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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Egypt Bans ALL Female Genital Mutilation

Hooray! There is sanity in this world after all. As an empathetic human being and a female, I am overjoyed at this civilized move, which strengthens the ban against female genital mutilation (FGM) implemented by Egypt in 1997. Let the rest of the world follow suit - there is hope!!

If you ever wonder why we activists stick out our necks and run the risk of being hammered, keep this victory in mind. Like so many others, I've been speaking out against this nightmare for many years, almost as long as I've been online, starting in 1995! I've been beaten on mercilessly for even daring to bring up such subjects - hysterical cries of "bigot" and "phobe" of assorted stripes have been tossed my way. I have maintained my strength by considering, in this case, the poor girls and women who have been hideously tortured and sometimes killed in this vile manner, in the name of "tradition" and/or "religion." Upwards of 100 million females still alive at this writing suffer from this wretched abuse, among many other types of brutality, worldwide.

Finally, a break from the violence and savagery committed endlessly against living, breathing and feeling beings.

Now, can the human species stop hacking at boys' genitals as well?!
Egypt outlaws all female circumcision: "CAIRO (AFP) - Egypt on Thursday finally banned all female circumcision, the widely-practised removal of the clitoris which just days ago cost the life of a 12-year-old girl.

Officially the practice, which affects both Muslim and Christian women in Egypt and goes back to the time of the pharoahs, was banned in 1997 but doctors were allowed to operate 'in exceptional cases'.

On Thursday, Health Minister Hatem al-Gabali decided to ban every doctor and member of the medical profession, in public or private establishments, from carrying out a clitoridectomy, a ministry press official told AFP.

Any circumcision 'will be viewed as a violation of the law and all contraventions will be punished,' said the official, adding that it was a 'permanent ban'.

A survey in 2000 said the practice was carried out on 97 percent of the country's women.

In the latest fatality, 12-year-old Bedur Ahmed Shaker was taken by her mother to a private clinic in Minya, a town on the Nile south of Cairo, for the operation. She died before she could be transferred to hospital.

Her mother accused the woman doctor of negligence, charging that her daughter's death was linked to the anaesthetic and not the removal of the clitoris, for which she had paid 50 pounds (nearly nine dollars). Police have arrested both women."


Anonymous said...

It's about time! I hope other countries that practice this will follow suit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Archarya S. Have you seen the new video "Zeitgeist" which features both your books!? It's getting quite a bit of attention online.

All the best,

drew hempel, MA

Acharya S said...

Yes, indeed! You will note that Egypt itself had banned FGM in 1997, but this last vestige remained, and some 90% of Egyptian females have been mutilated, so it's a big issue over there, long entrenched and difficult to stamp out.

Acharya S said...

Hi Drew -

Haven't heard from you in a while. Yes, I was consulted in the final edit of the first part of that wondrous creation. I've got it posted at MySpace.


Anonymous said...

Oh Acharya (Diane?)

I've been a fan of yours for years, and I just can't understand why people refuse to beleive the evidence of their own senses! Female circumcision was just another way to put women down, and speaking as a father to 3 daughters, I would like to get hold of the various imams, mullahs and other assorted Islamic as..ho..s who preach, condone and otherwise sanction or perfom this hideous ritual. I'd practise some circumsion on their pre-frontal lobes!!

On your other blog re UK Islam, again you're bang on. Muslims on average (worldwide} have 9.2 children/per - it doesn't take a PhD in Math to calculate that in 50 years, they're going to rule by sheer weight of numbers.

Meanwhile Blair, and that absolute moron at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, that has been elected TWICE by your fellow citizens, cotinue with their platitudes and assorted blah, blah that "Islam is a religion of peace...Muslims are really normal people! etc. etc." ad nauseam.

Will we EVER learn???????????

Meanwhile keep doing your bit to try and stop the insanity.

Love you - Peace!

An admirer

Anonymous said...

Acharya S. I was doing the full-lotus down at the lake in Minneapolis and a jogger said "It's all about Jesus, brother." haha. Threatened by the pyramid power. So then I was rereading Suns of God last night.

Today I paged through the Round Towers of Ireland by Henry O'Brien.

Sorry but there's no way that sheep with the probiscius is an elephant for Buddhism! haha. That claim cracks me up so bad....

drew -- p.s. Acharya S. -- check out the amazing video at

Anonymous said...

OK I'll finally mention Egypt: I'm now reading "Egyptian Mythology and Egyptiain Christiantiy" by Samuel Sharpe (London, Smith, 1863).

It's in the U of MN Library Access Center "cavern" which uses a forklift to get the books! haha.

I am immediately impressed by the detail of scholarship in this book and it completely confirms your amazing research Acharya S.!!


drew hempel

Amos Keppler said...

It's almost beyond belief. There is common sense in the world, after all, at least to a degree. I watched the news in disbelief.

We shouldn't have any illusion as to whether the ban will be enforced, though.

Acharya S said...

An overall ban had already been in place since 1997 but this decision will make it even more difficult, and the arrests in this case are good signs. I'm sure there are still people doing it, just like abortion when it is outlawed.

It's useful to keep in mind that the only reason this practice was banned was because the Grand Mufti of Egypt happens to have a degree of decency. This law could be overturned down the road if another more fanatically anti-woman Muslim leader takes over. At that point, hopefully the women will continue the revolt against this evil practice.

Unfortunately, the women have become used to be the biggest accessories in this heinous crime against humanity. Until they throw off the mental yolk placed on them in the name of Islam, they will not be able to live freely by any stretch of the imagination.

Anonymous said...

Wow this "Egyptian Mythology and Egyptian Christianity" is readable online

A great source for your research!