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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Lord and Savior Quetzalcoatl

Our Lord and Savior Quetzalcoatl

Like Christ, Quetzalcoatl is born of a virgin, the goddess Coatlique, and is a great teacher of civilization. Also like Jesus, Quetzalcoatl strikes down the Prince of Darkness and Evil (Tezcatlipoca), who attempts to deceive mankind. The Aztec godman descends into the underworld, where he "gathers the bones of the human beings of the previous epochs," while, in the apocryphal text [The Gospel of Nicodemus], Christ resurrects several kings and prophets of previous epochs out of the underworld. Quetzalcoatl's blood is used to convey life to the humans whose bones he saved, while Christ's blood delivers eternal life and saves humans from death.

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