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Friday, April 10, 2009

CIE Reviews & Easter Special

I wanted to remind everyone just once more that the Stellar House Easter special will be ending on Sunday, April 12, 2009! Be sure to check it out -

Here's some more feedback on my book Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection:

"I could hardly wait to get my hands on this tremendous book: Christ in Egypt: The Horus Jesus Connection.

"This well researched book is accessible both to the general reader and to the scholar interested in the origins of the Christian belief system.

"The author has probably collected every scholarly reference to the Egyptian correlations to Christianity. In doing this, she researched materials that had never been published before and many that until now had never appeared in English.

"This book, which surely will become a classic, is the most enlightening and well researched I have ever read on the origins of Christianity."

M.G. Ketteridge, UK


"A Genuine Masterpiece!"

"...Christ in Egypt: the Horus-Jesus Connection is an extraordinarily well-researched and well-written volume that will illustrate unequivocally the direct link between the ancient Egyptian religion and modern Christianity.

"Ms. Murdock has published a number of volumes on similar topics, most notably Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled, Who Was Jesus: Fingerprints of the Christ and The Christ Conspiracy: the Greatest Story Ever Sold. I have found each of them not less entertaining than elucidating. Her research is second to none. She is intimately familiar with the subject, its literature and artifacts and is capable of reading many of the ancient texts on which her research is based in the original languages.

"A work such as this with its voluminous references to primary sources and serious academic and archeological scholarship would seem, at first blush, destined for the dusty shelves of a university reference library. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Ms. Murdock writes in an extremely clear and comprehensible style, and one finds oneself caught up in the narrative as in a finely-crafted mystery which, in a certain sense, it is.

"One discovers early on that the Egyptian religion was a fully-formed cultural imperative that influenced to a marked degree the daily lives of the people Egypt as well as Greece, Turkey and the Levant for well over two millennia. Central to its belief system was the god Horus, born of a virgin, Isis-Mery, and the god Osiris. We see clearly that the parallels between the stories of the lives of Horus and Jesus leave little doubt that the one is extracted directly from the other.

"I believe that Christ in Egypt is a genuine treasure for anyone wishing to understand the truth behind our modern beliefs. This book will place that truth before you in the most lucid, cogent and reasonable fashion. It is a splendid work, powerful, elegant and highly readable, and must surely be considered, in future, a seminal work on the topic. I recommend it unreservedly."

John Reardon, NY


"You just keep getting more and more impressive. You are definitely on a roll, and I can't wait for further installments of that amazing mind of yours.

"I am a mere 30 pages into Christ in Egypt, and I already know that this is destined to become a classic. You have created a work that will illuminate and inspire for generations.

"It is such a pleasure to read. The work and care you have put into this really shows. As someone who's been in pain this week, I can say without exaggeration that reading your book has been an anodyne for the pleasure it gives. And that's just at 30 pages.

"So I thank you for this ouvre, this masterpiece of yours, and I eagerly await Who Was Jesus?, which should be arriving I assume in a few days as well.

"This is just fantastically inspiring."

Robert T.



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