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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Stop Appeasing Muslims Now!"

The following is another great video rant by the fabulously brilliant British comedian Pat Condell, this time regarding the nonsense by the Archdhimmi of Canterbury concerning England adopting elements of Islamic or sharia law.

Pat's advice regarding Islam is simple: Don't let Muslims get away with anything that is against the law in the countries in which they live. Stop appeasing Muslims and handing them concessions as they attempt to muscle their way into every aspect of non-Muslim society - in order to destroy much of it. And so on - this video is, as usual, a must-see. If we don't wake up and use the strong medicine provided by Pat and so many others, we will fulfill the prophecy of a Muslim woman in Great Britain during the '70s, who remarked: "Some day you will all be our slaves." Yup, that's just about right.
"Islam...has faults that I can't live with, and I won't live with under any circumstances. And a lot of people in this country feel exactly the same way. The reason we don't want any aspect of sharia law in our society is because it is a manifestation of clerical fascism, and because it favors men over women, which makes it a violation of civilized democratic values....

"...People say you can't judge Islam by its followers, but that's like saying you can't judge a football team by its results. Islam is its followers....

"...The solution is not more appeasement, dialogue and debate. The solution is to enforce the law, equally and impartially for everyone, regardless of whether it's inconvenient for some Muslims. The solution is to prosecute those who incite terror, to close down the mosques and deport the imams. Any sane society would be doing this automatically. We need to stop treating Islam like a special needs case....

"There should be no more pandering to Muslim sensibilities in the public arena. No footbaths in public washrooms, no separate days for swimming when nobody else is allowed, no special job conditions that don't apply to others, and nobody should be allowed to teach children or appear in court while wearing a ridiculous mask. There should be no restrictions on non-Muslims... And there should be no cultural sensitivity of any kind involving Christmas or pigs or dogs...."


Mriana said...

I was going to add this to my MySpace blog since I verbally pounded the [not-so]dear archbishop. Pat hits it on the head, because the first step in trying to convert is to force people not to criticize and condemn, the second is acceptance/appeacing, and then finally they get you brainwashed. It's just the Islamics slow attempt to convert people to their dogmatic, oppressive, apolyptic, and violent religion. (Did I miss anything?)

Acharya S said...

No, Mriana, you have not missed a thing - that is precisely the plot and exactly what is happening.

Once these enslavers get us into their claws, human civilization is doomed. We will all be slaves to the Muslim cult leaders, just as we see in Saudi Arabia.

Women will be forced through violence to cover up - except where they are to be used as sex slaves, a serious epidemic within the Muslim world. As is the abuse of children, psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual. The Muslim world is driven by fear, anger and hatred. Where is the love? And where will any little bit of love disappear when the fanatics become the most powerful force on Earth? There will be none. Just brutality and cruelty.

Come on, Muslim world, prove to us that Islam is both peaceful and loving! Love accommodates, not bullies. Love does not abuse, mutilate, dishonor kill, beat, rape, stone, hang or any of the other violent, bloodthirsty acts we find within Islamic law. Love does not force people to convert or to appease - it leaves them alone to be true human beings.

We in the free world have reached a point of true enlightenment wherein we can criticize and change ideologies that enslave and oppress humanity. We have fought long and hard for this right of FREETHOUGHT. Yet, now we are faced with the most oppressive and enslaving opposition to freethought ever devised - it is truly disheartening and frightening.

Anonymous said...


And he is right. These mealy-mouthed supercilious "moderate" Muslims who chastise Sam Harris and others need to read **their own book**. So much for this talk about "religion of peace".

Yes, there is contradiction and ambiguity, but there always is in these antiquated mythic "scriptures". As long as they resonate with significant populations, dangerous psychopathic literalist authoritarians will use them to justify the most backward and appalling oppressions and violence.

Mriana said...

Women will be forced through violence to cover up - except where they are to be used as sex slaves, a serious epidemic within the Muslim world.

That's because Islamic men don't have their brains in their skulls. They are so primitive that they think with something else. It's no wonder Muslim women are so afraid to show their hair with that sort of caveman mentality.

As is the abuse of children, psychological, spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual.

Again, primitive caveman mentality, in which their brains are not in their skulls.

The Muslim world is driven by fear, anger and hatred. Where is the love? And where will any little bit of love disappear when the fanatics become the most powerful force on Earth? There will be none. Just brutality and cruelty.

There is no love when it's controlled by cavemen. They get their power by imposing fear on others with the use of brute force. Angry hatred is how they do their vengence to those who won't submit to their will. It's not "Allah", but to man. There is no deity that has anything to with such behaviour. Their book is no better then the Bible, both written by humans, particularly men. Sadly, they adhere to such primitive ways that they have not outgrown caveman thinking. Such thinking was never peaceful and loving.

Acharya S said...

Well said, Neo and Mriana.

This primitive caveman that developed such a barbaric ideology apparently actually had a hyperextended reptilian brain stem caused by desertification. (See the work of Dr. James Demeo in Saharasia.) Desertification creates a harsh, brutal and cruel "law of survival," precisely as we see within Islam. Islam has no place in a non-desertified world and will ultimately fizzle out so long as humans are not on their edge of survival, ready to prey on everyone else around them. If, however, we allow the world to become increasingly desertified, then Islam will dominate. At least, that is the logic of Demeo's Saharasian thesis, as I understand it.

Islam and oil go hand in hand...

Acharya S said...

I should mention that there is a major unseen problem here with prosecuting Muslims in non-Muslim countries - OIL!

It is a fact that European governments have agreed to take in hordes of Muslims as well as to teach Islamic history and doctrine at all levels in schools - and to appease Muslims in many ways by ways, regardless of how vicious the crimes. Saudi Arabia has been pulling the puppet strings of the oil-dependent European nations for decades now - and we are seeing the results.

So, getting off the oil addiction becomes even more critical...

Anonymous said...

"So, getting off the oil addiction becomes even more critical..."

That is the key to it all. If forced to develop real economies, and work 40 hours a week, these states people's will not have the time/inclination to push extremism. As it is, with the oil flowing and much of the population on the dole------------they have all day long to scheme on how to take Islam worldwide.

I know primarily atheists read this blog, and they should consider a much graver threat than Christianity is. With Christianity, you get extremist like John Hagee or Pat Robertson or an occasional abortion-clinic bomber that the rest of them -really-condem. With Islam, you get suicide bombers, honor killers, murderers of critics (like Dutch Cartoonist) and those who would enforce their wishes with ultra-violence (of the A Clockwork Orange variety). Freethought, like we indulge in here, would not even be possible in Saudi Arabia.

Im hopiing China and India get in on the bandwagon against radical Islam..................any religions should be of choice, not enforcement.

Anonymous said...

We are now recognizing a new "Kosovar" state in the Balkans-----thus giving the Muslims their own nation in Europe. Now the drug dealers there can just use immigration LEGALLY from Arabia for more foot soldiers to sell dope to the rest of Europe and legally allow tons of new Muslims to immigrate within Europe's borders.

Think of the model that this portends: immigrate and form an enclave, start attacking the host population, complain when the law cracks down that you need your own police to enforce law in your enclave, agitate for statehood for your little enclave, use that statehood to wage war for a larger enclave. Brilliant. We are just stupid enough to support this within the borders of the west.

Long term, I really worry for Europe. There is an article in a British mag that details a muslim who quit his job teaching math to have 12 children (4 named Muhammed) on welfare in England with his first cousin-wife who is 12 years younger than he is.

I wouldn't bet on secularism taking over the world..........I'd bet on Islam. We simply dont have enough kids and we pay for them to have boatloads of them, we are dying out by the day and they are exponentially breeding by the day. In a democracy, where votes matter, they will outnumber us quicker than we think and then ram Islam down our throat. It would take about 18 British people to make 12 children as the birthate there is about 1.5, but a mere two muslim Immigrants equalled them. Those 12 kids will probably have about 8 apiece on average, making 96 grandchildren, while those 12 british kids will turn around and make about 8 babies of their own.

Get it Acharya?

2~12~96 vs. 18~12~8

Since they are having kids so young, the timespan between the original two immigrants and the 96 grandchildren will only be about 60-70 years. That is how two immigrants can easily multiply to massively outnumber in descendants 18 native British with normal 1.5 birthrates.

Islam is the biggest threat, by far, to Western Civilization of all time when we are stupid enough to import it and subsidize it (and we apparently are). A muslim woman immigrant (now) famously said in England in the 1970's, "someday you will be our slaves". She wasn't kidding.

Acharya S said...

Oh, I get it all right.

Western civilization is definitely doomed to be overtaken and enslaved by this deranged cult - IF we don't fight back NOW. That means...

"Stop appeasing the Muslims."

There are other options as well, but as a pacifist, I can't discuss them... Do you see the word "fist" in "pacifist?"

TEACH PEACE - OR ELSE! (Raises fist...)

anthonyto said...

b> I wrote an article for Helium .com about the Muslim religion and they would not publish it. They said it read like a hate message. I didn’t see it that way. What happened to the first amendment of free speech. It will be gone in the USA soon because of this new thing called political correctness. The powers that be want to do a Jimmy Carter they don’t want to offend anyone. The Muslims are dangerous people.

Acharya S said...

You are undoubtedly correct.

If the people at that site want to read a "hate message," they should take a look at the Koran. It reads like a war plan against non-Muslims.

Naturally, because this assault on non-Muslims masquerades as a "holy book," it will be accepted, whereas any expose of it will be considered "hate speech." Those of feeble minds and weak morals will not be able to resist the onslaught of this devious cult of death.

Anonymous said...

Hi Acharya..

well, all I can say is you should go back and look at the rest of Zietgiest, mainly the one on the bankers and 911.

You are playing directly into their hands by completely ignoring the obvious fact..
All religions were created to divide the community and cause exactly what you are creating...polarisation and ill will..

As a guy who lives in Oz and has had a site on chemtrails and the bankers for over 5 years, the massive division you are causing by your non thought and emotion in your blogs is startling.

The muslims are not against us, they are against the bankers and how their countries have been repeatedly destroyed by bankers for the last 1000 years.

you are obviously intelligent but miss the vital fillers that have created this situation..who starts it and who benefits?....bankers..

Archarya, please start to focus on the positive..

what do you call modern womens fashion?
HIgh heeled shoes are appalling, cesarian sections are appalling, sugar, fluoride, vaccinations are killing and maiming millions, who pushes this rubbish, not muslims, the west..

Why are so focussed on muslims and not the massive corruption coming from your own backyard..?

Sure Burkhas are terrible, but do you honestly believe that muslims are taking over the world?
Have you seen China lately its a absolutely ridiculous concept!

do you think China a massive country that produces just about everything is threatened by Holland?

I have to say Acharya, I like some of your stuff, but alot of your stuff is alarmist and just plain propaganda that looks suspiciously

And by the way, Muslims as you know or dont know were created to cause conflict and that ridiculous post by that guy on the arch bishop was well ridiculous, 911 was done by the same guys who are causing and building this new game, anti muslim, to distract you and others from their own agenda..

Frankly I thought you were more intelligent..

You might of heard of a country called Russia, and of course Venezuala, Japan?, they dont fear muslims they are on the path to expose the massive generational fraud that has been imposed on us to think there is money, and the governments of the world create it..they dont.. private bankers do..

Lastly Acharya, start bringing up the rest of Zietgiest, the money problem debt creation, and of course the control of the world not by muslim men, but by western male bankers who fund and cause billions of deaths each year from wars, to chemtrails to depleted uranium...

Your reality is only a perception of information you have access to, and the actions you take when you receive that information.
Thanks for reading...
without prejudice.
all rights reserved., and links

Acharya S said...

In the first place, I have watched the entire ZG movie several times. In reality, I knew the premises very well long before the movie came out.

No, I am not playing into the controllers' hands by alerting people to the fact that organized religion is a major tool used to manipulate them. How is that playing into their hands? That makes absolutely no sense at all. Perhaps you need to watch ZG again from the beginning - the creator's whole point is that these are all forms of mind control.

Do you believe that Christianity is a form of mind control that should be exposed as a tool for the elite? That's what my work and ZG are doing. So, Islam - one of the WORST forms of mind control that causes brutality and cruelty worldwide - should be let off the hook and coddled? I find that to be a pathological stance.

There is nothing new here about my criticisms of Islam or any other organized religion. I've been doing it online for over a decade - so why the shrill freaking out that all of a sudden I'm doing something harmful?

...the massive division you are causing by your non thought and emotion in your blogs is startling.

That is simply ludicrous - I'M the one who believes in a bunch of ethnically biased hooey and want to enslave the world?! I'm going around Europe with signs that say, "Islam will dominate the world" and "Behead those who insult Islam?!"

Of course, I'd be mighty pleased to be having a "massive" affect in TEARING DOWN THE WALLS THAT ARE CAUSING PEOPLE TO BE DIVIDED, walls made up of religious conditioning that makes people hate and kill each other - somehow tearing down those walls is "divisive?" Yes, you are in OZ indeed! Up is down, left is right...

And, speaking of bankers, are you completely oblivious that the bankers are now using Islam in order to enslave the world? How could any Muslim possibly be against THAT?

So, will you go right along with the BANKERS in helping Islam to spread across the world, enslaving us all? Or will you inform Muslims - YOUR FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS - that they are adhering to a mind-control cult created by these self-same agencies in order to enslave the world, and that the rest of really do not want to be enslaved under Islam, so could they please just stop following this mind-control cult and be human beings and our FRIENDS? (Instead of our potential ENSLAVERS?)

Sticking your head in the Aussie sand is really not going to make it all go away.

Archarya, please start to focus on the positive..

what do you call modern womens fashion?
HIgh heeled shoes are appalling, cesarian sections are appalling, sugar, fluoride, vaccinations are killing and maiming millions, who pushes this rubbish, not muslims, the west..

THOSE are the "positives" I should be focused on? High-heeled shoes - wow! If those are "positives," does that mean everyone should be wearing them? Or are you saying they are negatives? "High-heeled shoes will be the destruction of mankind!" Last time I looked, no one was forcing anyone to wear high-heeled shoes, so your comparison with the woman-oppressing "fashions" of the Muslim world is not only trite but insulting to every woman forced into such slavery.

I've been spreading info against vaccines for a couple of decades and do not get them for myself or anyone else. That is NOT what Muslim fanatics are agitating against or what they want to do - they want to end vaccines? That's it? Are you sure? How about "Islam will dominate the world?" As you must know, it's quite easy to take over the world if you own the banking system - read the attached article. And are you completely oblivious that there are over 1 and half billion Muslims now?

Get a grip. We are slated for conquest, and I'm not about to lie down like a good little dhimmi and go quietly into the night, while my rights as a human being are completely removed.

China is a bit of red herring that needs to be addressed separately. They have their own problems, that's for sure.

"Frankly I thought you were more intelligent..."

Insults will get you nowhere. I'm still not going to lie down and become a dhimmi or burkha-clad "good little woman."

I suggest you actually study the subject without your blinders on. Take a good hard look at what is happening right now in Europe. That dhimmi British prime minister Brown has essentially declared that he is going to turn Great Britain into an Islamic state - that doesn't concern you at all? And that's no sign of anything pending for the rest of the world?

Yep, keep that head in the sand, Pete - just be sure your posterior is not facing Mecca, as that would be an insult to your new religion.