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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Curbing Islamic radicalization in post-Mubarak Egypt

Ex-radical Muslim Dr. Tawfik Hamid's latest article.

Curbing Islamic radicalization in post-Mubarak Egypt

The revolution in Egypt can take one of two more likely directions. On one hand, the values of liberty and freedom may prevail and on the other hand, Islamic radicals may hijack the revolution and create a theocratic state. The future of the country and the Middle East largely depend on which of these case scenarios will succeed.


Timster said...

Gosh. What can I say? I have read your books and they are astoundingly well-researched works. I am part of the choir, yes. I don't really need all the scholarly proof that you provide to convince me that all religion is myth...allegory. However, that being said I appreciate your efforts immensely. But...y'know, with all the deomonization of the Christian and Muslim religion to be found in your works...there is also a huge hole. Search as I might, I cannot find one disparaging word about the judaic. Why is that, ya think? With all the religious BS they use to enslave the Palestinians, control the would think that they too would be subject to your scrutiny as an evil Abrahamic religion. But I can't find a word. Couldn't be that they are somehow funding your efforts? Why else would they remain untouched among all the other religions that you debunk? To me, in this modern world they alone cause the most problems. The rest...the Islamophobia, Christian slamming...all seems to stem from them. Just sayin...although you won't publish this, I'm sure.

Acharya S said...

Thank you, but if you haven't seen my criticism of Judaism, I find it difficult to believe that you've actually read my books and articles. I have been HIGHLY critical of the "chosen people" mentality as found in the Bible and elsewhere.

A simple search of all my sites here would have yielded many results.

Search all of Acharya's sites

Try using the search terms "Judaism" "Jews" etc. You "couldn't find a word?" You haven't even looked but are obviously here with an agenda.

You can also search my books on Google Search. Like I say, if you'd actually read my books and articles, you would know that many of them are significantly geared to demonstrating that Jewish mythology is just that, mythology. You are obviously being disingenuous in your remarks.

Moreover, the use of the term "Islamophobia" further demonstrates a poor intellect.

Acharya S said...

Couldn't be that they are somehow funding your efforts?

Your remark it is beneath contempt. The only "they" who are funding my work are average people of all races, religions and ethnicities who buy my books. I have lived at the poverty level for most of my life, and I resent such a vile comment.

If you are part of my "choir," I'm going to another church. Cheers.

Timster said...

No response? This whole thing was a final attempt to get a feel for your response to an invitation for you to guest-write an article on the historical influence of judaism in context to the views on my site.
I had tried to contact you several times with such an invitation, to no avail. Forgive my baiting to get your attention. I truly would like your insight and I have a great deal of respect for your abilities...of course I think your conclusions need a bit of tweaking, but your talents for exacting research could be invaluable to the efforts of we that see the jewish religion to be at the root of most of the world's problems. Give it some thought if you would and peruse my efforts if you will. Thanks.

Oh...btw, I am not a troll. There is no need to ban. This will be the last you hear from me unless you care to accept the invitation.