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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

World’s oldest observatory found? - National freethought |

World’s oldest observatory found?

Every so often we read exciting headlines proclaiming that the "world's oldest this or that" has been discovered by archaeologists. In 2005, for example, Chinese media declared that the "world's oldest observatory" had been found at Taosi in the Shanxi Province, dating to some 4,100 years ago. Other recently discovered sites have also been pronounced the "world's oldest astronomical observatory," including one in Goseck, Germany, that was founded almost 7,000 years ago and that likewise is astronomically aligned, causing it to be called a "sun temple" as well as the "German Stonehenge."


Moe Mandelkehr said...

You give earliest observatory at 2300 BC. Something unusual happened at that time, and there were many observatories in the form of megalithic circles built at many places on the Earth. If you are interested, contact me and I will give you all data that I have. Maurice Mandelkehr --

Moe Mandelkehr said...

There were many observatories built at 2300 BC in the form of megalithic circles. If you are interested, contact me. M. Mandelkehr