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Friday, October 20, 2006

God the Ultimate Child Abuser

Think about it. Not only does Biblegod Yahweh teach us that we should be cruel and hateful towards children, telling them that they are foul, born in sin wretches, but he also on several occasions causes people to slaughter babies and other children. For example, God calls Abraham to kill his child, allowing the poor boy to be terrorized by his father until the last second, when God changes his mind. God then hardens Pharaoh's heart and causes him to kill all the first born of Israel in his attempt to destroy Moses. Then he incites Moses to slaughter all the Midianites, making sure that he has killed all the male children and taken the virgin girls for the men of Israel to rape. God also works through the prophet Elisha, sending bears to kill 42 boys who made fun of Elisha's bald head. And so on, throughout the Bible, with the endless genocide of other peoples.

Proceeding to the New Testament, we find God - having come to Earth as Jesus - fleeing the scene while Herod, like Pharaoh doubtlessly under control of the omnipotent Lord, slaughters thousands of babies and toddlers. But Yahweh the Child Abuser isn't done there. No, his great plan to "save" the hopelessly sinful mankind whom he made badly in the first place is to destroy his own son! So, he sends his Holy Spirit to the Virgin Mary - another CHILD - and, voila! He takes birth as his own son in order to kill himself hideously, in a ritual torture suicide mission. So, God kills his own son, first making sure he is viciously tortured. God is guilty of creating a child specifically in order to kill him.

Nice precedents there. The pathology produced by this book and its foul inhuman stories is unimaginable.

1 comment:

Rene Scherger said...

Yes indeed! This god is nothing but the ideal destroyer--perhaps part of the Hindu trinity (was that Shiva the destroyer?). He is certainly not the creator god, nor creative. His whole pupose is to demean, harrass and goad his followers to be like himself--a murderer, pervert, child killer and all round murderer. He is the desctructive principal inculcated in his chosen people (or did they choose him?!).

So beware you "bibliophiles"--you also are nothing but born in sin peices of shit to be used and abused as your master sees fit. that includes you self-believing "chosen" Jews and you Christians on your knees supplicating this Jewish intellectually and emotionally unstable god. He is all yours!