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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pat Condell Endorses Acharya!

In case you don't know him, British comedian Pat Condell is one of the most famous "vloggers" of all time, with millions of hits on his video logs mainly critiquing religious fanaticism. The "devout atheist" Pat's videos show up in the most unlikely places, including "Right-Winger" Christian sites, because of his scathing insights into Islam, for example. Condell has been quoted as a "political commentator" by mainstream media and has the support of famed religious critics Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris.

A few weeks ago, Pat told me that he had read my book The Christ Conspiracy, which he pronounced, "Excellent" and put in his "Favorite Books" section on his MySpace page. Pat also put me in his "Top Friends" section on MySpace.

Now, Pat has watched my video response to the anti-Zeitgeisters, "ZEITGEIST, Part 1" - Debunked/Refuted? Acharya Responds. He has deemed our ZG video an "Excellent response" and has posted it in the "Favorites" section of his YouTube page, where he has over 39,000 subscribers, making him one of the "most subscribed" on YT.

Thanks for the thumbs up, Pat - and keep up the great work!


Mriana said...

COOL! I like Pat and what he has to say. I have yet to disagree with him.

Unknown said...

This is great!! I like his humor and he is so spot on!

Anonymous said...

Pat is brilliant and funny
and of course he is right ON
about you Acharya
birds of a feather...

Anonymous said...

That's FANTASTIC! Pat Condell rules and so does Acharya and her work so, it's great to see folks like these two give each other a high-5 and stick together like this.

I would love to see your video responding to all of the ANTI-ZEITGEIST info go viral like the Zeitgeist movie did with over 15 million views!

I can't wait until the new book "Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection" comes out.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Has anyone asked Pat to send Acharya's new video out as a bulletin at his myspace and to his youtube subscribers?

Anonymous said...

Until I got the e-mail mentioning Pat Condell I had not known he existed. He is fantastic. His observations, and his manner of speaking, are truly remarkable; so honest, forthright, spot-on.

Nordic Blond said...

So is all of this leading to something good?????