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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Amazing Amazonian Stonehenge!

Astrotheology's busting out all over! Ah, how sweet it is. In my books and The Christ Conspiracy and Suns of God, I provide a large amount of multidisciplinary evidence to demonstrate that the world's major religions are in large part based on astrotheology or the study and worship of the sun, moon, stars, planets and nature in general. Numerous archaeological finds over the past couple of decades have borne out this assertion quite amazingly. What a fascinating world it is - and can be, if we can go beyond the fanaticism that blinds us to it.
Another ‘Stonehenge’ discovered in Amazon
Centuries-old granite grouping may have served as observatory
Image: Granite blocks
Gilmar Nascimento / AP file
A grouping of 127 granite blocks along a grassy Amazon hilltop may be the vestiges of an ancient astronomical observatory, according to archaeologists.

SAO PAULO, Brazil - A grouping of granite blocks along a grassy Amazon hilltop may be the vestiges of a centuries-old astronomical observatory — a find that archaeologists say shows early rainforest inhabitants were more sophisticated than previously believed.

The 127 blocks, some as high as 9 feet (2.75 meters) tall, are spaced at regular intervals around the hill, like a crown 100 feet (30 meters) in diameter.

On the shortest day of the year — Dec. 21 — the shadow of one of the blocks disappears when the sun is directly above it."


Anonymous said...

I found this astrotheology essay that is based on the same principles as my masters thesis. Basically it's the 80-20 law applied to the body and utilizing resonance of the planets.

Anonymous said...

Another really great astrotheology book is Stan Gooch's "Cities of Dreams: Whem women ruled the earth" -- a lot on how the Orion constellation was viewed as the great hunter all around the world with Pleiades as the maidens. I just read it last week. Gooch demonstrates that astrotheology goes back beyond the Solar Dynasty city-states and back even to the Neanderthals. Gooch is way into the Neanderthals and he and I have corresponded a couple times. (He lives in a trailor in Wales).

Another great one is professor David Lewis-William's new book "The Mind in the Cave" on how the oldest cave paintings were really based on a holographic astral consciousness. Cool stuff!

QUASAR9 said...

Hi Acharya,
Interesting I don't know you from Adam, but if that is your pic on photo profile I immediately want to know you.
Not having read your work I'd be interested in brief on your views not views anti established religions or theologies, but Your views on any Mystery on life, human life, the before life and in particular the after life of YOU.

You can give me a quick comment to let me know at my place you are available, or paste a long(er) comment at mine. Thanks! - Q