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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Lies of Infidelophobia

See my latest blog post, please.

The Lies of Infidelophobia

It's amazing that anyone with an ounce of integrity could possibly defend for one minute a violent, male-dominated cult that is responsible for the brutal murders of some 270 million people worldwide, including some 80 million Indians in their own lands. These slaughtered INDIANS were not WESTERNERS and have nothing whatsoever to do with Christian Crusades. They were murdered so that Muslim conquerors/jihadis could steal their land, women and other booty. These conquests were justified by the Koran, hadiths and Islamic history.


Stefan said...

Hello, I'm sorry this is not really a comment about this blog post, rather I've got another question about your books, and e-mailing you don't seem to work.

My name is Stefan and I'm one of your Swedish readers, currently halfway through your first book "The Christ Conspiracy". Trying to make sense to people around me, I'm wondering, do any of your book summarize the life of the Christian demigod Jesus in... like a timeline?

"At this date Jesus is said to be born"
->The Christians celebrate *this* holiday
->*This* is what happens astrologically with the sun/planets/star movements.

"At this date Jesus is said to be... I don't know... teaching something"
->The Christians celebrate *this* holiday
->*This* is what happens astrologically with the sun/planets/star movement.


Also...: Is "Acharya S" the alias, and "D.M. Murdock" your real name or vice versa? And in that case, what does D.M. stand for? What is your first name?


Acharya S said...

Thanks, Stefan.

No, I don't have any kind of timeline made up like that. Not sure how that would be done, but feel free to make one up.

"Acharya S" or "Acharya Sanning" is my nom de plume. I don't disclose my entire real name - and I never have.

"Sanning," as you know, means "Truth" in Swedish.

My familial genetics are largely Swedish, and I find that culture to be superior. (Until it's destroyed by Islam, unfortunately.)

Cheers, and enjoy my book!

Stefan said...

Hi again,
What do you find superior with the Swedish culture? Specifically the Swedish one or the Scandinavian in general? And why? Because we don't really have any domestic religious fanatism here (being the more Atheist country in the world)?

I understand you speak and are able to read a lot of languages. Do you understand written and/or spoken Swedish?

Feel free to come to Sweden and give lectures (in English of course) in the future!

By the way, the book is great. Very interesting!