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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Praise the Lord! Pass the Ammo!

this is an audio post - click to play


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Thanks for relaying this news Acharya . I imagine it wont be brought out in the press much at all ?
Keep on keepin on !

ck said...

Thanks for sharing this story Acharya !We probably wont see this in the news much either .

Jim said...

Hi Acharya. Had a listen to the audio. Nothing really new here. It's Christianity goal to lead all to Christ by what ever means according to Christian hype. What is disturbing though is the pattern that America seems to be adopting, and with the help of this soon to be released video game America is going down the road of Christian theocracy. Your country's very own leader being a born again Christian idiot is being manipulated by his own religious beliefs. Christianity in the main is no better than fundamental Islam. In fact, it is more than likely, more evil and worse and eventually the shit will hit the fan. All Religion are a curse upon mankind. Cheers all. Jim Lee

Anonymous said...

Hi Acharya! Yes - and setting this 'carnage' in New York is in pretty bad taste - the city that bared the brunt of real religious fundamentalism only a short time ago.

Do these people do joined up thinking? They are scarier than any 666 omen nonsense. I was just on a message board where some fundie posted that pagans and wiccans shouldn't be allowed to post on 6.6.06 - just in case! Huh?

Well I trust this video 'game' never gets off the ground. It bares too close a resemblance to previous religion inspired/supported genocide.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a potential hate crime!


BKN said...

Sounds like a potential hate crime!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear your voice Acharya, and it's also good to hear some truth. Keep 'em coming.

LaHaye and Warren are vile and should be exposed for what they are: highly dangerous
fanatics. If this was the Middle Ages, these kooks would be out burning witches.
This is what massive numbers Americans in 2006 are reading? Would saying "gee, that's scary" be an understatement?

And why the hell isn't there any outcry in the mainstream media opposing this insanity.
They jump all over a good video game-bashing story with regularity, why not now?
Is it because their corporate sponsors don't want to rattle the monkey cage of Middle America
(aka Boobus Americanus)? By the way, no offense to monkeys.

Arevette Avon said...

Acharya, you dont need to publish this comment, but I thought I would let you know my story is on my blog now.

Todd the Toad said...

As a former church leader, we used so much of Rick Warren's material for running our church, and he is one of the few religionists that I respect, so I am quite shocked to hear this. Mr. Warren recently signed on to a global warming petition, which is unheard of for a Christian evangelical. My current pastor (haven't been in a while) idolizes him and even dresses and acts like Rick. Wow. I will look into this further.

I enjoyed your audio blog, but you will probably need to break down and buy one of those $100 microphones. I know they are expensive, but I think they really make a major difference. The sound was not clear and crisp.

But continue your great work. As I may have once mentioned, I resigned my leadership roles in the church in 1997, although I dangled on quite a few more years.

Todd the Toad said...

Holy cow, it's me again. I just read an article about this at

I've been giving this a lot of thought lately, having been involved in the contemporary church movement. See, as churches continue to lose members, church engineers have been making church more of an entertainment experience. Rick Warren has been a master at this. There is also the trend toward mega churches, which have the greater resources to provide the lights, bands, music, drama, and quality entertainment. So, the video game doesn't surprise me -- it is simply a manifestation of their efforts to save their faltering flocks. The church that I attended until recently is one of the mega-churches in Rick Warren's network. I really see this as a last ditch stand to save a falty premise. If you or anyone is ever in Atlanta, I'll be glad to take you to my former church -- the charismatic minister, great multimedia effects, awesome rock band, drama skits, stage sets, etc.. make church a lot of fun for today's short-interest-span, need-to-be-entertained Americans.

Acharya S said...

Thanks G. I appreciate your remarks regarding your ex-church, etc. You don't think, however, that Warren's writing is full of putrid "you are a born-in-sin piece of dog crap" derogation towards human beings? And that the only purpose in your purpose-driven life is to slobber at the feet of the Lord? It would seem a logical extension to have the Lord's Army slaughter all these crappy people.

As concerns the recording, well audioblog uses the phone, not a microphone, and it isn't a question of "breaking down" but one of not having the money for such a thing at the moment. For the podcast, I will likely need to get such a microphone. In the meantime, the audio blog is free.

Anonymous said...

very excellent,indeed!

Todd the Toad said...

Whoops, I wasn't referring to Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life series -- that is nothing but a bunch of stream-of-conciousness religious babble. But his strategic materials for building mega-churches was good crap for us spiritual minions. The idea was to "reach the unchurched." If you followed his formula, you could build a butt-kicking church in 30 days or your money back. I don't admire Rick Warren as a religionist -- I respect him as a skillful tactician.

"If you will concentrate of building people, God will build the church."