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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Aliens Among Us

For years, net harpies have been hooting and hollering about one slim article about "aliens" and "UFOs" on my website, frantically waving it around as "great proof" of something or another about my character. These harpies have usually been either fervent believers or disbelievers; hence, I have managed to unite these two factions - against me!

Based on numerous requests from a wide variety of people, several years ago I wrote one article entitled "Are UFOs and Aliens Real?" This short essay constitutes only one out of hundreds that I have written and only two pages out of thousands on my website. Yet, it invariably wrankles those who are bent on debunking me by whatever means necessary. In the first place, nowhere on my website or anywhere else have I ever said that I believe in aliens. The reality is that I am reporting on a phenomenon, whether or not it is real. In this article, I include many cautions and doubts about the ideas surrounding the alien phenomenon. Nevertheless, because I have the audacity - or, rather, the interest - to report on this issue, I am to be ridiculed and vilified. If such is the case, the harpies - who, again, are from both the believing and skeptical camps - have a whole lotta ridiculing to do, including of many political leaders as well as numerous established and well-respected publishing houses. How dare they report or speak on such an issue!

For example, in November 2005 the Associated Press reported that a Canadian ex-Minister of Defence, Paul Hellyer, had made a request to the Canadian Parliament to open public hearings about the presence of aliens. So much for Associated Press. Let's never read anything they report again! I have heard much cackling and snickering about my publisher putting out books on such subjects, but what about Harper's (e.g., Alien Agenda and Alien Base), William Morrow (e.g., Above Top Secret: The Worldwide UFO Cover-up) or - gasp! - Prometheus, that bastion of skepticism (The UFO Invasion and Alien Abductions, et al.)?? Well, how dare they report on this phenomenon! Let us dismiss everything else that comes out of these publishing houses!

The fact is that people are very interested in the subject of aliens - my article ranks number one when "are aliens real" is googled, and it gets quite a bit of daily traffic. I too am interested in this subject. Yet, I have spent very little time on it, while my detractors seem to be obsessed with it. That being said, I do find it one of the most fascinating and important issues that confront the human species - should we stick our heads in the sand about it? Let's ignore it, even though it is so fascinating and important, because even to acknowledge that people are interested in it will open us up to criticism and being dismissed in whatever other endeavors we may choose to pursue! Frankly, I think those who wish to ignore such engrossing subjects are the real aliens, as they seem to be alienated from the world around them.

The truth is that I did not set out to be a debunker and skeptic. I have been interested in the mysteries of the world since I was a small child, which is why I studied archaeology. Along the way in my studies of numerous issues, I encountered the thesis that Jesus Christ and numerous other "godmen" who were believed to have been "real people" and to have "walked the earth" were in fact mythical characters. Because I had decided that my purpose was to tell the truth wherever I encountered it and to the best of my ability, I took it upon myself to explore and pass along such information. In this matter, I suppose, I am to be considered a "skeptic," although if I had encountered information that demonstrated otherwise, I would have promulgated it instead. I do not subscribe to either the hardcore believing or disbelieving agendas. I am interested in what is true, and I will continue to explore all sorts of concepts that do not fit neatly into any box but that represent truly fascinating enigmas which make life exciting. If I am to be ridiculed and dismissed because of such a passion for life, so be it.


Anonymous said...

I was the biggest UFO skeptic in the world, but I know better now.
Aliens are real. I repeat, aliens *are* real. We cannot wish them away.
If you think I'm crazy, fine, so I'm crazy. Now I'll say it again:
aliens do exist. O.K., so what?

The skeptics and debunkers who scoff at the notion are bigger fools than they can ever know.
An important thing to bear in mind is that, by being an adamant skeptic or professional debunker, you are doing harm to others... and to yourself! Yes, this includes our great scientific minds. You may not think so, but there things that not even you can record and measure. By the way, many of them secretly believe or know the phenomena is real, but don't want to ruin their career. Or, they think it would be unethical to 'frighten the masses' with such information.

Much of it has to do with inter-dimensional activity. It is multifarious and infinitely complex. It is astounding to the average person, and the 'normal' or at least the initial reaction is disbelief.
But that doesn't change the fact that the phenomenon is real.

At this time, there are more questions than answers. The so-called UFO researchers/experts have only pieces of the vast puzzle--or none at all.
It has to do with such seemingly diverse areas as spirit; the ancient gnostics + Taoists; the chakras of the Hindus; with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al.
And don't forget quantum physics; the multiverse, the Matrix, etc., etc. And that's only,as they say, the tip of the iceberg.
Most of the information coming from channelers is either mis- or disinformation. Truth--Real Truth--is in very short supply. And not by chance or accident.

It's bewildering, to be sure, but
(for better or worse)it's true.
Again, we're in Jain territory here: we're the blind man feeling parts of an elephant (only this is a really, really big elephant!!)
There is much that cannot be known at this time, but the situation is deadly serious. It's not a joke.

However, one thing is clear. The veil is (for whatever reason) being slowly but ineluctably
drawn aside. Whatever is happening is happening at an accelerated pace. It behooves everyone of good will to, at the very least, remain
open minded and alert. In these matters, knowledge and mental/emotional flexibility are vital. There are those who absolutely cannot accept such things, and unfortunately nothing can be done for them. Each soul is different and processes information as he or she is able.

Anonymous said...

Wow anonymous - have you left anything out! :)

In any field there are those who have a need to massage their egos by putting others down. Sad but true. Especially when one encroaches upon their 'sacred' territory. Roll with the punches Acharya!

Anonymous said...

just an addendum to my rambling (but basically accurate post above):

On these UFO cable documentaries, some genuine truth actually seeps out.
Some of it is startling. This is not being done haphazardly. But you
must be discriminating. They'll counter a real release of truth with an
old school debunking-fest.
One trick to watch out for is the 'Roswell obsession' tactic. They use the
purported 1947 Roswell incident as a straw man, by which the entire UFO
phenomenon stands or falls. This is nonsensical. I don't know what happened
in Roswell. I doubt it had anything to do with extraterrestrials, but who knows.
The point being is that it was one incident and neither validates or invalidates anything.

Also, be on the lookout for naysaying scientists who ask: if there's alien life
out there, where is it? Where the proof? Why haven't they landed on the White
House lawn? Let's just say that if beings unimaginably more advanced
than Homo Sapiens (we'll be conservative and say by a million years,) who have
mastered time and space, don't want to announce themselves ostentatiously, you're
not likely to be finding any of their calling cards. They must have their reasons
(good or bad) for being subtle. There's plenty of evidence out there, believe me.

Finally, don't think something's up? Well the old deceivers in the Vatican sure
do. They're very interested in the question of aliens. Look up some of the statements
that have come out from some high-ups in the Catholic hierarchy officials in recent
years. Rather amazing stuff.

As ever and always, you must read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

If there any skeptics out there, I encourge anyone to get a hold of and watch "The Disclosure Project".
I have personally seen three objects over the past 10 years that I cannnot explain what they were.


Dr. W. Sumner Davis said...

The best example of why these stories hang on is Rosswell 1957. Sometrhing crashed there. Was it an Alien Craft? Most probably not. Was it a weather balloon? No. So you see, one must prove what something is not to show what it is. The government, which cannot be trusted with anything, has proven time and again it cannot be trusted with the truth. So, you see that when the government claims something as idiotic as "weather ballon" they invite derission

Anonymous said...

Yup! Aliens are real! I just haven't met one yet--at least of the However, I don't begrudge anyone's interest in investigating the phenomenon however it may be orchestrated. I don't doubt there are other "sentient intelligent-beings" somewhat like us in the universe, but I doubt they are here. It is a fascinating subject though--been studying it for 40 yrs. and there probably isnt a book, author, or story I am not familiar with.

However, there has been no subject, wether about religon, history, politics, science etc. that has not been of equally serious investigation for me. So don't feel alone or insulted by the creeps, who are to lazy to try, much less consider looking for answers to the mysterious and unknown. When someone tells me not to consider this or that idea. phenomenon or book cause it's kooky--that is an invitation for me!

String said...

'Alien' is a good category for things not understood...we are rather presumptious as a species if we feel we have at this point in time correctly classified all phenomena. We haven't...yes mysteries or mysterious events still exist and some people do experience out of the ordinary things, they are 'alien' to our current mindset.

Anonymous said...

I think it is more likely that UFO's and aliens are real rather than not. But notice I use the term 'think' rather than 'believe'.
Only when enough evidence is presented to prove their existence will I say I 'believe' in them. To my mind, 'believing' in something should not be based on faith or wishfulness but rather should be the product of an overwhelming amount of objective facts.

Humans veer into a danger zone when they engage in leaps of reason, otherwise known as 'leaps of faith'.