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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Victims of the Christian Faith

Victims of the Christian Faith

How many people have been killed by Christians since Biblical times? "WONDERFUL EVENTS THAT TESTIFY TO GOD'S DIVINE GLORY" What your church does not want you to know.


JLKing said...

I was raised in a Protestant environment. Around the age of 24 I left Protestantism to join a severely fundamentalist church and for 35 years lived a life of hypocrisy and lies (though I did not realize this through those years). Nevertheless, certain questions lurked deep down inside of me until finally I was forced to fully and with brutal honesty face those questions and find the answers.

I had some great assistance with finding the answers, my search culminating in discovering Acharya's books and her meticulous research.

I came to see what an oxymoron is
"for the love of Christ" and what a devastating banner it truly is.

What makes it such an oxymoron is that this great standard raised up as the battle cry of love, compassion, and forgiveness has no basis in truth or reality. This is because the central character of this battle cry is nothing more than a fictional character having no more substance than smoke from a campfire. It's just something blowing in the wind.

The fiction of Jesus is the same as the fiction of Mohammad. Both have been the justification to murder millions of people for the sake of an ideology that is nothing more than the result of the imaginations of persons who turned to wickedness and evil acts to perpetrate against those who did not agree with them.

The Stanley Milgram experiments from many decades ago showed how deadly is the man or woman who will do virtually anything against their fellow human being so long as there is a "higher" authority behind the command, whether real or an imagined being.

Just how cruel and inhumane one human being can act toward another human being has not, in my opinion, been yet fully established. In other words, it ain't over yet.

I find it difficult to express in words just what I feel about the terrors, the horrors perpetrated, the abject cruelty done in the name of Christ or Allah, or any other so-called deity.

I cannot allow myself to even consider what it will take, what atrocities to be done, for humanity to wake up and face the reality of the depth of depravity we descended to and that which we are yet capable of, and actually do something about it rather than tsk, tsk, shake our heads and spew forth so much more empty rhetoric-filled excuses.

What more will it take?

AngelaCorrias said...

It's always an experience to be the target of Christian judgement. I recently came across the rage of a Catholic integralist who claimed judge (without knowing me) my alleged inconsistency: after having attended a private university, which gave me the opportunity to learn how greedy and narrow-minded the Catholic world is, I never shy away from declaring my anticlericalism.
This would-be eternal judge clearly shows her "consistency" judging people despite the "no-judging" Catholic precept.
Of course, there is no way they can admit the crimes the Church could carry out, also thanks to unquestioning faithful.