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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ZEITGEIST Day - March 15, 2008

Have you heard about "Z Day?" Peter Joseph, the maker of the hit internet movie phenomenon ZEITGEIST, has set up March 15, 2008 as "ZEITGEIST Day," encouraging the showing of the film all over the world at that time.

So far, the response has been overwhelming. Peter has created a page at his site with hundreds of showings globally - and the list is not yet complete! In fact, he can't keep up with the requests, which he tells me are coming in at 150 per day!

ZEITGEIST Day Events List

When Peter sent me an email a couple of months ago asking whether or not he should create "ZEITGEIST Day," I immediately answered with an emphatic "YES!" He wondered if this phenomenon would still have steam... As we can see, this train is mindbogglingly still on track, receiving tens of thousands of hits per day, and that's just in English! ZEITGEIST has now been translated into several other languages as well.

One of the more popular languages ZEITGEIST has been translated into is German. There is currently someone also working on translating into German my ebook The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1. And speaking of which, Peter just passed me a neat little comment on the Companion Guide, which I've posted at my site as well:
"This work helps lift the veil of suppression in regard to the truth behind the Christian religion and its Egyptian origins."

"Our appreciation should now evolve to the understanding of the mythical developments of the ancient world and their metaphoric foundations; not with the establishment dogma, which exists as a perversion of the original knowledge and poetry."

Peter Joseph
Creator, "Zeitgeist, The Movie"
If you haven't seen the movie with a group of people, I highly encourage you to participate in some way on "ZEITGEIST Day." I have now watched it a couple of times with a significant amount of people, once in Hollywood with Peter and 650 other people at the Artivist Film Festival, where it won "Best Feature" award - it was an incredible experience. I am aware that there are those who would disagree with parts of ZEITGEIST, some with Part 1, others with Parts 2 and 3, but artistically speaking, the collective experience was extremely moving. (And I do nonetheless consider it a brilliant work and certainly reflective of the "spirit of the times.")

After another public showing of ZEITGEIST at which I also spoke, I had a delightful conversation with some sweet young folks who are so moved by the film that I nicknamed them the "Z GENERATION." We all joked that it was perfect, because we've had Generation X, but those who have followed have not really had a moniker - this one constitutes the end of the line, the Omega of the "Alpha and the Omega."

Truly, we are witnessing the birth of a phenomenon that could be called "The ZEITGEIST Generation" or "The Z Generation." You heard it here first.

(For those who are interested in Part 1 about religious parallels, you may, of course, refer to my books The Christ Conspiracy, Suns of God and Who Was Jesus?. A more pointed scientific examination of some of these contentions can be found in my ebook The Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1. I am also currently writing a larger work exploring all of the Egyptian themes of the first part of the movie, to be published as a paperback within the coming months.)


skullnboner said...

That's fantastic that Zeitgeist has generated this much interest! I was so impressed with it the first time I saw it, I had to pass it on to others. I don't even remember how I came accross it, but likely someone passed it on to me. Glad to see the ball rolling and let's keep it rolling--round the world!

BTW...very clever to come up with the Z generation name! Am I too old to be counted! I look forward to you're new books coming out in hard copy.

Anonymous said...

Zeitgeist is in the process of being debunked here:

Anonymous said...

Ive seen Zeitgeist myself. Strong stuff, but people owe it to themselves to see it if only to see what a substantial portion of the population is so concerned about. I know its influenced alot of Ron Paul supporters in particular and focuses attention on some of their contentions regarding America's place in the world and its financial and cultural integrity in the future.

An arcane archaeological question for an archaeologist.........:
Ive finished Israel Finklestein's "The Bible Unearthed", and was wondering about something. Jewish houses in the highlands dating from roughly 1000 BC (Solomon and David's time) dont have pig bones or evidence of consumption of pork at all according to Finklestein.

I know that biblical maximists will look at that and exactly what their contention will be. Are there many other ancient cultures with culinary "no-no's" much like this? I remember reading somewhere that some in ancient Egypt supposedly thought eating fish was to be looked down upon, but was wondering whether or not archaeologists have ever found culture A or B to have disavowed cows or pigs or fish or reindeer or whatever that their neighbors had as a food staple as part of some self-identification (as a group) process?

I appreciate the book suggestion and learned alot from it. If someone could make a film documeturary that was a sort of "companion piece" to the archaeological record and what the old testament contends, filmed at the location of the finds, showing (and reading) the various steles in foreign capitals (like the Assyrian one that claims total victory over a rebellious Judean province instead of an angel slaughtering 185,000 Assyrians), the small size of eleventh and tenth century Jerusalem, and the evidence of so many competing cults being popular until "a book was found" in the Temple in Josiah's reign, that seemingly "reminded" everyone about Moses and the Exodus and Joshua and all the other stuff they had apparently forgotten about (like the Passover festival for instance), it might really be illuminating to the masses. Ive given up on the masses ever reading much, and will have to be shown things via documenturaries with archival footage to get them "to see" anything----including the law of gravity.

Question: How in the hell could a nation, pre-Babylonian captivity, "forget" about Deuteromony and all of its "laws" that they were supposed to be following? This seems to be the biggest historical farce of all time to me, that came into being at just the right time, when people were beginning to be able to read in mass after having been illiterate beforehand, and unable to carbon date or "date" the book that was found in particular (the book being holy and all).

If I didn't know better, the priests of the Yahwist cult, just made the whole thing up during Josiah's boyhood, and interspresed the priestly histories of actual mountain cheiftains (David and Solomon and Ahaz and Rehoboam and Joshua) with a morality tale depicting Israel getting kicked around when the Yahwists cult fell out of favor, and returning to prominence when the Yahwist cult was ascendant. It seems like a historical forgery that cleverly interspresed truth with fiction to create a false past replete with miracle-working-prophets, and poor priests who were incinerated in the Holy of Holies when there was any sin on them (to really scare the bejesus out of the people and to keep foreigners away from the temple mount------obviously so they wouldn't barge in the Holy of Holies and walk out proclaiming it to be a fraud with some relics and no mystical force within, as it was feared in Roman times). I will give the YHWH cult crecedence for one thing though.................the intelligence to create an "invisible" god.

Its hard for me to believe that even in the illiterate past, people were stupid enough to carve up a "god" out of rock (Did I make his nose too long?) and actually bow down to what someone's chisel concocted. Worshipping the sun made so much more sense than that. An invisible spirit god to whom it was mortal to see or touch that could be housed in a temple in a box that could be carried around when you lost wars by priests carrying that box on poles makes so much more sense when trying to hoodwink the masses than with a thirty-foot-tall rock-carved artwork. One can 'break' an artwork, and when lighting or whatever doesn't strike them dead, it kinda would hurt the faith of the faithful who witnessed it. Priests can always scurry away to a cave or dig a hole for the box, thus keeping this humiliation from happening even in the worst of times. Giving the hoax a racial angle, making that mass of people feel "special" and "chosen" is better advertising still.

I think the people who made this thing up in Josiah's time, were provided with the precise circumstances they needed with the northern ten tribes defeated and Assyrianized, to be left alone in a medium-sized mountain town, to create a perfect myth and siezed on it, while the new king was young and very gulliable. They stole from other myths (Moses and Sargon, Sumerian creation, etc.)and explained everything from the beginning until then that the young royal would have bought hook, line, and sinker. I also think they must have really detested the rest of humanity much as Mohammad and his inner circle must have. It could not be done now............

If I am wrong, and this god is real, he is profoundly unlikeable and must like humanity about as much as humanity likes snakes, and must enjoy watching human suffering, war, disease, and poverty. So much for having pride in what one concocted out of their own image. He must hate humans having any dignity also. Some very clever people must have dreamed this up, and they are the greatest villians in all of history in my opinon.

Stealing and incorporationg the "eternal" afterlife was probably their greatest masterstroke of all. What do you tell the old folks in your family who are close to death? They talk about going to heaven and being young again all the time and waiting for us, etc. Its a brilliant scam, and it makes one wish their was a real hell for the people who made it up.

Acharya S said...

Nah, you're never too old to be a member of the Z Generation!

Acharya S said...

Sorry, but regurgitating encyclopedia entries is not going to debunk much.

This person has not studied the issue in depth and does not know the research I've put together for my Companion Guide to ZEITGEIST, Part 1.

As I say, regurgitating encyclopedia entries does NOT make an expert of anyone - and this person is NOT an expert on the subject at all.

Anonymous said...


Do you have an opinion on this question:

"Ive finished Israel Finklestein's "The Bible Unearthed", and was wondering about something. Jewish houses in the highlands dating from roughly 1000 BC (Solomon and David's time) dont have pig bones or evidence of consumption of pork at all according to Finklestein"...................................................................QUESTION: Are there any other cultures that we know of that didn't eat a particular kind of farm animal as a means of "self-identification" or "religious abstinence" that we know of in the ancient near east?? Is this an isolated occurence?

Acharya S said...

Yes, that's a great book.

It's an interesting question. Other than Egypt likely being the source of the dislike for swine, I don't think of any off the top of my head.

Anonymous said...

I skimmed that "deunking" wiki-entry. It isn't worth a damn. It really didn't disprove anything, but showed ad homeniem and sarcasm isn't beneath the defenders of the faith. Pedantry, like the harping on Adonis--who was only mentioned in Zeitgeist as an afterthought compared to the primarily-compared savior-men mentioned in the film (Mithras, Horus, Dionysis) is rife through the little article.

People who want to scholastically dismember religion as as service to humanity in my opinion will have to make a documenturary film and companion piece (book) that absolutely painstakingly, and excruciatingly goes through every detail, visually goes on locale and explains archaeological evidence all the way back to Abraham being the figure that Voltaire equated with many middle eastern "notable" man myths and to the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and go throughout the history books of the Old Testament (Chronicles, 1st and 2nd Kings, etc) and conceed when the bible was accurate, and expose it when it was inaccurate. The authors did a brilliant job mixing truth and fiction, thats why its so successful through the ages, but they fucked up some (like naming the pharoh Necho in the seventh century BC, but not naming the Pharoh of the Exodus, because the authors obviously didn't know who would have been pharoh way back in the Egyptian middle kindgom) too and this can be exposed (the angel killing 185,000 Assyrian troops despite the fact that the Assyrians and their enemies never mentioned it and Assyria destroying and deporting the Northern Kingdom with all the destructive archaelogoical proof that bears out the cities destroyed by Assyria matching the Assyrian stele found at Nineveh that mentions this is a particular howler----big lie there, Assyria obviously didn't lose many troops in subjugating Israel when she rebelled at all. Egypt would have immediately pounced if she did).

It would have to be long and boring to be honest (which would have been a good alternative title to the novel, "War and Peace", but I digress).

Otherwise, if its not air-tight to the n-th degree, cheap shotting "debunkers" will be able to aptly diffuse the questions of folks who are questioning. Im a "scientific" kinda-truth seeking person myself. I really hate it that we can't carbon-date the bones of the folks who are buried in the cave of Macphelah-----who I deeply suspect probably would date from the 10th century BC or so, and not Abraham's time for instance (although I really wouldn't put it past priests sneaking some of the oldest mummified bodies they could find in there surreptitiously if they knew a test was coming----I think they are that desperate to keep "it" alive).

It seems there will never be enough evidence to crowbar-pry some people away from Judeo-Christianity or Islam. It feels a human need----the desire for immortality. The promise of "heaven" and the fearmongering of hell are its best selling points. Peter Joseph is right, its the most powerful tool of the ruling class ever devised. It keeps us birds flying in formation, despite the fact that we were meant to be "free and independent" as Kennedy noted in the film.

Maybe our children's children will have a better chance at breaking free. Then we wont be in Kansas anymore.............

Acharya S said...

Right. It's a bunch of shallow encyclopedia entries slapped together and interspersed with insults.

Quite typical - this person has no clue as to the research I provide in my companion guide or anywhere else, so he couldn't possibly debunk anything.

I can't repeat it enough times: Encyclopedia surfing does not an expert make. But it does create conceit!

thelastinline said...

acharya s,

I absolutely love your work. I'm a regular guy, not an academic, just another born and raised Catholic searching for historical truth. Currently I consider myself an Atheist and find solace in your research. I finished Who Was Jesus? and now almost finished with The Companian Guide to Zeitgeist, fascinating stuff, thank you! Incidentally, I discovered you via The Infidel Guy.

Acharya S said...

Thank you, "regular guy," for taking the time to provide some positive and encouraging feedback!

Quantum said...

Hey Acharya -

That same dumbass who posted here is ranting all over the place, trying to make a name for himself by "debunking" your work when he hasn't even read it!

Are these people for real? That guy's just about the most dishonest person I've ever seen - he hasn't even read the work he's pretending to debunk! What a nut!!!!

Acharya S said...

Yes, that person seems to be very sick. Apparently he is an inmate at a violent prison. He keeps trying to post insulting and ugly comments here, with all sorts of mendacity, libel and sinister character assassinations.

I don't know what his problem is, but he appears to be another stalker.

Anonymous said...

A cursory philosophical examination
yields many errors - both in formal logic and values of asserted truths. Very dismaying (and alarming) - particularly for someone that promotes "truth" and "knowledge". The "scholarship" is shoddy, at best by any accredited academic standards.

I sincerely hope this is simple "infotainment" - for if not, methinks L.Ron Hubbard v.2.0 has officially been released.

Acharya S said...

Anonymous said...

A cursory philosophical examination
yields many errors - both in formal logic and values of asserted truths. Very dismaying (and alarming) - particularly for someone that promotes "truth" and "knowledge". The "scholarship" is shoddy, at best by any accredited academic standards.

I sincerely hope this is simple "infotainment" - for if not, methinks L.Ron Hubbard v.2.0 has officially been released.

Without any specifics in your condemnation, I can't address your remarks in detail. However, if you are referring to Part 1, you are incorrect about the scholarship. I submit that you do not know the subject very well at all, in fact, if you are indeed referring to Part 1.

Anonymous said...

dear people. don´t get caught in nets. Zeitgeist lures you into the same trap as the phenomena described in it! everybody knows today 9/11 was done by the Americans and everybody knows banks suck blood of entire populace by means of usury. and almost everyone has some sort of suspition there´s something not right with christianity..however, Jesus (peace with him) is not Horus. An attempt was made to identify him as such(or rather Mythra, his later twin) to console the followers of Christ who were Jews and Jews only with the Roman paganism. in short, Zeitgeist is a masterpiece of disinformation and I recommend everyone to watch series entitled The Arrivals, which can help you to disclose Zeitgeist´s big lie. some of it on youtube though censored, the whole 8hrs series on torrents like Vuze. may Allah guide you and ease your affairs

Acharya S said...

Actually, what you posted is full of disinformation.

No, "the Americans" did not do 9-11. I'm an American, and I had nothing to do with it. I would wager that it was a multinational cabal which included Saudi MUSLIMS, as well as the many other groups that orchestrate this sort of shenanigans.

The best evidence points to Jesus Christ as being as mythical as Hercules. This mythical entity was created by Jews, Samaritans and assorted others - eventually the same sort of multinational cabal - in order to unify the Roman Empire under one state religion.

"Allah" is a culturally biased interpretation of "God" that is quite wretched and is destroying the planet. I have no interest in such a manmade character.