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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Believe like me - or you're nuts!

The following is an email I recently received. Notice all the ad hominems, in an attempt to bludgeon me into accepting this person's perspective. Note also that a number of the premises for his insults are not even true.
From: JC
To: Acharya S
Subject: You are crazy my friend!!!
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006

Realy,I pity you. Why are you trying to give to everyone proof that we are meaningless? I tell you that the answer is simple. You fell meaningless yourself and try to proove everyone that they are like you!! You promote free time and say you should enjoy life, but yet you waste your time in sensless claims.

You are alive because you are born, and you will not die unless your brain stops functioning. Try to imagine that you will die and you will never exist again. Then immagine the universe if God never created it (science presumes that there is a cause to everything!! What is the cause of existance in your opinion if there was nothing before the big bang? Do you realy think that after the end of all physical matter, nothing will ever exist again? You are funny.)
You are saying that life is a curse to everyone, as every one must accept his evident and eventual demise!!

Explain this to me. Miracles- the healing powr of God in several occations and in holy places like in the waters of Lourdes, Explain the Stigmata or possesion!! Explain the eucharsitical miracles, that in occasions REAL BLOOD comes out from the host. OBVIOUSLY you can't as you in your simlicity are no match for God.

Another thing. The violence in the Bible happened only when us humans refused to listen to the word of God. In every way, man has always denied God like you are doing now. You have not been violently massacered.


Alas that is a question that you in your ignorance can answer.

Have faith in God


Anonymous said...

With all respect to you: I find your response to Acharya's comments interesting. It seems you may have read into her words using your own view of the world and somehow linked the idea of ‘Jesus’ to the idea of ‘God’, which I see as two totally different things (Actually I no longer use the word ‘God’ because of the stigma it carries).

Acharya merely suggests and provides evidence to disprove the physical existence of historical 'Masters' Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna. And, in my own search for a DEEPER TRUTH and connection with Spirit, I find her views to make more sense to me right now. They are certainly no more harmful or shameful than the views we use to shape today's world, where almost every known social system, 'civilazation', or culture, has been realized through war. And each war has been reasoned through a religion (pick your favorite). Certainly the idea of past 'Masters' being mythical rather than real is a very scary notion, which has generated an inner war inside me that is claiming my own personal notions of who I think I Am, and seems to be generating a complete annihilation of Self. These are the Myths within me that hold to a view of the world that no longer works for human-kind.

So, I ask you and others who find anger arising within you from Acharya's writings, to consider what is coming up for you about yourself rather than about her. Consider NOT being angry at her for proposing these kinds of views or altered 'truths'. But instead see her as a refreshing perspective that can help to collapse humanity's old destructive Mythologies and act as a catalyst into the Creation of a new World Myth - one that can better serve and sustain the wellbeing of both Humanity and Planet.


Anonymous said...

Dear Acharya, Good grief! How many e-mails and letters do you receive like this one?
Are we as temporary visitors here so afraid of life and living life to the fullest that we allow the mediocrity of crowd politics to pave a standard of ignorance that has proved time and time again to be a road block or a retardant to an individual's potential. And yes, I am referring to Christianity-as well as any religion or philosophy that fundamentally demands that one never explore themselves, never explore this world, but instead to give freedom over to "ordained authorities" and settle for miserable lives of mediocrity-and as a by-product we have these dull minded followers becoming offended.
And also, are these people who attack you suppose to be Christians or 'saved'?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how one can best reply to such comments (ravings) or whether one should even bother. This person obviously has a lot of emotion (and personal identity) invested in their belief and take it personally when their belief is challenged - as usual attacking the messenger and not the message.

It's a sad but not surprising reaction by those who, I secretly suspect, deep down, doubt the validity of their beliefs but who do not yet possess the confidence or the knowledge to confront them. Their 'knee-jerk' reaction is simply to attack those who prompt them to think about things that they would normally avoid having to deal with.

Oddly enough, it is these same people who would most benefit from your research and writings...

Occupational hazard Acharya :)

Anonymous said...

Take it with a ten pound bag of salt, Acharya. When you get attacked by the religious bullies, blowhards + wackos, it just means you're doing an effective job + really making a positive difference.

For instance, you know how effective + truthful a Noam Chomsky is by analyzing the people who attack him. They're deceitful, cruel, derange scumbags: ipso facto, Noam (like yourself)is kicking butt in the cause of human liberation.

"You shall know them by their enemies."

Dr. W. Sumner Davis said...

it is truly sad for people to cling to the belief that we are somehow special- as a religion; a species; a planet; or even a galaxy. we are not. Anyone who will stop looking inward long enough to look outward on a clear night at the trillions of stars and billions of planets and not feel humbled... well that person is so self involved they may as well continue on with blinders. Just don't come knocking on my door with you mythology.