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Saturday, October 31, 2009

"The Gospel According to Acharya S" This Week on Aeon Byte!

Hi there -

I've got a brand new radio program that will be playing on Miguel Conner/Abraxas's "Aeon Byte" all this weekend! Miguel and I always do great shows together, so be sure to listen in.

Look at what Miguel has to say about our latest foray together, during which I interviewed HIM about my book "The Gospel According to Acharya S!"


Acharya S has been one of the greatest champions of Truthseeking and Freethinking in our modern days; as well as a groundbreaking scholar in the fields of comparative mythology, astrotheology and ancient religion. she has been a friend to the Gnostic cause and the Esoterica in general. And Acharya has certainly been the bane of Orthodoxy and all agents of intolerance. The release of her "Purple Bible" encapsulates her life mission of finding the truth behind the Literalist walls of theology and social control. She grants us an intimate and personal account of her core themes including often touching views on God, the essence of Divinity, the true purpose of religion and the redemption of humanity; and relates her struggles against fundamentalism and its minions that have tried to destroy her for decades. Unrated, uncut and almost unplugged, we take a journey into the sacred heart of a heretic.

Astral Guest: Acharya S, author of "The Gospel According to Acharya S" (or the "Purple Bible"), "Christ in Egypt," "Who was Jesus?," "The Christ Conspiracy" and "Suns of God."

Topics Discussed:

--Breaking down the chapters and themes of the "Purple Bible" that both elevate individualism and berate the collective thinking of oppressive ideologies and theologies.

--Why religion is actually a positive force.

--What scholarly u-turns she has taken recently and new wrinkles on her ongoing research.

--The reasons why only one document in the world should actually be considered holy and sacred.

--How Acharya actually turned the tables and interviewed the host of the show!

--A brief autobiography of her life, her life work, and her life battles against agents who have tried to destroy her in more ways than one.

And much more!!!

Just go to The program is broadcast all weekend long. Listen to it at your convenience.

All of Acharya's interviews can be found at

She discusses a wide range of sexy topics like Mystery Religions, The Power of Mythology, Apollonius of Tyana & Paul of Tarsus, the Egyptian roots of Christianity, the Fable of the Historical Christ and large doses of vitamin Astrotheology. And Gnosticism, of course! Paraphrasing Meister Eckhart--sometimes the only way to know God is to blaspheme against God.



Please tune in and support me and Miguel, who is one of my favorite radio guys and who works very hard to bring you the best quality material on these fascinating subjects.

If you would like to have your very own copy of the "Purple Bible," please go here:

"The Gospel According to Acharya S" is available internationally through Amazon.


Acharya S/D.M. Murdock

1 comment:

Neophyte said...

I have a backlog of things to catch up on this weekend. But I will definitely listen to this before the weekend is out.