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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Spain apologizes for killing of Jews

Spain apologizes for killing of Jews

So long as the fallacious charge of "Christ-killers" can be tossed about, Jews will remain in danger. Since the New Testament character "Jesus Christ" is demonstrably a mythical figure and the gospel story does not represent "history" in which the gentle Son of God was hideously murdered by snarling Jews, the latter can be absolved of such unseemly charges. In consideration of all the trauma this fraud has caused, one would think Jews would readily embrace this real "good news" of Jesus mythicism.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

and just who twisted their arm or paid them to do so.The jews as professional victims(false victimesx as they are good at pointing the fingert anywhere but where it belongsat themselves.I know the history of the jewx in spain under the moors,in europe where they had more freedom than the peasants and circumsized their caucasian slaves with insolence in front of them 9which makes me wonder why they let such things go on for so long wityh out having theuir heads eright there.