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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Abusing Women is Not Religion

(The following is a rant written in 1993 and reprinted from The Gospel According to Acharya S. It is not meant to be polite.)

There are certain buttheads - subhuman cretins, really - on this planet of vast dementia who believe that subjugating, enslaving and torturing human beings who happen to be in female bodies has something to do with "religion." These morons like to justify their despicable and disgusting behavior by claiming it to be laid down by some idiotic god monster who is somehow pleased by this wanton abuse of "his" creatures. In addition to the pervasive and hideous brainwashing and psychological, spiritual and emotional abuse forced upon women that they are "inferior" and must serve basically as servants and slaves to their husband-masters, a number of cultures somehow finds it "godly" or "righteous" to physically torture women.

"Religions" are Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Torture

In nations under the influence of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic conditioning, many millions of women have been taught that they hold no authority, and they must subjugate themselves to their father, husband or a giant male god in the sky who is looming and lording over them at all times. This subjugation is authorized, naturally, by that obnoxious god person's "holy" scriptures, as in: "... the head of a woman is her husband," etc. ad nauseam. For the basic attitude towards women, let us quote the great apostle Paul, whose neurotic mind has had such an influence upon the Western world: "It is well for a man not to touch a woman." (1 Corinthians 7:1) Of course this is somewhat milder than the Old Testament attitude towards Woman, which is that, first of all, she created the sinful state of mankind and must thereafter be punished - for eternity, no less! - by the "merciful" Lord. If a woman commits this or that so-called transgression according to the biblical "morals," she is to be stoned or suffer some other bloody fate. And let us not forget that orthodox Jews start their joyful day by thanking God for not making them a woman! In his infinite compassion, "God" has made woman a simply horrible creature! And, of course, the worst punishments are those for individuals, male and female, who simply refuse to believe in these concepts; so, mere unbelief is the most egregious transgression of all. Actions have nothing to do with it, but gender certainly does. Hence, according to all these religious traditions, "God" is utterly sexist - and we wonder why sexism refuses to fade into oblivion? It is dictated from the "Creator" on down. In fact, it is to be practiced as "God's will!"

Genital Mutilation is Not Holy

In addition to the psycho-spiritual abuse, around the globe women are used as beasts of burdens, babymaking machines and readily available sex-toys, and this ghastly attitude and treatment are constantly being justified by men and women alike as somehow being both necessary and righteous. Over 120 million women - mostly Muslim - worldwide have been hideously mutilated and disfigured at the hands of deranged fanatics who apparently believe that their Creator screwed up when "he" endowed women with genitals, which must be violently removed in "rituals" that often include the use of rusty knives or pieces of metal, or broken glass. The women, girls and female infants who undergo these unlovely "rituals" are generally not anesthetized but are often held down by other women, who sheepishly and shamelessly go along with the dictates of men. These women also often receive no post-mutilation care, and they sometimes bleed to death, with cascades of blood showering their feet.

Ankles are a Sexual Turn-on?!

In these same and other parts of the world, women are beaten, imprisoned, tortured, burned and sometimes killed for exposing their faces, hair, ankles or wrists, not to mention any other part of their bodies. Women are viewed as delicious temptresses who, unless subdued, would quickly destroy a man's morality. The weakness of the man is never blamed. He just can't help himself if he sees a beautiful, "seductive" woman exposed; he must have her or go mad. Thus, instead of learning to control their animalistic urges, these perverts put the blame on the women, who are then subjected to their full fury. Women are also worked to the bone and must keep reproducing or lose whatever little status they continue to hold. It is also quite logical to suppose that the constant covering up of their skin, thus depriving it of health-bestowing sunlight, would lead to horrible bone problems, osteoporosis, etc. - indeed, this is happening to Muslim women, especially in Afghanistan, where they are also starving, because they are viciously prevented from working.

There is Nothing Religious About Depravity

Too many people are afraid to actively condemn such despicable behavior, claiming to be "tolerant" and "respecting" of someone else's "religion." This attitude shows how deep the bullcrap has penetrated the human psyche. Millennia have elapsed during which these "memes" or units of mental programming have been passed down from generation to generation. So insidious is the notion that abusing women is somehow justifiable! The fact that this atrocious behavior and attitude towards women are justified by religion is one of the greatest hypocrisies of the human race. Indeed, it is a powerful slap in the face of the "Creator" - i.e., the Divine Creative Life Principle - which has endowed in human beings infinite abilities and creative genius well beyond the simple urges of bonding and reproducing. If one were truly religious, one would feel compelled to utilize one's "God-given" talents to the fullest, utterly appreciating them and being grateful for them. But no - instead, they are suppressed and denied to the point of nonexistence. In truth, if one were seriously concerned with living the divine life, in accordance to righteous principles, one would be thoroughly obliged to use any extraordinary skills and talents for the good of humanity and the betterment of all life upon this small planet. This would be the true fulfillment of the will of any good deity, if one existed. Unfortunately, in many places women are neither encouraged nor allowed to develop any such sublime and godly gifts.

This abusive behavior towards women flies in the face of the real "religious" or spiritual experience. It is "anti-God" and unspiritual, and creates such an enormous amount of suffering and horror as cannot be measured. No intelligent, thinking person could possibly go along with it, yet tens and hundreds of millions do, every day, day in and day out. A truly spiritual person will strive to end this abhorrent mistreatment, rather than perpetuate it. The perpetuation of suffering is not a religious experience by any stretch of imagination. It is an abomination.

"God" is Not a Man - Get It?!!

Much of this stupidity comes from the sexist notion that "God" - the Divine - is exclusively male, that there simply is no female aspect in creation. Obviously, to enlightened people, this is wrong - a sickening notion born of men's desire to control and lord over women. Creation is composed of both male and female, in equal proportions, and until that balance is reestablished, there will never be harmony and an end to misery on earth. A truly spiritual individual is neither male nor female, black nor white. She or he is nothing and everything. Let us recognize and welcome the variety in the cosmos! Vive la difference!


Anonymous said...


Dr. W. Sumner Davis said...
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Dr. W. Sumner Davis said...

Let us not forget two importan and often overlooked itms.

1. Paul's first two appointed Bishops were women: Phobe and Cloe

2. Roman's 8 was a much later addition or "correction." The Koine Greek style had changed in the 200 years since paul had first penned his stories. Roman's 8, often used to deride females was added by later male Bishops over 200 years after Paul's demise.

Dr. W. Sumner Davis said...

The fact that history, more especially ancient history, when women were the leaders, the number of societies at war were far less than when the men took over. What little evidence we have of these societies comes from Aboriginal history of North America and Australia. What it boils down to is that, apart from Muslims (which is a fairly recent creation), mothers are far more hesitant to send their children off to war than men.

Anonymous said...

When we use comments such as, "Paul said this," or "Matthew said that," to me it is as if you are saying, "Hercules said this," or "Zeus said that." To quote mythology as if it were fact defies logic and reason. The only bible of God is nature...and nature isn't written in Aramaic, Greek, Latin, or Hebrew...It is written in physics and mathematics.

Rev. Keith R. Wright
The United Deist Church

Acharya S said...

Yes, that's right. Even more egregious is to speculate as to what this or that mythical character thought or felt!

Sounds like you've got an interesting church there, Rev.