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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Real ZEITGEIST Challenge

I have written a lengthy article/ebook on the subject of whether or not the first part of the original, official version of the movie "ZEITGEIST" has been debunked:

The Real ZEITGEIST Challenge

Here is a pertinent excerpts:

"...once more I step into the fray to demonstrate — as I have already done many times over the past decades — that a number of salient 'modern' religious notions are in fact very ancient, that Christianity is largely a rehash of earlier religions and mythologies, and that acknowledging this past, without all the brainwashing and conditioning that causes intellectual dishonesty, blindness and hysteria, represents the real 'ZEITGEIST Challenge.'"

This article is also available as a free 20+-page ebook for immediate download. If you are interested in the truth behind "ZEITGEIST," Part 1, you will want to read this article/ebook.

I believe this subject is very important, as I am convinced that proper understanding of humanity's religions are a major key to establishing a functional human family.

Here is how I end this article:

"For the sake of justice and mankind's magnificent legacy - this information actually represents the best of humanity - we must not let the cover up of this crime against humanity stand and the burial of our heritage occur again. We have the tools and freedoms at last to reconstruct the past to a greater extent, to restore the ancient cultures to their proper place, and to delve into religious origins in a way never before enjoyed. Let us not allow this amazing opportunity to slip away based on the same blind belief, calumny and specious contentions that buried this legacy in the first place. This awakening towards our collective past and call to preserve it in the face of continued censorial onslaught represents the real challenge of ZEITGEIST."

The Real ZEITGEIST Challenge article

The Real ZEITGEIST Challenge ebook

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