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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Acharya S on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Friendster

Okay, I've been tweeting a little lately. Gimmicky, of course, but, heck, everybody's doing it, and it can get lonely otherwise. Businesses, politicians, churches, newspapers, journalists - everybody's got Twitter on their website, cell phones and PDAs. (I don't even have one of those.)

I've read articles on how seriously Twitter is being taken and how it's changing the world. Most of the "tweets" I've read from those given publicity in these articles are BORING. I really don't know what the appeal is there, that's for sure.

And then there are those who are using it for marketing purposes, which is pretty much every business that wants to stay with the times.

But now, my tweeting has to be far more interesting than all that!

So here's my Twitter URL - come join me!

Acharya S on Twitter

I've also got a MySpace, of course, as well as being on Facebook and Tagged. I don't post at Tagged very often - it seems like a waste of time.

Acharya's MySpace
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If you have any other Web 2.0 sites you feel are helpful - but not a waste of time - please post them in the comments section below!


oOoGloriaOoO said...

this is a site where people from all around the worls are gathering...I can't stress how important would be for you to check it out and possibly join in Acharya S! as you have so much to share to enlighten this ignorant world! Would be great if you could at some point, get in touch with Rysa it's creator to see how your work can be also spread over the site or something.
No waste of time at all...
Best Wishes and Love*

Rebekah F.H. said...

Wanted to share a great website with you. it's
I am sure with all of your research studies, you have learned that the name of the Creator is YHWH (pronounced Yahweh)...Yes, and all of the worlds holidays are in the worship of gods and not the Creator who is not, was not, nor will ever be a god. Only a Heavenly Father. not a God or god. One heavenly Father and Creator, but many many gods (that most of the world worships) who have rebelled and are in rebellion to their Creator ,Yahweh. Prove this for yourself. Please go to and read about these things and more.Check out the Prophetic Word Magazine.You can get it FREE in the mail if you call 1-800-613-9494(YHWH) Watch Yisrayl Hawkins' videos...Also check out, a character education program by Yisrayl Hawkins to bring people of all religions, races, etc, together in peace (without teaching religion). Thanks, Rebekah

Unknown said...

I invite you check out
Your thoughts and input would be valuable in one of the longest ongoing series of discussions on this website...."Losing your Religion" which demands respect and non confrontational participation from those who wish to engage in the conversations.

My Gather name is Farmer Slim...look me up if you decide to check us out. I'll guide you to the Losing your Religion posts.


Michael Ham

Druv said...

Hello, i wanted to ask you some questions and show u few other evidence which might help u find deeper truths.

Is it ok to ask here?

Acharya S said...

Thanks. You can certainly ask questions, although this is not the place to ask. I'm not particularly interested in finding "deeper truths" than what I've already discovered, which is about as deep as it gets.

Anonymous said...


lambchopsuey said...

Hi, Acharya - I *love* your work! I am wondering if you have done any research on the Paul-Marcion-Asia-Pontus connection. We, of course, know that Paul bragged of going straight to "Asia" after his "conversion" on the road to Damascus. He could, of course, have gone to Jerusalem - it was just 20% of the distance to "Asia" - but he went to Asia. What was in Asia? Marcion, of course! What was Marcion's hometown of Sinope close to? Pontus. Who was from Pontus? Aquila and Prisca/Pricilla, whom Paul meets up with in Achaia (region including Athens and Corinth). A later interpolation provides the information that Aquila and Priscilla were *tentmakers*, and, as the earlier text states that Paul and they had their occupation in common, we get the image of Paul as a "tentmaker". This sounds quite contrived - it seems odd that people in the same line of work would welcome competition, especially if the "tents" they were making were durable goods (leatherwork, as many insist). Just how many tents can one town be counted upon to buy?? Have you run across the term "tentmaker" in the context of "church starter", in the sense that they met in tents until they had accumulated enough wealth to acquire permanent housing? We've all seen "tent revivals", where people meet in a temporary shelter - was this the case in this area at this time as well? If these people were prominent missionaries, was their "work" to establish "seed churches" using temporary structures ("tents") once they outgrew the limitations of a private home? In this line of "work," additional workers would not be competition, but, rather, assistants! And were they all MARCIONITE missionaries? I'm running into dead ends and brick walls on the "tentmaker" meaning - I hope you have some insight and sources to offer. Thanks in advance!
Blanche Quizno,

Philip said...

Acharya, this is Peter, American expat from the Philippines. We were friends on Facebook but I closed my account. I watched "In God We Trust" today and I was so happy to see you included in the movie. I felt a sense of relief when you popped up on the screen and I thought "thank you for finding a scholar who has influenced me greatly".
I hope all is well with you. Peace, Philip Peter Madlem