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Thursday, July 01, 2010

New reviews of 'Man Made God' by Barbara G. Walker

New reviews of 'Man Made God' by Barbara G. Walker

Just in case you aren't on my mailing list and missed my latest newsletter, I have posted it on my blog. Barbara G. Walker is one of the clearest and wisest thinkers this planet has ever been graced with. The smartest among us would do well to read her book and appreciate her while we can. She's going to be 80 years old tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Barbara!


Hector said...

Society would've been better if the matriarchal religions flourished instead of the patriarchal ones.

Anonymous said...

Check out the transcripts from World Youth Day 2002 on the Internet. Pope John Paul II said, in 2,000 we built a city against man. We have to build the city of God in the city of man.

The crowd chanted JP2 we love you, as he confessed to the world.