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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Christ Myth Anthology

Christ Myth Anthology

'The Christ Myth Anthology' is a collection of essays specifically about Jesus Mythicism. Although it's not exactly an update per se of my first published book, 'The Christ Conspiracy,' CMA does update the original article from which that book was written, 'The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus.' The updated parts also include chapters from my book 'Suns of God,' as found on my websites, such as in my 'Christ Conspiracy Articles' section but with additional quotes and edited citations.

1 comment:

Hans-Georg Lundahl said...

I am not sure if the send-out I commented on corresponds exactly to this article, but otherwise it had a very similar title.

Here are anyway my comments:

Critiques of Testimonium Flavianum
I once tried to write a novel about "Jack Denys" (on the "Dionysos parallel", obviously).