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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Was Krishna Born on December 25th?

Was Krishna Born on December 25th?

In light of his traditional summer, rainy-season birth, the contention made by several writers over the past couple of centuries that Krishna was born on "December 25th" or the winter solstice appears to be a mistake, based on a misdating by older authors. Oddly enough, however, this 'error' may have revealed a mystery for the higher initiates in the Indian religion: To wit, Krishna is a mythical incarnation of the solar deity Vishnu, who is said to "sleep" and then 'rise' at the winter solstice or 'December 25th.'


Ivar Nielsen said...

Dear Acharya,

I very much sympathize with your excellent comparative mythological work! There is no doubt that ancient culture worshipped the Sun.

Though, from my own mythological work, I’ve discovered several mythological explanations where "Sun" is confused for "Light", "First Sun", "Enclosed Light" and even taken for the symbol of "Celestial Pole".

- Many superior deities are also taken for "Solar Deities", where they really should be regarded as "White Milky Way Deities".

- On my website, I am especially working with the Milky Way Mythology and the Stories of Creation which all are connected to the superior deities, symbolized as human or animal beings.

On my webpage - - I describe some difficulties distinguishing the Solar deities from the Milky Way deities.

- I would be very happy if we could get some kind of mythological cooperation on this matter. What do you think of that?

All the very Best from Ivar Nielsen. Denmark.

NB: Feel free to edit this comment to your satisfaction.

ajeyasriganesh said...

i have a great respect for your work,i have subscribed to many of your articles
but the thing about krishna and virgin birth is wrong, she(devaki) actually was not a virgin and krishna was not crucified

Acharya S said...

Thank you for your kind regards.

However, if you actually read my work, you would know that I have repeatedly addressed the various characteristics of Krishna, including his mother's "chaste" or "virginal" status, as well as whether or not he could have been said to be "crucified."

In fact, over the past several years I've written entire chapters about these issues in my book "Suns of God" and many articles since then addressing the same subjects, which you will find at the links above.