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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

'You are headed for a Devil's hell'

Haven't had one of these in a while - it appears the Christ-insanity is being spread around to more sites these days.

I have little doubt that this well wisher hasn't read a word of my writing. He obviously has no clue about history if he thinks "there is [sic] no remaining 'pagan' writings to support your own writings." I have never said such a thing, and I have demonstrated in Christ in Egypt in particular that there are THOUSANDS of pages of "remaining 'pagan' writings" to support my contentions.

Talk about lies.

Nice hate speech from a loving Christian.

--- On Wed, 11/4/09, J. T. Tomlinson wrote:

> From: J. T. Tomlinson
> Subject: You are headed to a Devil's Hell
> To:
> Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 5:59 PM
> You
> are a foolish woman that is on her way to a Devil's
> Hell. You speak in lies and have no idea of the truth of
> Jesus Christ. You should do real research and find out who
> Jesus really is, not this falsified research you claim to
> have done and print said lies in books. How can you have
> researched these things when you yourself say there is no
> remaining 'pagan' writings to support your own
> writings. You really need to get with the truth and stop
> printing these lies you write.


Angela said...

How sad integralist Christians can be.

jhchrestos said...

Wow talk about 'hasn't got clue'. Firstly, lets name that logical fallacy. The claim that you say their are no pagan writings is a 'strawman'. It is also a blatant lie. I've read every word in every book Acharya has written and she has repeatedly said that despite christian censorship on a grand scale pagan writings survived. Many times it was the christians that inadvertently preserved this information.
When Christianity creator and philosopher Origen argued that the literal terrors of hell were false but they ought to be publicized in order to terrify the simpler believers, I guess he was talking about JT Tomlinson. For more info Hell go to: and click on the link 'Hell'.

nutty professor said...

sigh. you will never never never get through to the crazy folk; on the other hand it seems like the more you write, the more crazy they get! crazy!