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Monday, August 24, 2009

Is atheism the answer? Part 2

For your edification, I have posted Part 2 of my Examiner series, "Is atheism the answer?"

"Last week in the first part of this series, I made the case for atheistic thinking as a natural part of the healthy human mind. I did not, however, draw any firm conclusions as to whether or not atheism as a worldview is a solution to many of society's ills, including and especially religious fanaticism. Indeed, the question remains, is atheism even a worldview?...

"I have sifted through some 200-300 comments on my article both here and elsewhere, remarks running the gamut from glorious to grotesque, encouraging to insulting. Mostly, however, these comments have been thoughtful, rational and profound...."

For the full discussion of this debate, be sure to go to my article:

Is atheism the answer? Part 2

Please read, comment there and pass it around! Your support is very important in getting the word out. Thank you, and enjoy!Acharya S/D.M. Murdock

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