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Thursday, November 18, 2010

U.S. says no to U.N.’s anti-free speech effort - National freethought |

U.S. says no to U.N.’s anti-free speech effort

As it has done for the past several years, the Organisation of Islamic Conference ("OIC") is attempting to push through its anti-free speech resolution at the United Nations, an effort, critics say, designed to stifle the non-Muslim world's criticism of brutal and harsh Islamic doctrines and traditions.

1 comment:

Savoir Faire said...

Since the passage of the "Bill of Rights" following the publication of "The Rights of Man" by Thomas Payne, all as a reaction specifically to the thirteen centuries of abuse by The Church of Rome et alii, there still has been much continued abuse of persons who use free speech to advance the social progress of humankind. I was raised as a Catholic but began to realize that it had the worst Human Rights record of any organization, including the Nazis or the Bolsheviks. Islam today lags behind all other popular superstitions (mystic religions) in modernizing their human rights. Further, since all Islamic nations have measured IQ below 93, then it can be deduced that Islam contributes to Intellectual Poverty and retards intellectual development. While the heavily armed Islamic Nations confront an almost hopeless situation, as far as Intellectual development goes, we in the "free speech" world must NEVER back down on the issue of free speech. To do so would be extremely cowardly and motivated by fear. Buck up and speak up. Long live my hero, Acharya S.....