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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is the King James Bible Inspired? | History of the King James Version | KJV

Is the King James Bible Inspired? | History of the King James Version | KJV

Is the King James version of the Bible inerrant and inspired? What is the history of the KJV? In reality, the King James Bible was created using preceding English translations and Greek texts dating to the 12th to 15th centuries - the "Textus Receptus" - as well as "some influence from the Latin Vulgate," the edition by Catholic saint Jerome in the fourth century.


VIRNUN said...

I swear I love you and your research! I have been born and raised with the teaching if the bible and never made since of it. Yet I feel trapped in that world. I play for a intrademoninational church (musician) and my wife is a "prophetess". I'm sooo torn and want to be free!

Acharya S said...

Thank you for your kind regards. I appreciate the encouraging enthusiasm!

I can attest that being free of religious dogma in order to enjoy the world's religion and mythology dating back thousands of years, from a safe distance, is very pleasant.

I hope you continue to find your "happy place."

Please do continue to enjoy my books and articles, as found on my websites:

Truth Be Known
Stellar House Publishing
Freethought Nation

milar said...

was not king james a homosexyual sadistic cowardkly degenerate? I am sure I read that book correctly.. But truly acharya your jewishness is becoming obvious, on the first page of the blog you got christian idiocy and muslim scare mongering but noty one thing on dem jooz., To hell with sharia law Bush sr signed noahide laws in 1992. just ready to be implemented.libya is a good country so was iraqegypt too, but mossad works in a well tried formula , "by deceit we treat" and they are actively destroying this country and others in their classic formulas for doing so,same way they do it in all countries to and when ready they pull a revolution party like on russia and france and all the other nasty crap they pulled last 200 years.and i dont hate jews(the truth allways makes them out to be lacking in certain qualities and full of other negative ones, that is not my fault and just cuz the truth hurts them does not eman i hate themas hate is a waste of time. and I aint anti semmetic since (arabs) ashkenazi aint semetic i cant be accused of not loving the little ash-kan-nazis dears..we may be due for another cataclysms that destroyed all the previous civilizations that there is much evidence and proof of.ohwell blah blah bklah,oh and i do love you acharya for your firm stand on all viewpoints you have published, XXXX