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Monday, September 14, 2009

'The Christ Conspiracy' in the Huffington Post

'The Christ Conspiracy' in the Huffington Post

My friend Dr. Robert Eisenman, a well-known Bible scholar, has just scored a major coup—albeit one that may not be immediately recognized—in his article for the Huffington Post entitled, "Redemonizing Judas: Gospel Fiction or Gospel Truth?"

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes you just love the fact that Theosophy and Freemasonry are being pushed on the public don't you? 'Aquarius here we come' is the motto right?

Anonymous said...

LOL, sounds like another Keith TRASH/Chris White cult member speaking out of ignorance, as per usual.

Still don't even know what theosophy IS do you? And don't you get tired of the failed attempt to accuse Acharya S of having anything to do with Freemasonry, NWO Illuminati etc - you've never provided a single shred of evidence to substantiate those claims - but you think if you keep repeating it over & over it might come try.

Well, I got news for ya, same as repeating "Jesus actually existed as the son of god who was born of a virgin, walked on water, healed the sick & blind performing miracles, was crucified on a cross, resurrected from the dead and is soon to return" for another 2,000 years never making it true neither will your false accusations desperately thrown at Acharya S be true either.

Keith Truth & Chris White have demonstrated themselves to be pathological Liars for the Lord, repeatedly. Even Christians who have common sense are embarrassed by them.