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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Christ Conspiracy in the News

On Thursday, July 31, 2008, an article appeared in the newspaper South Shields, England, called The Shields Gazette that highlighted my book The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold. The article - complete with a prominent image of my book cover - concerned an individual named "Ray" who encountered my work while net surfing in a time of trauma. The rest of the article discusses the Jesus myth, as found in Christ Con and elsewhere, including my book Suns of God.

The Shields Gazette apparently has a circulation of about 100,000, throughout the South Shields area in northeast England. As I understand it, the phones in South Shields were evidently lighting up all over the place in response to this article.

(To read the article, click on the image. You can also enlarge the article by clicking on it again.)

My book The Christ Conspiracy uses a wide variety of sources, including primary texts such as the Bible and the writings of early Church fathers, to demonstrate that a multinational cabal created the figure of "Jesus Christ" and the gospel story in order to unify the Roman Empire under one state religion.


Anonymous said...

In reference to the Roman Empire agenda, what's really happening TODAY, but the same thing by a different name, i.e., the American Empire.

Naiya said... the American Empire
It's not the American Empire (although that's the way its supposed to look). It's way bigger than that, and far more dangerous.

About the article... Good to know it caused a stir. It was a bit strange, however. At the end there is a plug for Ray's book (which was either not previously mentioned, or I missed it.) And his name is kind of strange. Le Monde means 'the world', right?

'Hello, I'm Ray The World' or 'The World of Ray'...

Anyway, glad they used a photo of the book. I hope you sell many.

steve trueblue said...

Close your ancient books for half an hour and learn the unexpected origin of religions,

To the calmly curious- For physical evidence of a second intelligence within yourself-Vivid Dreams onset, plus repeatable handtingles- search YouTube on LAY GNOSIS 1 BEGIN HERE site truebluehealerDOTcom-Regardless of beliefs-Even atheist testimonials, including doctors from 4 countries. 10-12 mins gets you started. A growing list of triggered 12 month gnostic veterans contactable.

Anonymous said...

Suns of God... Lord Krishna was not born of a virgin birth. He was the eight child.

Ray Le Monde said...

AWESOME publicity, (and not before time). Ray Le Monde? = What? Le Monde is correct; "the world". Ray, in SUN-"ray", as in Sun-"LIGHT". Hence, Ray le Monde = "Light the world". This of course, is a kryptic reference to what needs to be done through the works of Acharya, and not forgetting the other great names who have opened up the Mysteries of Astrotheology.

The world, is indeed leaving the "Old Age" and entering a New and dark chapter of uncharted territory. Why dark? Because what we had before (religion), is now no longer relevant and what is in store has already been mapped out for us ALL, by a select few. And where do these elite get their ideas from, which in turn are etched, or rather these days,(chipped into the human) agenda? Where the elite have always got their information (ideas/ideology) from... "The greatest story ever Sold" to humanity! Now that the "ice has been broken" into the arena of the Newspapers and mainstream media, everyone who visits, Truthbekown and knows of Acharya's work, must contact as many Newspapers and TV companies and send them the link to the article which appeared in the South Shields Gazette to gain further publicity. If the truth is to be known, then people have to be told!

And how do I know Ray le Monde = Light the world? Simple, I AM, Ray le Monde and I made it up! Now Light the World, help Acharya's humanitarian efforts and contact the Press!

Lars Osterman said...

I would not talk about an american empire - its kind of myopic in my view considering that the geopolitical game is run by the gray shadowy forces that run the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, the ECB and Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Switzerland.

Good article though. Should wake up a few more.

Thomas said...

I enjoyed this article simply because more and more people are waking up to the fact that mankind is being manipulated and controlled behind the scene by non human intelligence. This is what people who have served the system have exposed as in the following quote by a former British Prime minister no less:

The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes
Benjamin Disralie

Writers like Acharaya S, David Icke are performing a wonderful service for mankind in that they are clearly showing how we are being controlled and manipulated.
I would recommend two good books from the same genre. The first called The Gods of Eden written by William Bramely who set out with a simple question: Why do humans go to war. His conclusion because they are manipulated by non human forces. The book makes a very strong case for his conclusions. The other book which needs a wider audience is written by someone called Jonathan Black a non de plume. Titled The Secret History of The World this book fits snugly alongside the books written by Acharay S. I also found that the book written by Michael Cremo Human Devolution written from a completely different perspective agreed with much of what Black had to say in his book. These books will enlighten the reader give greater force to what Acharay S is saying and they will make a welcome addition to any library.

aliendna51 said...

Hi Acharya!
My comment is quite unrelated to this specific post, but I think you'll find this post and the whole blog very interesting, so take a look!
I love your work! Keep sharing your studies with the world!

Acharya S said...

Anonymous said...

Suns of God... Lord Krishna was not born of a virgin birth. He was the eight child.

Yes, if you actually read my book, you would know that not only do I know well that motif in the Krishna myth, but I discuss it in great detail over some 30 pages in a chapter entitled, "Krishna Born of a Virgin?"

Despite what average followers are taught about the exoteric religion, the fact will remain that over the centuries various individuals, including priests involved in the esoterica or mysteries within the religion of Krishna, have deemed his mother to be a "pure and chaste virgin."

See also the following posts on my forum for more on the subject, including direct links to books demonstrating that Devaki was indeed considered a virgin:

Was Krishna's Mother a Virgin?

Anonymous said...


It's about time your work make it into the mainstream news.

Now, it just needs to catch-on worldwide. I'd like to see Zeitgeist part 1 make into the mainstream as well.

Acharya, you should be on Larry King and other big media outlets. Oprah should be *BEGGING* you to be on her show explaining to her audience what Astrotheology is and how the knowledge of it can benefit humanity...

Somebody needs to call Oprah, Larry King etc...

Ray le Monde said...

Now that the "ice has been broken" into the arena of the Newspapers and mainstream media, everyone who visits, Truthbekown and knows of Acharya's work, "must" contact as many Newspapers and TV companies in the U.S. and around the world and send them the link to the article which appeared in the South Shields Gazette to gain further publicity.

If the truth "is to be known", then people "have to be told"!

Oprah, Larry King etc... THEN MAKE THAT CALL.

Remember. All talk and no action is the reason why we have the kind of world we live in today.

Goose said...

Great news about the Shields Gazette, and I applaud some of the great comments in this discussion.

In regards to the Roman Empire, I believe that religion follows the Theory of Evolution just like everything else in the Universe. But this time the experiment went amok. Having spent centuries trying to find the right state religion, the Roman authorities decided to give Christianity a try -- a way to unify their vast and crumbling Empire. The plan worked -- in fact it worked so well that the Roman Empire is still alive and strong today. The secret is they shifted from a physical/military level to a spiritual/mental dimension. The pope is simply a modern emperor. This religion really scares the hell out of me, as well its desert cousin -- Islam. In fact, ALL religion really scares me because it is a form of evolutionary mind control.

Think of religion as a cancer cell that goes amok and starts replicating uncontrollably. The immune system (reason) can't quash it. Soon, tumors develop throughout the planet, stealing resources needed for life. The tumors keep growing. Soon, the organism known as Mother Earth slowly dies.

Acharya and a handful of others are the only ones standing up to this disease. They are helping to open the publics' eyes to this self-created madness.

Acharya S said...

Sorry about that, but I got my terrorists and WTC bombings mixed up. The article was about Ramzi Yousef. (I don't collect terrorist cards, so I don't have my players memorized. :))

Take a look here for the newspaper article from the LA Times, from August 6, 1996:

One Man's Web of Terror?

Well, this changes only slightly the criticism of the ineptitude of the U.S. government in preventing and responding to 9/11.