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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Is Islam a "Peaceful Religion?"

Anyone who has followed my work knows that I concur wholeheartedly with the assessment that Islam has never been "peaceful" and that it is an ideology designed for world domination. However, I certainly would disagree with the notion that Islam is any less a religion than Christianity or Judaism, both of which are likewise ideologies designed for hegemony. Christianity claims it is the only truth faith and that all others are therefore false. Its proponents further believe that adherents to all other ideologies are destined for hell and that their beliefs are diabolical and should not be permitted to exist. Hence, only Christianity is allowed, if the world is to be free of sin. Jewish holy texts such as the "Old Testament" constantly deem Judaism the "true" religion, while all others are false. The Old Testament further repeatedly asserts that the "chosen people" will reign over the whole world. The fact is that all of these religions have been jockeying for world domination over the past centuries to millennia. The fact is also that Islam currently is poised to blow over us like a terrifying tempest. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.
Islam Has Never Been Peaceful Nor Is It a Religion
By Dave Gibson (08/16/2006)

While the Christian prophet Jesus sacrificed himself for his believers, the Muslim prophet Mohammed frequently ordered his followers to sacrifice themselves for his own glory. Islam is not a religion at all, but a political movement with the goal of world domination. Islam has a very violent history and the terror now being perpetrated on the West is simply another campaign for world conquest.

The Quran orders Muslims to either enslave or kill those who refuse to worship Allah. The Muslim holy book does not teach love, but hate. Faithful Muslims are directed to kill the 'infidels.'

The following are a few of the violent passages found within the Quran:

'Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you.' (Sura 9:122)

'make war on the leaders of unbelief...' (Sura 9:12)

'Allah has given those that fight with their goods and their persons a higher rank than those who stay at home. He has promised all a good reward; but for richer is the recompense of those who fight for Him.' (Sura 4:96)

'Believers, retaliation is decreed for you in bloodshed.' (Sura 2:178)"...

We must no longer allow Muslims to hide behind the banner of religion. We must shut down their mosques, deport all non-citizen Muslims within this country, and consider internment for American Muslims until the end of the war. If we do not recognize the Muslim threat lurking within this nation...We can look forward to seeing more smoke rising over American cities.


Anonymous said...

I have no love or even respect for Islam, but I have none for all of the other 'organized religions' either, as all of them without exception are organizations for controlling people through their thoughts. All religions persecute their 'enemies' to some extant. While Christianity is doctrinally less openly violent and ugly, it has the worst record in regard to the murder and abuse of non-believers. Additionally, Judeo-Christian beliefs concerning the natural word have led to the destruction of the entire planet. Now even non-christian nations such as China and Japan destroy nature with the same profit oriented single mindedness of any in Europe. Until the Christian West conquered the world in the 18th and 19th centuries, the natural enviroment in most non-christian countries was largely intact with high bio-diversity. Even places like Iraq and Iran which have been settled by man for many millenia still had healthy ecosystems which included such now extinct predators such as lions and tigers.
I believe Islam is best understood as 7th century CE Arab political movement modelled in large part on the Byzantine church.I have no douts that Mohammed saw the Christian religion as a Greek controlled political organization that could be modified for local Arab use. History documents Mohammed's creation of Islam and his related political moves. Not being shy about his motives, he quickly formed an army and used it to further his ambitions. Like many of today's political movements, the little bit of goodness and idealism in Islam was pushed aside to make a personality cult of the founding leader. Think of a 7th century Lenin or Mao. This a great way to keep later generations under the sway of current thinking, thus preventing any sort of developement or evolution personally or societally.
I do not support American or European colonialism which is our national policy, and has been from day one. As a human being and Native American, I am apalled by my county's imperialism and the death and destruction perpetuated by our sidekick Israel. This is the same type of 'holocaust' inflicted on Native peoples everywhere. Take the land, enslave the people. Both the United States and Israel should be disbanded and reformed into some sort of more humane and loving organizations which respect the rights of all peoples equally and the RIGHTS of all other living things including those we humans don't like such fleas, mosquitos, ebola, etc. The present attack on Islam is nothing more than a smokescreen for this Judeo-American-European imperialism.
I think the best solution to this situation is to remove all present world governments, replace them with something better, and try the respective leaders for warcrimes and crimes against humanity. Although I'm a softy at heart, I think the punishment should be severe. Public execution for all involved and the confication of all wrongly aqquired properties belonging to said leaders and their families extending to parents, grandparents, great grandparents, childen, grandchildren, greatgrandchildren, and of course any brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles,wives, husbands, etc. Harsh? Yes, but not for the ordinary person. Only by removing any gain or possibility of gain for political leaders can the public reduce the predation of governments and those whose ambitions are to contol and dominate. This solution would take care of any Islamic political problems without racial or religious discrimination, as the Mullas and their supporters are really no different from oppressors anywhere. They are self-serving leaches which suck out the life blood of their societies with murder, rape, theft, and intimidation of all sorts.
Lastly, I would like to say that many Americans are very smug about their position in the world without considering how it came to be. I would like to remind all readers that according to the United States Depatment Of Defense {War}, US military operations since World War ll, have killed or injured over 6 million people in Korea and Vietnam alone. Very profitable enterprises disguised as wars for freedom and democracy. Now we are in Iraq doing same. Feels like deja vu all over again.

Acharya S said...

Thanks for the thoughtful commentary. I concur with much of it. I would like to point out - once again, I know! - that I vehemently disagree that the "present attack on Islam is nothing more than a smokescreen for this Judeo-American-European imperialism."

While the powers that be may have such ulterior motives, the fact is that, as I say, Islam is poised to overrun the world, and I for one would certainly not like to see that happen. If I lived in a country under Islamic dominance, such as Iran or Saudi Arabia, I would be extremely angry, as there is no doubt that Islam represents fundamentally an enslavement of women. I see Islamo-fascism as the greatest threat to human liberty in the world today. It is possible, however, that any such Islam-dominated world would not last long, because, as you point out, the environment is under serious assault, such that the world's current infrastructure could collapse.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I certainly understand your fear and repulsion for Islam, but I think that you need not worry about it over-running the planet. As you have correctly pointed out it is not only brutal, cruel, close-minded, etc., but incredibly masochistic/sadistically insane. Not very appealing to the average human being anywhere. What created Islam as an international force and maintains it now is military violence.

It was a peculiar set of circumstances in the early 7th century middle east which allowed muslim armies to overwhelm the surrounding nations. These included but were not limited to political weakness and intrigues among the Byzantines and Persians, cultural and ethnic/linguistic conflicts with the Greeks and Persians, poor military decisions, and a certain brilliance in strategic thinking by Arab leaders. This strategic thinking had at its heart the concept of cultural warfare to remold defeated nations with no ordinary cause to unite with the Arabs, to join in a long term cultural/economic/political partnership. This partnership is known as Islam {submission}. It unites defeated peoples everywhere to a common oppressive system. This provides the economic basis for the Arab empire, and in the early years of Islam it was openly acknowledged that the Arabs were on the top of the Muslim empire. Only later political realities made Arab/Muslim leadership more discreet as they plundered other nations. This strategy caught the Persians off guard in particular. While they had been conquered politically many times before, they were totally unprepared for the cultural assault that followed the military victories of Islam. It was this surprise and shock that allowed the Arabs to destroy so much of Persian culture. Greeks and other peoples were also surprised by the intensity of cultural warfare presented by the Arabs, and being unprepared for this type of conflict, also fell victim to Islam or paid dearly for their freedom.

Fortunately, I don't believe that these conditions exist any longer.
I really can't see any conscious person today embracing such a system as Islam is officially presented in the Koran. One would have to be a very sick puppy as they say, to cuddle up to Islam. I believe this to be true in all countries and societies. Islam has no appeal to most humans anywhere.Those who are attracted to it are indeed a scary bunch with little intellectual or spiritual developement, mean dispositions, and a selfish and childish expression of hateful thoughts. It does not, and cannot exist outside of a military imposed system where people have no choice but to go along. Take away this military/police force and people will reclaim their own spirituality and will not mutilate the bodies of any one, be it girls flowering into beautiful women, or little boys with foreskin.

I trust that common sense and love will remove this wart from humanity very soon. I do not think American or Israeli military misadventures are useful for this purpose. On the contrary, they create conditions where this crap can continue. I think the West should take a strategic clue from Mohammed himself and respond in cultural/spiritual ways that will disarm Islam and create positive conditions for human progress. So I say no more napalm, white phosphorus, daisy cutters, ad nauseum. Instead, lets 'bombard' them with love, truth, and justice. These are the positive tools people need to go foreward with.

Todd the Toad said...

I don't know who this Dave Gibson guy is, but it sounds like he is just trying to stir up hate and fear, like many other right-wing authors. Acharya, with all due respect, I'm surprised to see you participating in these religious wars by reprinting that article. Wouldn't it be better just to step back and let the "Big Three" fight it out among themselves?

Seriously, I have been trying to understand Islam. Last fall my wife and I visited a Muslim cultural festival in Atlanta. Everyone was nice and polite to me, although some of the table top exhibitors were quite aggressive about getting me to donate to a variety of Islam-based causes. Anyway, they insisted that they were a peaceful religion.

A few weeks ago I interviewed a Muslim for my weekly podcast (see episode 3) and his perspectives were far different than what you hear from Washington and the U.S. media. He insisted that the true definition of an "infidel" is far different than what we are told (hint: An "infidel" is not a person of a different religion, rather it is one who "violates" Islam).

I do not fear any religion, but I will sure be glad when we evolve past it. Unfortunately, I believe that it will take a nuclear detonation before humanity finally wakes up and realizes that religions are evolutionary aberrations that are actually designed to destroy, not heal. If you want a perfect example of this, study the demise of Easter Island.

Bravo to the person above who said, "Instead, lets 'bombard' them with love, truth, and justice."

Again, as individuals who have been awakened and freed from religious pyschological control, we need to "rise above it" and have mercy and show love toward our human brothers and sisters who are still slaves to their cultural myths. Some will not break out, but unfortunately, many cannot break out. But as for those of us in this discussion, we are free, and rather than gloating or looking down, we should try to help the followers of the Big Three religions. One way we can do this is by setting a better example.

-- Todd Daniel

Acharya S said...

I have no doubt, dear Goose, that Gibson is a Christian - at least that is what he appears to be. I see very little about this particular article that is not factual, except the editorial at the end, which I do not necessarily disagree with in whole.

You're surprised that I would participate in "religious wars," i.e., critiquing religion? Well, that is precisely what I do! I'm surprised that you are surprised, since my entire website and blog, as well as my books and pretty much my whole life are all dedicated to critiquing religion! For many years I have published criticisms against all major religions, with a special focus on the "Big Three" - that's my whole chosen raison d'etre!

Bombarding people with love is well and good - but it is an unfortunately pie-in-the-sky perspective of reality. How often have I participated in festivals and what-not to "raise the vibrations," etc., only to see that little has gotten better - indeed, much has gotten worse. I'm not a "spring chicken," and I didn't just fall off the turnip truck yesterday - I've been around a while.

The fact remains that, no matter who writes about it, Islam remains a deleterious and heinous ideology designed to enslave mankind, and its most rabid proponents would like nothing less than to dominate the world with the most atrocious anti-human "laws" and doctrines humanity has ever devised in the name of "religion." Again, I refer interested readers to my "Quotes on Islam," which is the no. 1 article on the net when relevant searches are done.

Please also see my article "The Roots of Islam," which, again, is the no. 1 article when "roots of Islam" is googled and also ranks highly when "origins of Islam" is searched. Also see "It's the Ideology, Stupid."

We simply cannot afford to be all cuddly when approaching or being chased by a dangerous dragon. A balanced humanity knows when to love - and when to fight. My fight is against enslaving ideologies, using a counterwar of WORDS wherever possible. And THAT is why I publish what I do.

Todd the Toad said...

My apologies. It just sounded like that Gibson guy was being more of a participant in the religious wars rather than an academic observer, and that you were condoning it.

Acharya S said...

Hi there, Jim -

I'm quite aware of Christianity's evil past and potential fascistic future. I have written and spoken reams about and against Christianity. It's not really a competition about whose putrid ideology is more evil, Christianity or Islam. They are both repulsive, although at this point in history, Christianity is far less horrid than Islam. If push came to shove, I would much rather be a woman in a Christian (or Jewish) nation than in a Muslim one - no contest.

Rev. Kenny said...

As the video posted at the top states... The Bible says that those who don't take the Sabbath day off for rest should be put to death! Children who don't listen should also. I think all the worlds so called "religions" are barbaric. Barbaric as the times they sprang from. If it weren't for ignorance... There'd be no religion.

Rev. Kenny
A HUMANIST minister.

Branjo said...

As we all know it doesn't matter which country you are from, you are not free. You are not free financially nor are you free spiritually.

On one respect I don't want to play into the hands of the Medias portrayal of Muslims and on the other I do not want to play into the hands of a warped religion like Islam.

Religious people of any denomination do not want peace, oh they speak endlessly about it but what they are really after is vindication. They want a big mythical man to poke his head down from the sky and have the characteristics of their chosen religion so they can turn to the rest of the world and say "I told you so".

Islam is constantly being defended by Muslims who are 9 times out of 10 just plain ignoring the obvious state of their own country. Most live in a legal system that still practices the cutting off of heads and limbs as a form of justice.

Not only has their Quran apparently not changed in 1400 years but neither has its ability to evolve past the contradictory actions of its doctrine.

We have people drawing attention to the proud fact that the Quran is being memorized by 10 year old boys and girls almost by heart and yet they don't see that as utter indoctrination. Muslims are very respectful people but it seems only to other Muslims or sympathetic "on the edge" believers.

I used to stick up for their faith while trying to be all politically correct but sometimes you just have to stop kidding yourself. The world is indeed under the threat of being over run with Mosques and Islam. while we have the choice to believe in Jesus or not, its not up for debate as far as Islam is concerned.

Christianity is the easiest to debate against and while this is a needed action for the sake of our mental health, the average Christian seems to have gotten all the hatred out of their system with regards to actually being violent towards other denominations or races. I mean you are not going to be afraid of losing your head as a non believer walking through a Christian land as you are being a non believer and walking through a Muslim land. Because losing your head is an actual possibility should you make no secret of your lack of beliefs in Allah or Muhammad.

I look back in history as a novice yes, but I see no conquering army that fights for its right to not believe in anything. There are break away sects from religions that rebel but only in the sense that they have a few points they cannot deal with anymore with regards to their deity.

But the time has come for all non believers to believe in something, and that something is "Themselves". I am sick to the back teeth of trying to be politically correct, even though I am a very polite person in general I can't stand it any longer. As far as I can see the religious zealots of this world created the visions of hell and now they made that bed they can all go and lie in it together.

I vote for a world without the constant need to look over its shoulder for fear of the past catching up with it. And that is what is is happening today. Now everyone with an axe to grind is focusing on 2012. This has nothing to do with ancient prophecy anymore, this is a date for something catastrophic to happen that will not only be man made, but its being "planned" to happen.

The powers that be know us only too well, they know us better than we know ourselves and they are counting on us loosing control. They will be safe in their ivory towers of course, they always are lets face it.

But we do not need to run and hide or be forgiving any longer, we have every right to criticize anything that smiles at you to your face and plots to kill you behind your back.

Islam, Christianity and Judaism can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I am concerned.

Acharya S said...

I used to stick up for their faith while trying to be all politically correct but sometimes you just have to stop kidding yourself.... Islam, Christianity and Judaism can take a long walk off a short pier as far as I am concerned.

It's great you had that awakening away from the liberal media pabulum.

The Abrahamic cultus has been an absolute disaster for women in particular.

Branjo said...

I agree 100%, out of any organized religion its the Woman who looses every time.

I can understand the men of Islam, Christianity and Judaism defending their faith, but to see women doing it is utterly astounding.

Its a real shame they have accepted a position beneath that of the man in every aspect of their lives. In Islam they have the rights of dogs. They are loved and respected only when they know their position, and beaten when they get above their station.

Women have something that we men have never and will never have, unquestionable unity across any border or ocean, I think its time they flexed that muscle.

A matriarchal world is a world in growth, a patriarchal world is a world in decline. The proof is all around us today as to which one we live in.

Love your work btw.