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Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Non-Historicity of Mohammed

I've created a forum post regarding scholarship demonstrating Mohammed to be a fiction -

The Non-Historicity of Mohammed

The question is begged, of course, why Western scholars are so eager to apply serious scientific inquiry to the question of Mohammed's existence, while resisting with all their might the same logical study concerning Jesus Christ? Especially when there is in fact far more evidence for the existence of Mohammed than for Jesus?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Please, non-religious western scholars have for years questioned the authenticity of the New Testament.
There is no more historical evidence for Mohammed than there is for Jesus or Moses - or god, for that matter.
Just look around. Religious con artists are even today creating "new religions" and selling them to the distraught and hopeless. And dopey.
What would make anyone think that this is just a modern phenomenon?
It was just as alive in the seventh and first centuries, in 2000 BCE, and in fact, you can put Shamans in their neolithic caves into the mix too.
Sometimes, history conspires to bring several powerful "traditions" together and brings forth a "Major Religion."
Religion is the biggest con game ever foisted on humanity, and we keep buying it.
Shame on us!