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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Who Was Jesus?" Internationally Available!

I'm delighted to announce that my new book Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ is now available internationally through various Amazon websites.

Domestically, of course, WWJ is still available through both my website and at Amazon as well as other booksellers. The ISBN is 0979963109. Ordering through my website helps support my work somewhat more than through Amazon, but either way, it's a good thing!

Here are the links for the other sites:

Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Amazon Germany
Amazon France
Amazon Japan

Some of these sites say the book is "out of stock" because they have not been prompted to order any copies. Once orders are placed, however, they may wish to keep some in stock. The same may be said for those sites that steer you to another bookseller, such as Amazon UK currently does. I've been told that people have been able to order through Amazon UK.

Please get as many copies of my book as possible and give them to friends and family, as well as libraries. Now is the time, in fact, for libraries to be asked to order my book, because they are starting their fiscal year and have the funds. Here's a message from a friend regarding getting my books into libraries:

Help Get Acharya's Books in Public and University Libraries

It's real easy, call your public and university libraries to ask them if they have Who Was Jesus?, Suns of God and Christ Conspiracy available. If not, be sure to make a request to get them. It's as simple as putting in a request, and it won't cost you a dime.

Libraries get their funding for new books at the beginning of the year so, *NOW* is the best time to put in requests for new books. Most libraries have accounts with amazon and since Acharya's books are all available at Amazon that won't be an issue. Also, you don't always need to have a library card to make the request.

I have already gotten the books in the "Library of Congress". ;
Also, if you have a website and are an Amazon associate, please offer my book for sale on your site. We will all benefit, as I truly believe this book is a necessary cog in the human-enlightenment machinery! Please help out!

If you have read Who Was Jesus? please also write a nice review of it on Amazon.

And be sure to check out my new Stellar House Publishing website.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Addendum: Miguel/Abraxas has just uploaded our latest radio discussion, this time about - you guessed it - Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ. You'll want to listen to this interview! Here's Miguel's message:
The Savior has been born…wait…maybe he never was born. Could all the
contradictions and anachronisms in the Bible, lack of historical data,
absent archeological evidence, Church Father silence and even the
Gnostic Scriptures be in reality pointing to a mythic godman, a
patchwork hero with a thousand theologies? Is there really any first
century proof indicating there was anything close to a fist century
Galilean Rabbi? We take on this herculean task in a CSI manner and
attempt to find if there is a man behind the legend at all.

Astral Guest—Acharya S., author of Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of the
, Suns of God & The Christ Conspiracy.

Topics Discussed:

--How the Canonical Gospels damn the notion of a historical Jesus by
their language, context and message.
- Contradictions and anachronisms in the four Gospels mostly
overlooked until now.
--The deterioration of Biblical scholarship since the 19th Century.
--Proof that most of the New Testament was written late in the Second
Century by men far removed from any alleged character named Jesus.
--How the Gnostic Gospels and Heretics themselves point to a mythic
being instead of a carnal savior.
--New parallels between Jesus and other rising/dying godmen.
--Why archeology points completely against the backdrop of the Jesus saga.

And much more!

As always to access the program:

--Go to my homepage
--Scroll down until you see the Stickam screen (the eye with the
bloody tear)
--Click the music icon and voila…'Coffee, Cigarettes & Gnosis 79— Was
There a Historical Jesus?' will appear in its entirety!


Anonymous said...

Acharya S,

What book on biblical archaeology informed your stances on the Old Testament? What books would you recommend on Old Testament archaeology from both the minimalist and maximalist perspectives that contain information regarding any of the lastest "discoveries" made in the middle east, etc?

Im obviously fuzzy on biblical archaeology and what it proves and disproves about the Old Testament, and have found the info I read on the internet to be biased in many cases toward everything being "true", etc. I'd like to find a "clinical" archaeologist who gives a "just the facts"-kind of presentation of what has been found and how it stacks up against biblical claims.

Acharya S said...

I'm not up on the latest releases on the subject, but the best book I can think of at the moment would have to be The Bible Unearthed. It's only a few years old and contains an excellent scientific analysis of the subject from an unbiased perspective. One of the writers is a biblical archaeologist in Israel, Israel Finkelstein.