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Saturday, October 21, 2006

What the World Needs Now is Amma, Sweet Amma

Although I don't find her parochial perception of the cosmos to be very stimulating, I do find the Indian saint Ammachi to be an excellent example of a true human being who has the ability to better the world in a very profound way.

When I first encountered Amma, I trivialized her hugging as so much frou-frou fluff, but in studying the sources of sociopathology and psychopathology - so prevalent on this planet - I believe that her instensely loving modus vivendi is EXACTLY what the world needs. The people who come to her are STARVED for love, tenderness, affection and attention. Human beings are frail and self-contained entities who simply need community and communion. No child should ever be starved for attention, affection and love - yet not only does it happen to heartbreakingly countless millions day upon day, but the most evil abuses are heaped upon them instead. Is it any wonder the world is filled with messed-up adults? When I feel the intense love for a child (my child), I sometimes become sad to consider how other children are not receiving the same - and I become sick to my stomach to consider what many of the ARE receiving.

In the face of such hideous deprivation and abuse, it is outrageous to assert that there is some "loving" personal God somewhere who cares about this planet and its creatures. It just doesn't wash, no matter how many times it is repeated - and abusively shoved down our throats by bibliophilia-demented fanatics who insult us and condemn us to the most atrocious punishments for not subscribing to their evil cult.

I sincerely hope the future of mankind moves away from that disgraceful human-hating mentality and towards replicating millions of hugging, loving Ammas all over the world.


Rene Scherger said...

I vow to hug as many females as I can vigorously and little children (I savor the hugs from them). Sorry guys, I got a bear stand-in for! It is would be good to see people displaying more affection for each other. I would if I could give Amma a hug all to herself.

Let's all get together for a group in that corner, myself, the women and children in the other corner...heh heh.

Anonymous said...

men can't handle a free love/free hugs culture. it would be nothing but a big chance for lecherous creeps to get some cheap thrills to wank off to later.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we be wary of promoting more new cults.

Acharya S said...

I highly doubt there's anything sinister about Ammachi.

Anyone and anything could be lumped under the heading of a "cult."