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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Acharya S: Freethought Examiner

I just got an important new gig at, and I've got a new article published there:

Science versus religion: the debate comes to the NIH

My work will now reach a new audience. PLEASE read my article and comment on it! And share it with all your friends. :)

Be sure to subscribe to my page and add me as a "Favorite Examiner!" A strong show of support will send a great message to that the Freethought perspective is very popular and that they made the right decision in welcoming me as the Freethought Examiner.

Also, if you would like to apply as a writer to, please include my name and ID code in your application in the Referral Details, where it asks "How did you hear about becoming an Examiner?"

D.M. Murdock


1 comment:

Vanderlei Xavier said...

Thanks for your effort on sharing your knowledge to a new audience. I have an idea about the troubles you have to reach new rooms in your country. I've been spreading your articles here in Brazil, most people don't like to reconsider their conception.