one of their own...and the christians failed to see the point of jesus's was to believe in god and his PROPHET..not son..u are very right ma'am i do believe islam is going into the dark not becuase of what the religion is but of what most people show it to be. but ma'am other things u have stated were stereotypical and not what islam is but what the people claiming to be muslims are doing. In the quran it states people who disobey the major things in opress their women..adultery..etc are no longer muslims in god eyes...u may say u are something but be something else completely....islam is purely based on noone can really know what or who you are but yourself and god...u cannot generalize the good and rightful muslims from the bad and .well..muslims just by the name..u have to see it from the good an bad side ass u should do with everything...i see islam for the good side..the true religion..the quran and everything the quran says...i believe in that..i beleive the prophets and gods words...yet i doont believe in other peoples actions and i will not sit here and justify them..becuase they are completely wrong..but never forget the muslims, chrisitians, and jews alike who's intentions are as pure as the not forget about them and what their relgion stands for them...and what this whole topic was about..really..noone is gonna overcome america..seriously...we are together and untied thats what the country was made to be and i believe thats what its gonna stay to be. a united front against all odds...people with many differences living together peacfullly..noones gonna rule this place..god bless america and guide the people of it..amen

Mriana said...

Anon said:

another the quran it is forbidden to kill..under and circumstances other than war..and in war we have rules. we cannot kill a child, a woman, animals, trees(talking all plants and such) and the elderly..and we cannot kill with our hands. dont believe me? the quran..

Yes, yes, I have read it and it allows for stoning and killing so freely of those who are not Muslims and degrades animals, such as pigs, to vile creatures when they truly are not. I don't know what book you read, but it was not the Quran I read.

The Quran is more vile and more violent than the Bible and the Torah put together. I have read it too.

Acharya S said...

This person is very sweet, but s/he has created an Islam of her/his own devising. "True Islam" can be found in its history, which is one of murder, slaughter, oppression, slavery, hatred, brutality and cruelty. If you change all of those factors with your "New Islam" or "Islam Lite," you no longer have Islam - and that would be a great goal.

Although it is not in the Koran, the fact is that female genital mutilation is justified in many places, including Egypt and Somalia, as being Islamic, whether or not it was practiced there in pre-Islamic times.

As stated by the Muslim Women's League:

"Those who advocate for FGM from an Islamic perspective commonly quote the following hadith to argue that it is required as part of the Sunnah or Tradition of the Prophet:

"'Um Atiyyat al-Ansariyyah said: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (pbuh) said to her: Do not cut too severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.'"

This nice person has apparently also not studied the Koran in any depth or is conveniently omitting all the hatred of non-Muslims, the calls to slaughter and enslave them, and the female oppression therein.

As I say, regardless of all the naive apologizing and attempts at revising it to create a "New Islam Lite," the history of Islam speaks the truth about it - brutality, cruelty and violence. There is absolutely no need for such a system upon this planet, and it is time it goes the way of the dodo.